July 21, 1863
Josephine Link – 18 years – native of the Kingdom of Bavaria
Germany – No. 55 Eighth – Verdict – Lockjaw caused by scalding
her foot with hot starch – It appears she was living away from home
and was not on speaking terms with her relations at the time of the
accident. She was advised to go to Mrs. Long a doctress in the
fourth dist. who told her she could attend to it as well as any Doctor.
She heated? up the burn very quickly when symptoms of tetanus set
in at which the girl became alarmed and wanted a physician but the
Doctress still insisted she was good as any Doctor and that it was
nothing but a cold. It finally came to the knowledge of her friends
who sent and had her brought home and a physician sent for, Dr.
Smedley who treated her case very skillfully (sic) but it was of no
avail she dying with Lockjaw. The case might have resulted fatally
under the best of most skilfull (sic) treatment. But the presumption
of some of these Doctresses is great.
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Josephine Link