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Quiz #319 Results
Answers to Quiz #319
August 21, 2011
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1.  A. J. Foyt, Aldo Andretti, Bobby Unser
Mario Andretti had burned his face severely and
did not want to appear in the traditional pre-Indy photo of the front row.
So he had his identical twin brother Aldo take his place in the picture.

2.  1969

3.  A. J. Foyt - Four time winner
Aldo Andretti - Never
Bobby Unser - Three time winner

Mario Andretti - only once, 1969.

1.  Who are the names of these men?
2. What year was the picture taken?
3.  How many times has each of them won the race?
Congratulations to Our Winners!

Daniel Jolley                Patterson Paulson
Robert Veness                Karen Petrus
Elaine C. Hebert                Laurel Fletchner
Joe Ruffner                Gary Sterne
Joshua Kretizer                Robin Spence
Valerie J. Thompson                Donna Jolley
Mont Jolley                Jim Kiser
Collier Smith                Janice M. Sellers
Sally Garrison                Milene Rawlinson
Shirley Hamblin                Arthur Hartwell
Robert W. Steinmann Jr.                Barbara Sheldon
Cindy Tarsi                Stephen Jolley
Don Draper                Jim Baker
Teresa Yu                Stacy Luna
Angel Esparza                Peter Norton
Wayne Douglas                Alex Sissoev
Judy Pfaff                Evan Hindman
Alan Cullinan                Mike Dalton
Joyce Veness                Margaret Waterman
Patterson Poulson                Sally Garrison
Grace Hertz                Shirley Hamblin                Kathy Warburton
Comments from Our Readers
My son would be so ashamed of me.  What do I know about car racing?  My answer
may be tantamount to a wild guess.  I believe the men are, from left to right, A J Foyt,
Al Unser and Rick Mears.  To date, these are the only three individuals to have won the
Indy 500 four times.  Since Rick Mears won his fourth race in 1991, the photo would
have to have been taken in 1991 or later.  It could have been a prophetic shot and been
taken in 1984 when Rick Mears won in car number 6.  The numbers on the cars were
confusing.  AJ Foyt won his first Indy 500 in 1961 in car number 1.  Al Unser won his
first Indy 500 in 1970 in car number 2.  Rick Mears won his first Indy 500 in 1979 in
car number 9 (an upside down 6?)  I’ll be happy if this photo even has anything to do
with the Indy 500.                                                                             
Carol Farrant

In researching, I thought I knew who they all were but when I typed in all there last
names, a picture on EBAY popped up with all the information. Then I dug a little deeper
to find how many times each won.  Kinda felt like cheating when the picture popped
up.  Also shows how old I am, HA!                                                      
Robin Spence

Because I’m not a fan I did not know that Mario had a twin brother.  After looking up
brother  I got the name of Aldo so then was able to find  that because of burns on his
face Mario did not want to be in the picture.  Aldo stood in for him.  The puzzle was
not as easy as it first seemed to be.                                                       
Donna Jolley

Ok, you got me!  I didn’t realize that Mario had a twin brother named Aldo and am
flabbergasted that Mario would let him stand in his car for the photo op J.  I should
have known you had something up your sleeve because of what I thought was an
overly easy quiz.  Next time I think one of your quizzes is too easy, I’ll be more wary
Daniel Jolley

Stands in background and the cars said Indy 500. Searched all over Indy 500, no luck.
I did find the 33 winning cars displayed in Indy start formation at 2011 100th
anniversary. Many texts gave hints of better google questions. "Row 1 Pictures" pulled
up the quiz picture and 1969. "1969 front row pictures" gave me a color picture with
car 2 in STP's brilliant red. It also led to the answer to Question 1.      
Arthur Hartwell

Ah !!!!!!!!! . . . . .  Mario Andretti was not feeling well that day, so the person in the
photo of 1969 Indy 500 front row in Andretti's Hawker was Mario's twin brother, Aldo
Andretti !!!!!!!!!!  GOOOOOD ONE !!!!!!!!!!!! Source: eBay !!!! has picture in color.
Robert W. Steinmann Jr.
Sure looks like Mario in the middle! But, I was fooled, probably like a lot of people in
1969. I did originally find the image online but had trouble getting the caption where it
told who actually was in the photo. Shows that we should get all the facts and not
make assumptions. Anyway I did find out that the man in the middle was Aldo Andretti
- Mario's twin brother. I had read that Mario was burned in a previous accident and that
the car he won with was a backup vehicle. I wonder if newspapers at the time
published the photo and indicated that Mario was in it. Good that Mario recovered
sufficiently to manage a stellar race. Or did he? Thanks for the prod. It made a great
quiz even more interesting.                                                                     
Don Draper

Wow, I missed that one Colleen, Aldo stood in for him because of burns suffered
during practice. Did I see where it was not revealed until several years later?
Jim Baker
Okay, so it's Aldo. I always get those guys mixed up. How do YOU tell them apart? I
know, Aldo always used to wear Argyle socks, and Mario put his tasseled loafers on
his bare feet (or is it the other way around?), but you can't see that here.

