July 13, 1863
J. N. Lafosse – 64 years – France – Treme Police Station – Verdict
– accidental death by being run over by the City R. R. Car No. 74
on Rampart St. junction of St. Peter St. on Sunday night about eight
o’clock P.M. From evidence given it appears he had been to the
south east corner of Rampart & St. Peter Street to get a bottle of
liquor and was crossing the street diagonally and did not appear to
notice the car when he attempted to cross the ___ track. As the
mule came up, he threw up his hand which alarmed the mule. The
mule knocked him down and the wheel passed over his neck and
right arm breaking the bone. Death must have been instantaneous.
The deceased was watchman for of Place de Arms. The driver
hellowd (sic) at him and turned the brake but had not time to stop
the car. The driver was discharged by the coroner.
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J. N. Lafosse