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December 9 - December 16, 2005

Question:  Which is your favorite Forensic Genealogy quiz and why?
We had quite a few readers surf in to our survey to tell us about their favorite quiz.  It
seems that there is a variety of favorites - no one was the clear champion.  Here are the
answers that we received. In each case, click on the thumbnail to see a larger image,
and click on the link below it to go to the contest results.

We want to thank our readers who have sent in so many interesting photos.  Special
mentions go to Dale Niesen and Bob McKenna, without whom many of these quizzes
would never have been possible.
Dale Niesen

That’s a hard one, but I guess it would boil down to
either my great uncle in the Argonne Forrest or the
Thomas Friant.  So to narrow it down to just one, I
would have to go with my sentimental favorite which
brings back so many childhood memories.   My great
uncle told so many fantastic stories of WWI, working for
Henry Ford and the best ghost stories I have ever heard.  
Yes, I would have to say Charles Livernois with his pards
in the Argonne is my favorite to date.

[Note: Dale's great uncle was included in the picture of
the Argonne Forest in WWI used for Quiz #18. The
Thomas Friant was the boat pictured in Quiz # 19. Dale
contributed both of these wonderful photos.]

Kelly Fetherlin

Perhaps, my most favorite of the mystery pictures was
the Newton/Hatch bar.  I’m a puzzle person, and
engineering type, and I enjoy the ‘figure-it-out’ stuff, as
long as it’s possible to obtain an answer with reasonably
standard tools.  You might actually find the answer to
that Newton/Hatch bar; but, it may not be for 20 years
when somebody stumbles across a reference to that in an
obscure collection only visited by monks.  But, finding
any information on it was a challenge.  The others are
fun, but they haven’t tested the limits as much as the
Newton/Hatch picture.  Did you ever figure-out what the
reflection in the windows of the bar was?  I do enjoy the
ones that require some sleuthing to uncover the details in
the picture, where one has to study the details to ‘read’
what they are saying – much like the railroad picture.  If
you remember, that’s what got me started in the first
place on this!  

[Note:  Kelly is referring to Quiz #27, featuring the
Newton and Hatch Bar whihch we believe to have been
located in Albany, NY. It was submitted by Gwen Upton.]

Phil Bolian

Quiz #5, on the photograph in Guthrie, Oklahoma.
Because I had spent some happy years in Oklahoma, this
one piqued my interest. I especially enjoyed it because it
caused me (with some good coaching from you) to begin
to apply the forensic principles you had presented, and to
come to a pretty satisfactory conclusion in dating the
picture. But it was the journey, not simply the
conclusion, that was the real joy. Thanks for introducing
me to these disciplines. Phil

[Note:  Quiz #5, the picture of Guthrie, OK, was
contributed by Linda Williams.]

Donald Schulteis

I previously voted for #31. Because I learned some
history and it was my first such challenge and that in
itself carried much weight. My second choice, maybe
should have been my first, would be the Statue of Liberty
one. I enjoyed the last quiz because the search value was
more than I initially thought. First I though I was looking
for a person and this I could not find. Finally I decided to
search on both names and then first did I discover the
answer. Otherwise the answer would never have been

[Note:  Quiz #31 featured photos of the Burnside Bridge,
over Antietam Creek, MD. They were submitted by Sue
Ramsey and Dale Niesen. The Statue of Liberty was my
own creation.  It was the subject of Quiz #38.]

John Chulick

I have only looked at Quiz 32 to present and a few of the
older ones. So far I liked #32 best - probably because I
figured it out! I mostly like ones with older photos that
have a historical or genealogical connection because that
is where my interests are.

[Note:  Quiz #32 featured the photo of the New England
shipbuilders with their caulking mallets. It was submitted
by Margaret Waterman.]

Alice Hix

#2-because I really got involved with the
picture/quiz/research and found that I could make
educated guesses about the picture and what I saw. This
one 'hooked' me on your contests. My second favorite
was #36 because I liked the story behind the picture.
BTW #15 was my least favorite because I had seen those
pictures before. I like seeing the old pictures and learning
the stories behind them. You do an awesome job on the

[Note:  Quiz #2 featured the photo of the Association of
the Survivors of the Battle of Shiloh. It was submitted by
Mary Miller. Quiz #36 involved the cabinet card of the
Humiston children the "Children of the Battlefield" and
was submitted by Dale Niesen. Quiz #15 was the one that
included a series of photos where three cranes were seen
tipping over and falling off a dock during a rescue
operation. That was something I had seen on the Internet
and contained an example of a "doctored" photo.]

Raymond Franklin Cathcart

I have never seen a Forensic Genealogy quiz before --
therefore, I have no favorite!

Maureen O'Connor

The Statue of Liberty one, because at first it seemed
impossible with only Emma's first name. It made me
really try to puzzle it out. Other geographic ones would
have been equally had to figure out, but I was not
prompted to try. Having photos of two of the women in
the quiz was incentive to fill in their story. This is my
Sunday afternoon game. I turn on the computer, delete
loads of spam, and try your puzzle.

[Note:  The Statue of Liberty was the subject of Quiz
#37. It was my own concoction.]

Ellis Nienhaus

Geronimo. He played a prominent role in Westward
expansion, or more accurately the attempt by native
Americans to prevent the expansion as well as the near
extinction of his race of people. He was as much a hero
to his people as any General of the army at the time.

[Note:  Geronimo was the subject of Quiz #26. It was
contributed by Dale Niesen.]

Sue Edminster

Dear Colleen, I've not done all of the quizzes, but of
those I did one of my favorites was the bearded lady
quiz. I think it's just because it was funny yet intriguing
to think about whether or not the people in the photos
were really women,or just men dressed up. My husband
and I did today's quiz together and enjoyed the aspect of
finding the location by latitude and longitude, and looking
for other clues in the picture, i.e. palm trees, top position
of the American flag (had to be a US facility), and
ammunition boxes replicated on the statue. It wasn't until
a friend pointed out that the longitude was a minus that
we were able to get a handle on this one. Fun as always.

[Note:  Jane Devere, a famous bearded lady, was
featured in Quiz #34. It was submitted by Dale Niesen.
Sue is also referring to Quiz #38,the George C. Patton
Memorial Museum in Chiriaco Summit, CA. It was
contributed by Bob McKenna.]

Stan Read

#29 October 1, 2005 Diego Rivera mural. Favorite
because of Bob McKenna's link and Rivera's depiction of
himself as a youth with his family and Mexican history

[Note:  Stan is referring to Quiz #29 of the image of the
Diego Rivera mural submitted by Bob McKenna.]


The Gettysburg picture one with the Humiston children
because it was directly related to my family.

[Note: Trudy is referring to Quiz #36, also voted for as a
favorite by Alice Hix, above.]

Debbie Anderson

My favorite quiz was #9 - the reason is probably that I
knew the answer right off. Others I like in order after #9
are: 21 & 28 just because they were extra interesting to

[Note: Quiz #9 featured a couple who lost several
children and was submitted by Andrew Yeiser. Quiz #21
depicted the tombstone of Owen Shannon. It was
submitted by Bob McKenna. Quiz #28 was a tribute to
Emma Nutt, the first female telephone operator.
September 1 is celebrated as Emma Nutt Day. The photo
was used courtesy of Joe Bott at]

Edee Scott

I have only taken a couple but I liked the one about
Isabella Eugenie the best because I did it by myself.

[Note:  Edee is referring to Quiz #38, the Statue of
Liberty quiz.  This was also a favorite of Don Schulteis.  
See Don's comments above.]
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