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the Murphys Irish Open in 2000 and Palmer Cup in 2004.
According to the Central Statistics Office, Ballybunion had
a population of 1329 in 2002.

In the summer, Ballybunion attracts many families and
young people to enjoy the sandy beach, warm Atlantic
waters and the pubs along the high street. Nearby cliffs
offer excellent scenery. Sometimes dolphins may be seen
in the waters. The beaches near Ballybunion are a popular
surfing site. Other traditions include the beachside Seaweed
Baths, featuring sea water with kelp. In the summertime
cooked periwinkles are salted and served in small paper
bags along with a pin to extract the small sea snails. The
village itself contains mostly pubs and amusement arcades,
fast food restaurants, children's playground, a
supermarket, Garda Station and a statue commemorating
the golfing visit of Bill Clinton. This was the first statue of
Bill Clinton on public display in the world.
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September 26, 2010
All about Ballybunion
Located on the north west coast of
County Kerry, on a beautiful stretch of
sand dunes overlooking the Atlantic
Ocean, you'll find two wonderfully
challenging and unique links golf courses
at Ballybunion - the Old Course and the
Cashen Course.

The Old Course exudes a majestic feel that
simply cannot be compared to any other
course on earth. With beautifully
Congratulations to Our Winners!

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Location of
Ballybunion is situated eight miles west of
Listowel and is one of the most popular
seaside resorts on the west coast of
Ireland. Ballybunion Castle was built on an
elevated point above the cliffs which
extend down in both directions from the
castle overlooking White Strand shore. It
has suffered many battles and bad
weather so as the sea walls are now gone.
The stronghold overlooks the mouth of
the Shannon.
Comments from Mike Dalton
Submitter of this week's quiz
US President Bill Clinton played a round of golf at
Old Ballybunion Golf Course in September, 1998
with the Ballybunion Golf Club Manager and one or
two others. His first shot hooked over the adjacent
Killeheny Burial Ground. He posed for photos in the
Golf Club Bar and on the golf course. His golf

President Clinton was on a multistop journey to
Europe and Northern Ireland aboard Air Force One.
The plane landed in Shannon with a motorcade
and/or helicopter to Ballybunion. After Ballybunion,
the entire entourage proceeded to Kerry Airport near
Tralee where he flew out of country back home.
This created quite a stir on land and in the skies for
Irish witnesses to this presidential affair.

Presidential affairs: Shortly before this trip, his extramarital affair with one Monica
Lewinsky was made known to the world.

At Ballybunion, Clinton met with some of the local people. He remarked that one of
them had an expired registration on his Massey Ferguson tractor. The US Secret
Service had found out.

Other famous golfers have played at Ballybunion in preparation for British Open. The
Old Ballybunion Golf Course is the eighth ranked golf course in the world.  It is similar
to Pebble Beach on Monterey Peninsula, California in that it is by the ocean.

Pebble Beach in California is among the top ten in the world. On Father’s Day June 20,
2010 an Irish born golfer won the US Open there. His father was there to witness the
first winning of the event by an Irishman.

Tiger Woods played at Ballybunion on July 9-10, 1998. Things that President Bill
Clinton and Tiger Woods have in common: played golf at Ballybunion, had extramarital
affairs, and wives with blond hair.

A bronze statute of Clinton was erected at center of town at road cross in front of the
Garda (police station) in honor of him.  Why there?”so the Garda could keep an eye on
him.” A golf ball was originally part of the statue. It disappeared but later found in a
basket of oysters. Where is it today??
Downtown Ballybunion

I took photograph of statue with a
digital point and shoot Olympus camera
zoom able to 10X, standing across the
road cross. Not safe to stand in middle
of cross with cars coming from
everywhere at midday.  The photo can
be cropped to conceal plaque. I think
other quizmasters should guess that it
is in Ireland and recognize who it is.
Suggested question: name two things in
common with Tiger Woods.
Go to the homepage of Wikimapia
Search on 'Monument to Bill Clinton'
One Way to Find the GPS Coordinates
Area map of Ballybunion
submitted by Mike Dalton
Ballybunion Castle
Ballybunion Beach and Castle Ruins
Typical Beach Scene
submitted by Mike Dalton
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1.  52 deg 30' 40.4" N, 9 deg 40' 13" W
(52.5112211 N, 9.6702674 W)
2. Ballybunion Golf Club
3. The Bonyon Family who lost everything in the 2d Desmond Rebellion
Ballybunion, County Kerry - Ireland
Phone: +353 (0)68 280 03
Fax: +353 (0)68 280 06