Thanks for straightening me out.                                                           
Peter Norton

Just found out on an Indie history page. The Indie part was trivial (it's obviously a
track), and then I just browsed the images of Ford race cars to ballpark the year...
Alex Sissoev
If it isn't Mario, perhaps it is his twin Aldo.  The car itself is in the Smithsonian and a
replica was built and used in the the 100th anniversary photos.                     
Judy Pfaff

While not a big race fan, I do always watch the Indy 500 each year.  In the 60s, AJ
was who I always rooted for (we only had one tv station at the time, which was ABC.  
It always carried the race back then).                                                  
Evan Hindman

I googled stp=2 indy=500 and came up with Mario Andretti winner in 1969.  I googled
Indy 500 winners Andretti Foyt Unser and came up with a contest photo match on The photograph shows the three starters, left to right:
on the left no. 3 - Unser, in the middle no. 2  - Andretti, on the right no. 1 - Foyt. The
no. 1 car (with Number 6) driven by Foyt would have had the coveted starting pole
Mike Dalton

N.B.  Yes, but the caption doesn't say which Andretti it is.  - Q. Gen.

I finally resorted to asking my dad since he knows them. He said if it's not Mario, it has
to be Aldo Andretti - Mario's twin brother.

I love these photo quizzes. I learn something new every single time I do one. :)
Laurel Fletchner
Why do you think that it would be his twin brother Aldo?  Aldo would not have been
the qualifier for the race. Ask Mario!                                             
Valerie Thompson

I (sadly) depended on the caption of the similar photo that I found, which only gave last
names. Since Mario won that year, I naturally assumed any Andretti in the car would be
Mario. And I searched no further.

The exact photo that you used escaped my search until today, where I see it is Aldo
Andretti (brother? cousin?) taking Mario's spot in the car, for some reason.

Tricky, tricky....                                                                                 
Collier Smith

Seeing that Mario had a twin brother, allowed me to unravel the puzzle. It is his twin
brother Aldo who never has won the Indy. Thanks for the hint.                    
Jim Kiser

Thanks to Wikipedia, I learned that Mario's brother Aldo stood in for him during the
front row picture. That does explain why there are no close up shots of the three men.
Sally Garrison

N.B.  Not sure whether or not a closeup would have made a difference. They were
identical twins. - Q. Gen.

My expert high school classmate goofed up! He is a huge racing fan and gave me the
information (my own personal Google source). I'll have to recheck my sources.
Grace Hertz
WHAT?????  I am shocked!!  First, the guy in the middle is the first one I thought I
recognized ... as Mario Andretti!  Then I found a picture (which I'm attaching) that
identified him as such!  I guess I'll have to do more research!            
Elaine C. Hebert

I found one site that identified the person in Andretti's car as Aldo, not Mario:  I'm in discussion with an
expert about the question.                                                              
Janice M. Sellers

Okay, I found it. His twin brother, Aldo. Haha.
com/2010/05/24/we-have-a-winner/                                                       Gary Sterne
Aldo Andretti
Born in Italy in 1940, Aldo Andretti is the
twin of world-famous Mario Andretti,
whose name is a household word in the
glitzy world of auto racing. The twin
brothers both became inspired about
racing after seeing a race at Monza, a
historic speedway just north of Milan.

When the boys were eight years old, the
family fled to a refugee camp to escape a
WWII-related Yugoslavian occupation.
They remained in the camp for seven
years, at which time they moved to
Nazareth, Pennsylvanie.  The twins found an oval track there and the rest, as they
always say, is history.

Check out this video of the last race ever staged at the Nazareth Half-Mile Speedway,
the circuit where Mario and Aldo Andretti both began their careers.

The brothers built a stock car together when they were nineteen, and entered into the
fray. After a month, both Aldo and Mario had two wins apiece, but Aldo had a serious
crash and suffered a skull fracture that put him into a coma. The next season, however,
he was back at it.

In 1969, Aldo Andretti finally had a crash bad enough to force even him into retirement.
When his car spun out, it sped into a
fence, causing fourteen fractures in Aldo’
s facial bones and permanently disfiguring
his face. Ironically, the accident was not
his fault.

Aldo’s brother Mario went on to racing
stardom, becoming a champion at the
Indianapolis 500-mile race, the Formula
One and the Daytona 500.

Aldo’s son John Andretti has continued in
the family's tire tracks, making his mark  
in racing after practically growing up at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Aldo has
traveled extensively to attend his son’s many races, and has, in fact, never missed a lap
of a single John Andretti race in Indianapolis.

