Double Headed Shot Cays (or Keys) is a series of islands that are part of the Bahamas, known as the
Cay Sal Bank, which is situated about 60nm [nautical miles] SE of the Florida Keys, between Andros
Island Bahamas, and Cuba. The Double Headed Shot Cays (Keys) consists of 23 Islands, 13 of which are
“major.” For photos and more information about the group of islands to which the Double Head Shot
Cays belong, see and http://lungtaworld.tripod.
com/DoubleHeadedShot.htm. For a nautical map of the cay group, see http://www.bootkeyharbor.
com/CAYSALCHART.htm.  Double Head Shot Cays appear as a group of islets on the northwest of the
main Cay Sal Bank Island group. Note Marion Rock on the north coast of Double Head Shot Cays.

For a beautiful satellite image of this area of the Caribbean, click here:
Satellite Photo.
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Double Head Shot Keys