Tuesday Morning, July 14, 1863
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FATAL ACCIDENT. - An inquest was held yesterday at the Treme Police Post on
the body of J. B. Lafosse, and a verdict was returned attributing death to injuries
occasioned by car No. 74 on Rampart street. Deceased was a native of France,
and about sixty years of age. For a year or so he had been a member of the
Second District police force, and recently performed the special duties of
policeman for Place d'Armes, formerly Congo Square. He was a curious old man,
full of strange reflections of "La belle France," yet a thorough Republican in
feelings, and an American in patriotism. Shortly after 8 o'clock, on Sunday night,
he went to a corner grocery opposite to the tree-embellished breathing place which
he guarded, for the purpose of procuring a bottle of whiskey to aid in
commemorating the great events of the week just ended. After obtaining the
whiskey he undertook to recross the street, humming "La Marseillaise," when he
came in contact with the mule attached to car No. 74 on Rampart street. He fell,
and before the car could be stopped one of the wheels passed over his neck and
arm, breaking them both, thereby occasioning injuries which in a short time
resulted fatally. Thereupon the body was conveyed to the Treme Post, where the
inquest was held yesterday.
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