When John’s father Aldo was in St. Vincent’s Hospital during the 2009 Indy 500, John
was at his side. “To me,” says Aldo Andretti’s son John about his father, “he’s the
Aldo and son John Andretti
toughest guy I’ve ever met.”

Aldo Andretti lives in Brownsburg, an Indianapolis suburb in
Central Indiana, about as close to Speedway‘s IMS as you can
get. He and son John are active in Indianapolis sports as well as
Indianapolis charities, and both are frequent Hoosiers in the
news and well-known and respected Brownsburg people.
Mario, Aldo’s now not-so-identical twin, is retired in Nazareth,
A Lot of Misinformation about the Quiz Photo
Another version of the quiz photo. Note that the first names of the drivers are not
included in the caption!
Still another version. Caption:  1969 Indianapolis 500 (Bobbo Unser Lola-Offenhauser,
Aldo Andretti in Mario Andretti's Hawk-Ford, AJ Foyt Jr Coyote-Ford).
How Shirley Tossed and Turned until She Solved the Puzzle
I'm stumped.  I think it's Mario Andretti.  What am I missing?  I went
to the AP Photo Archives at  
There are other pictures from this photo session besides the one that
was published.  Look at ID's 6905240302 and 6905241292.  The
photo was taken after the time trials showing the top three qualifiers
and therefore their starting positions for the race almost a week
away.  Foyt secured the pole position with Andretti second and Unser
behind him which explains their line up on the track for the photo
shoot.   This was backed up by the stats at the official Indy 500
com/indy500/history/stats/results/?year=1969 where they are listed 1-

I had turned off the light to go to sleep when I got your email on my
Blackberry and couldn't sleep thinking about this.  I read the
Wikipedia article but I'm obviously not seeing your clue.  He has a
twin brother but it can't be him because he's not even entered in this

SON OF A GUN.  Trick question.  See you just can't rely on original
sources.  I found
winner/ and read the following:

27. What three men posed for the front row photo for the 1969
Indianapolis 500?

AJ Foyt, Aldo Andretti & Bobby Unser – Mario Andretti did not wish
to be photographed with burns to the face in a crash he suffered
earlier in practice, so he had his twin brother Aldo to pose for the
front-row pictures.

How ironic that Aldo would be severely injured just 3 months later
and end up no longer looking like Mario because of HIS injuries and

Ok I can go to sleep now!

Shirley Hamblin
Read more about Mario's 1969 Brawner
Hawk STP # 2 Indy 500 Winner

More interesting pictures of Mario Andretti
Mario (left) and his brother Aldo (right)
at pole day for the 2007 Indianapolis 500
Andretti twins in Italy
c 1941
Andretti twins in Italy
Montona, Italy c 1943
Andretti twins with mother Rina
c 1942
Andretti Twins
Lucca, Italy c 1951
Andretti twins in Italy
Italy c 1947
Aldo and Mario at Langhorne
Speedway c 1955
The Andretti Twins
Aldo (#55) and Mario (#2) racing each other in Sprint cars
Oswego, NY 1967
Mario (left) and Aldo (right)
Give them a steering wheel and four wheels, then watch them go
The best driver in American open-wheel racing history? You
can't go wrong with names like Foyt and Andretti, writes John
Mario Andretti were versatile
all-arounders who could win races
driving anything with wheels. But they
are best known for their success in
Indy cars.
Despite a heavy NASCAR presence on
the 19-member voting panel, eight
drivers on's Top 25 Drivers
of All Time have strong ties to Indy car
racing, led by longtime sparring
partners Foyt and Andretti.

Excluding the seven media members on
the panel, eight of the remaining 12
voters are involved in NASCAR in some
way, shape or form. Foyt and Andretti
both won the Daytona 500 as outsiders,
yet that can't be the only reason they
earned so much respect from the stock
car crowd.

Foyt won 67 USAC-sanctioned Indy
car races and seven series
championships, and was the first
four-time winner of the Indianapolis
500. Andretti took 52 victories between
USAC and CART. He won four overall
titles but won only once at Indy.

Both men won the Daytona 500,
Andretti in 1967 and Foyt in 1972. Foyt
co-drove the victorious car in the 1967 24 Hours of Le Mans and
won several USAC-sanctioned stock car crowns in the '70s.
Meanwhile, Andretti countered with 12 Formula One race wins and
the 1978 F1 World Championship.

Mario Andretti, has something A.J. Foyt doesn't have: an F1
championship. Andretti won the International Race of Champions
series in 1979, while Foyt was a two-time IROC champion. Foyt was
a winning driver at the 12 Hours of Sebring and twice at the 24 Hours
of Daytona. Andretti countered with three Sebring victories and a
single win in the Daytona endurance race.