Orleans Parish, La. Coroner's Office
Reports of Deaths, 1862-1863
The deaths listed here for the period November 29, 1862-December 5, 1863 were recorded in what
appears to be a notebook used by the Coroner or someone in his office. Some, but not all, of the
deaths also appear in the official record of Inquests and Views. These deaths are of special interest
since they occurred during the period of Union occupation of New Orleans following the city's fall in
April 1862. For more information, see http://www.nutrias.org/~nopl/inv/coroner/th1862to1863.htm.
Click on a thumbnail to view a larger image with its transcription.  Click on the caption to view the accompanying newspaper report if available.
Marion Johnson McChesney
May 11, 1863
The Wreck of the Steamship Marion
Double Head Shot Keys
Rose Ellen Fallon
Sept. 25, 1863
Burned to Death
J. N. Lafosse
July 15, 1863
Run over by City Railroad
George Roxbury
December 13, 1862
Crushed by Ice
William Fidler
May 11, 1863
Hit by Train
Betsy, Slave of William Cox
December 13, 1862
Died in Almshouse of Pneumonia
Henry Gerder
September 22, 1863
Suicide by Hanging
Mary Anderson
October 10, 1863
Mother Dead, Baby Found Crying
Unknown Boy Later
Identified by His Mother
August 6, 1863
Josephine Link
July 21, 1863
Lockjaw Caused by Scalding Her Foot
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