December 13, 1862
George Roxbury – 40 years – Isle of Man – On the warf (sic)
opposite post 20 first dist. Verdict – accidental death by the breaking
of a spar on which a staging was erected on to hoist ice from out of
the Brig “Lizzie Bell”. He was standing on the staging to receive the
ice as it was being hoisted up; just as two blocks of ice were landed
on the staging, the spar across under the staging and on which the
planks of the staging lay, broke, precipitating the two men standing
on the staging in the hold of the vessel, and the ice following. One of
the blocks of ice struck deceased on the head killing him almost
instantly. The other man caught by the tackle and was only slightly
scratched. The deceased has a wife and children.
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George Roxbury