October 13, 1863
Mary Anderson – 22 years – Louisiana – No. 248 Royal Street –
“Congestive Fever”. The above subject was a young woman that had
been confined in the Charity Hospital some four weeks ago with a
daughter. She had left the hospital some days ago with her child and
took a small room in the backyard of the above premises where she
was living in destitute circumstances. This morning the neighbors
finding her door fastened and hearing the child cry and getting no
answer bursted open the door, and found her lying dead on her cot
with her child by her side. Child was about four weeks old. She had
been complaining and sick for some days with chills and fever. Her
Father lives in Algiers, the whereabouts of her husband was (sic) not
known. The child was kindly cared for by the neighbors. The Father
was sent for but wether (sic) he will be found or not I don’t (sic) know.
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Mary Anderson