Marilyn Hamill sent in several charming ads she found in an old newspaper:

8 January 1870
Brooklyn Standard Union

The police, early yesterday morning, found a man named Fayette S. COATS, of 315
East 23d st, wandering through 3d ave, wearing handcuffs.  He was taken home,
where the officer learned that his wife had handcuffed him to check his propensity for
taking articles for the purpose of pawning them for drink.

A BEAUTIFUL set of teeth with gums, and plumpers: the best that can be made. Best
teeth and best materials $10. Warranted. All the old teeth and roots extracted without
pain under Laughing Gas free of charge. Dr. Henderson, Dentist, 895 Fulton st,
opposite the City Hall  and County Court House, Brooklyn.

The Mormons are now are very busy ???????? endeavoring to make converts to
their faith. Revival meetings are now being held in Baldwinsville under the
direction of General BURTOP, Commander - in-Chief of the Mormon militia, and
a bishop of the church. It is the intention to form a branch on the Island
with a view to future prosperity. 1 August 1870

HOW MANY LITTLE SUFFERERS are wasting away from the effects of Choleras
Infantum, or Summer Complaint,and kindred diseases? And yet a remedy safe, prompt
and through, readily administered, and entirely safe, with a reputation established by its
merit, and maintained over the whole country for a series of years, can be readily
obtained in
Dr.JAYNE'S CARMINATIVE BALSAM. --Why not give it a trial? Sold
by druggist.
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Quiz #82 - October 21, 2006
In which month was this picture taken?
In which decade was this picture taken?
In which U.S. state was this picture taken?

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Quiz #82 Results
Many thanks to Michael Kirley of the Los Angeles Public Library for submitting this photo.
The 1880s
Note:  To be a winner, you had to answer two out of three of these questions correctly.
Congratulations to Our Winners

Grace Hertz                Dale Niesen
Jim Kiser                Eva Royal
Theresa White             Marilyn Hamill
David Lepitre                Don J. Haase
Fred Stuart                Kelly Fetherlin
Pam Rein
The pumpkin shows that the month is probably
October. This is supported by the brooms and the
potatoes in the basket in front of the store.
Broomcorn takes 3 mo from seed to harvest and
about a week to cure and then assembled. Planting
season is May 1 to June 15 so this picture was
probably taken in late September through October.
Note also that the men are dressed for cool, but not
cold weather, so that the picture was taken in the
fall, not the winter.
Milton P. Dennis
Crawfordsville Daily Journal, Nov 13, 1890

Milton P. Dennis
was b. in Henry Co IN July 5, 1835. His parents removed to
Wisconisin during his youth and there he was marr., the issue being two children: AS
Dennis of Kansas City and Mrs. TN Vernon of Sloan, Iowa. Mr. Dennis served 3 years
during the war in Co. D 1st Wis. regiment. After the war he engaged in business in
Howard and Hamilton Counties; in 1868 he engaged in the wholesale business in
Indianapolis and
in 1879 engaged in business with JH Shue in this city. In 1870 he
marr. Miss Clara WHEELER of Westfield, and 6 of their 7 children still survive with
their mother. Mr. Dennis was reared a Friend, his father and two uncles being ministers
in that Church. Mr. Dennis was a model citizen honored and respected by all who knew
him. He has been sick for a year with consumption and last year in June went to
Colorado where he remained until March. The funeral will occur Sun. at 2 p.m.,
conducted by the GAR and Masons, Rev. GW Switzer and GP Fuson officiating.
Clues about the Month
Michael Kirley
believes this to be
M. P. Dennis.
John H. Shue
1881 H. W. Beckwith History of Montgomery County Indiana Chicago
H.H. Hill, p 219

SHUE, John H.
, grocer, Crawfordsville, was b. March 29, 1821 in Onondaga Co, NY
and is the son of Peter and Jane (Hendricks) Shue. His parents were natives of
Germany and came when children, with their parents to America. Both families settled
at Catskill, the Hendricks remaining there while the Shues removed to Christian Hollow,
12 mi. so. of Saratoga. In 1836 Mr. Shue's parents came to Montgomery Co. and
settled 3 miles no. of Crawfordsville, where his father, Peter Shue died of lung fever.
His mother ret. to NY where she d. in Jan 1837. They were both members of the
Baptist Church.

John H was 15 when his father died. He earned his livelihood by working on a farm or
anything he could get to do. At 17 he became clerk in the store of john Garvey in the
first building erected on the corner of Market & Wash. Sts. He then taught for a time,
but being desirous of a better education and learning that there was a good high school
at Edwardsburg, Michigan he determined to work his way into and through that

Accordingly he went to Edwardsburg and entering a hotel inquired of the clerk whether
or not he knew of anyone who wanted some one to do chore for board while he (the
boy) might go to school. The clerk replied he did not. A gentleman, whose name John
afterward learned was Thomas Edwards, jumping from his seat, asked the youth where
he was from. Young Shue answered, from Indiana. "Why," said the gentleman, "Do
they want to learn anything down in Indiana? You were not b. there, were you?" Upon
the answer that he was b. in NY, the gentleman, pointing to a very nice residence, told
the youth to call there at 4 o'clock and perhaps he could stay there.

