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Answer to Quiz #66 - July 1, 2006
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1. Who is President Nixon Shaking Hands with in This Famous Photo?
2. What is the Occasion?
3. Is This Person Still Alive?
Answer:  Elvis Presley
Of all the requests made each year to the National Archives for reproductions of
photographs and documents, one item has been requested more than any other. That
item, more requested than the Bill of Rights or even the Constitution of the United
States, is the photograph of Elvis Presley and Richard M. Nixon shaking hands on the
occasion of Presley's visit to the White House.
Elvis Meets Nixon
Dec. 21, 1970
Hey Mr. President, Elvis is at the door....

On the morning of December 21, 1970, Elvis Presley personally delivered a letter to the
northwest gate of the White House. Written on American Airlines stationery, the
five-page letter requested a meeting with President Nixon. Presley intended to present
the President with a gift of a World War II-era pistol and obtain for himself the
credentials of a federal agent in the war on drugs.

Presley's letter was delivered to President Nixon's
appointments secretary, Dwight Chapin. Chapin
immediately wrote a
memo to the President's chief of
staff H. R. Haldeman requesting time on Nixon's
schedule and outlining the nature of the proposed
meeting......Chapin suggested that Presley might be
just the person for Mr. Nixon to speak with, if he
was interested in meeting "some bright young
people" outside the government. Next to this
comment, H. R. Haldeman scrawled in pen
must be kidding."

The Original Caped Crusader

Shortly afterward, Egil Krogh met with Elvis Presley
in the Old Executive Office Building, next to the
White House. With Presley were his two
bodyguards, Jerry Schilling and Sonny West. In his
The Day Elvis Met Nixon (1994), Krogh states
that he was at first surprised by Presley's appearance
because he was not wearing the standard business
attire of male visitors to the White House:

But in his own rock star way, he was resplendent. He
was wearing tight-fitting dark velvet pants, a white
silky shirt with very high collars and open to below
his chest, a dark purple velvet cape, a gold
medallion, and heavy silver-plated amber-tinted
designer sunglasses with "EP" built into the nose
bridge. Around his waist was a belt with a huge four-
inch by six-inch gold belt buckle with a complex
design I couldn't make out without embarrassing
myself. . . This was a time in sartorial history when
gold chains festooned the necks of many of the more
style-conscious men in our society.

The King and the Prez

The meeting went well. Krogh was convinced of
Presley's sincerity and of his potential value in the
fight against drug use by young people. He told
Presley to return to his hotel and to wait for his call.
[He] quickly drafted an
agenda for the 12:30 meeting.

Elvis Presley appeared at the northwest gate of the
White House at 11:45 for his meeting with President
Nixon. Egil Krogh met Presley and his bodyguards
and led them to the Oval Office reception area. At 12:
30 Krogh and Presley joined the President in his
office. Krogh was present throughout the meeting
and made detailed notes of what was said. These
notes were later summarized in a
(132K JPEG). The meeting was photographed by
White House photographer Ollie Atkins.

Excerpted from

The photos of the meeting appear on this website
and on

The Real Elvis

The popular image of Elvis Presley—that when he
was not making music he was making love—could
not have been more false. During much of his career
Presley’s main interest in life was drugs: getting
drugs, taking drugs, lying about drugs, and above all
else, participating in the America’s Holy War against
drugs. Presley obtained vast quantities of controlled
substances—Quaalude, Placidyl, Demerol, Dilaudid,
Dexedrine, and Biphetamine—by receiving
prescriptions for them from his doctors.

In 1970 President Richard Nixon appointed Presley
an agent of the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous
Drugs. When Elvis walked into the Oval Office, he
was high as a kite. Nevertheless, he was a national
hero. He is even more of a national hero today. He
was never charged with any violation of the drug

After Presley died his personal physician, George
Nichopolous, was charged with “criminally
overprescribing” sedatives, stimulants, and painkillers
for him. A Tennessee jury acquitted him. In 1980 the
Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners revoked
Nichopolous’s medical license for “indiscriminately
prescribing” more than 5,000 pills and vials for
Presley in the seven months before his death in
August 1977.

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transcription of letter.
Chapin's memo.
Bud Krogh's book is available on
Amazon.  Click
Chapin's agenda for the meeting.
Krogh's summary of the meeting.

The King is Dead, Long Live the King

On August 16, 1977, at his Graceland mansion in Memphis, Tennessee, Elvis Aron
Presley was found lying on the floor. He was taken to Baptist Memorial Hospital,
where doctors pronounced him dead at 3:30 P.M. Presley was only 42 years old.
Can You Spot the Real Elvi?
(Answer at bottom of page.)
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John Patrick Yeiser

I really thought he was dead, but now that you mention it, I did see him briefly at
Pensacola, FL on the 4th of July.  Forgot about that when I answered the quiz. At least
some folks believe he is dead. But then some folks believe there are actual people in
those UFO's that I see every now and then.                                        
Marty Guidry

While I didn't care for him (making me somewhat unusual as a 12 year old) my
sister-in-law (of course, later in life) was nuts over him. She even went to see him once
and after shaking his hand, swore she would never wash his hand of his sweat (rather
gross I thought). However, another clue to me was Richard Nixon - I am quite a
political animal, and have been aware for years of Nixon having Elvis at the White
House. That, along with the outline of the mystery person, the location and the
handshake meant to me that it had to be Elvis.                  
Mary Anne Hanlon Smith

I recognized Fidel from the silhouette right away. I know who's in the picture, I know
the possible time frame, just not the exact date. I think I need to just look for Nixon
photos in that year and not include Fidel in the search. It was the "fuzzies" near the chin
area that was my first clue. Then I checked the dates of the revolution and possible
visits to the US and confirmed my guess.                                              
Pat Snyder
                                                                                      (1st Guess)

OK Smarty Pants. How's this one? It's Elvis....Who knows if he's really dead?  He just
might be playing poker with Jimmy Hoffa somewhere else.
Pat Snyder
                                                                                     (2nd Guess)

I heard that he had been abducted by aliens.                                     Delores Martin
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Answer to Elvis Quiz:  The real Elvi (plural of Elvis) are #1,3,5.
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