At the appointed time, Shue called, and who should meet him at the door but the same
gentleman whom he had met in the hotel. Here a pleasant home was found and for 3
years John H. Shue lived and attended the high school.Returning to Crawfordsville, Mr.
Shue worked for $10 per month, and taught school till he numbered his 13th term.

In 1856 he bought the interest of John Robinson in the dry goods business. In 1866 the
stock was burned, but insurance saved him. For the benefit of his health he engaged in
farming but in 1875 he purchased 1/4 interest in the Union Block and opened a grocery
store. The firm is now Shue & Dennis, They transact a business of about $50,000-
$60,000 a year.

Mr. Shue has been 3 times marr: lastly, to Cintha A Vaughan, of Montgomery Co in
1865. They have one child, Anna. Mr. & Mrs. Shue are members of the Baptist
Church. He has been a democrat, but is now conservative, voting for men rather than
party. He is a member of the Knight's Templar society.
Michael Kirley
believes this to be
John Shue.
Clues about the Decade and Location
The words on the crate are
Brunker's Carminative Balsam. If
you search
Google News Archives
for websites that mention
Carminative Balsam
, you will find
references to many newspaper ads
that were published
only during the
To reach Google News Archives,
click on more on the Google
A drop-down menu will appear.  
Click on
even more >>.
Scroll down and a link to Google
News Archives
will appear in the
right column.
Google News Archives is a fee-based service, but you can do a search and read
enough of the hits to tell you that Brunker's was manufactured in Indiana in the 1880s.

For example:

Decatur Daily Republican (Newspaper) - August 11, 1887, Decatur ...
Dear Sir I have been trying all of the drug stores here to get Brunker's Carminative
Balsam A great many children are dying here in ...

Decatur Daily Republican (Newspaper) - November 28, 1884, Decatur ...
Summer Complaint, Flux or Chol- era Infantum, Dr. Brunker's Carminative Balsam, is
challenged against any remedy in the United States for five hundred ...

Decatur Weekly Republican (Newspaper) - October 8, 1885, Decatur ...
Brunker's Carminative is positively the Champion of all known remedies tor Cholera
Morbus, Asiatic Cholera, Congestion of the Stomach, Diarrhea, ...
More Information about Brunker's Carminative Balsam
Mr. Shue and Mr. Dennis were in business together
in Crawfordsville, Indiana 1879-1890.
Comments from Our Readers
Hi Colleen,

I like the photo for Quiz #82. If it is a
tintype as the title says someone must
have reversed the image for easier
reading? On the1880 United States
Census,  M. P. DENNIS is 44 years old,
is a retail Grocer in Crawfordsville,
Montgomery Co., Indiana. He lives with
his wife  Clorenda DENNIS and his 5
children from ages 7 years to 6 months.
The wooden crate to the left of the door
in the photo confirms the Indiana
David Lepitre
So was Brunker’s Carminative Balsam something of a “Gas-Ex” of the late 19th
Don J. Haase
According to Michael Kirely, the submitter of the
photo, the Dennis & Shue grocery was on the corner
of Market St. and Washington in Crawfordsville, IN.  
So we were puzzled by the structure to the far right
that looks like it is in the middle of the street. Michael
told me that to his knowledge, this intersection had
always been large and clear.

When we checked the Sanborn maps, we found to
our surprise that there was a set of scales that were
located on the east side of Washington Street next to
the grocery.  We think that the building visible to the
far right of the picture is this set of scales.

This does not narrow down the picture any better
than Brunker's, but it does confirm the general time
frame, and give us a lead to look for more info from
the City of Crawford to find out when those scales
were put in place, evidently prior to 1896. The scales
are still shown on the 1902 map, but are no longer
present in 1907.  There are Sanborn maps from 1887
and 1892 of Crawfordsville that might be helpful.
A little history about Brunker's
What is That Building to the Far Right?
For general information on Sanborn maps of Indiana see

For a list of Sanborn maps for all Indiana cities, see
Posters Hanging in the Doorway and Ad Posted in the Window
In researching this week's quiz photo, we tried very hard to identify the posters hanging
in the doorway and the ad in the window to the right of the door.  But Alas! Out efforts
were in vain.  I can almost make out the writing across the top of the bottom poster in
the doorway, but now quite. I think it says "Magic.....".  If anyone has further
information on any of these ads, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Top Poster
Bottom Poster
As many of the Quizmasters remarked, this picture is a tintype.  In its original
form, the picture is reversed, a mirror image of what we used for the quiz.
Square Sign in Window to the
Right of the Door
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larger images.