The National Traditional Theatre of
Ireland has a 530-seat theatre, a cinema,
art galleries, a bookshop, a bar and a café.
Performers have included Seán Keane, the
Slovak Festival Orchestra and Brendan
Shine. Productions have included John B
Keane’s Moll and The Buds of
1.  What are the GPS coordinates of the statue?
2.  Name one other attraction in the town.
3.  Who is the town named after?
I started by looking for famous golfers. That was interesting but not productive. I went
back to your quiz page and right clicked on the photo. Photo info produced nothing. I
then clicked on Open in New Window. Suddenly the vail lifted and I could see. I didn't
realize what that button did. Garda gave Irish police. Garda Pictures was not usefull.
Garda Station and Golfer brought up Wikipedia and Ballybunion. Surprised the statue
was of Pres. Bill Clinton comerating his September 1998 golfing visit. The Ballybunion
Golf Club and beaches ate the towns main attractions. After your 18 holes, you can
visit the castle ruins and local pubs but not before. The Bonyon family purchased the
castle in 1582 from the Geraldine Family, part of the 2nd Desmond Rebellion. William
Og Bonyon then lost everything when the rebellion was over in 1582. The castle was
also destroyed in the rebellion. It stands as a monument to the Bonyons. The 2nd
Desmond Rebellion was very bloody. The English devastated the country side, and at
times executed everyone they got their hands on. Disease and starvation followed.

Arthur Hartwell

I thought right away that the statue looked like President Clinton, but until I Googled
'Bill Clinton golfing statue' I was laughing at the idea of it actually being a statue of
him.  Turns out I was right - Ballybunion came up right away!                       

That is our beloved Bubba.                                                                  
Dennis Brann

I am a little late getting this in but once I got google earth to function properly it was
fun finding this statue at the corner of Main St. and Church St. I wonder if Mr Clinton
has the same kind of enjoyment finding the statue to see if it is aging or if someone has
returned the golf ball that I read had been taken.                                       
Don Draper

As it is Ryder Cup week, did you know that Bill Clinton took 12 shots on one of the
holes here. Does this say something as he and Tiger Woods have certain things in
common ???? Go Team Europe !!!!!                                                  
Alan Cullinan

We were just in County Kerry for two weeks and I wish I had known about
Ballybunion.  There are so many beautriful areas to visit in Ireland.        
Sharon Martin

When I first opened up the picture, my gut reaction was, “That’s Ireland!”  When I
was in Ireland, I fell in love with the doors.  The buildings all looked the same, but
everyone’s door was a different color.  The color of the door in the picture brought
back those memories.  Then I saw the word ‘Garda’ and figured maybe it was Spain or
Italy.  Looking up Garda put me on the right track and back to Ireland.   
Carol Farrant
Ballybunion. The Theatre is also home to the North Kerry, Arts, Cultural and Heritage
Society, which among other things, takes contemporary traditional Irish Dance to the
rest of Ireland and the world.
Comments from Our Readers
Submitted by Highly Esteemed Quizmaster Mike Dalton.
The Beach and the Ocean
contoured fairways that tumble down through a blanket of grassy dunes, it's no wonder
these challenging holes have been consistently rated among the top courses in the world.

The Trent Jones Cashen Course, located along the sweeping, undisturbed shoreline,
offers breathtaking views throughout. There is a wild look to the place. Long grass
covers the dunes that pitch and roll throughout the course.

Whatever your choice, every hole, every hazard and every shot is defined by nature's
infinite presence.

Ballybunion Golf Club
Ballybunion or Ballybunnion (Irish: Baile an
Bhuinneánaigh) is a coastal town in
County Kerry, Ireland, 15 km (9 miles)
from the town of Listowel. There are
castle ruins near the town, although all that
remains is a single wall, and two golf
courses in the area including the famous
Ballybunion Golf Club, a top class links
course founded in 1893 and host course to
the English King James 6th. By 1783
Richard Hare was in possession of the
castle. From 1923 onwards the castle has
gone under the care of the Office of
Public Works. It was destroyed in the
Desmond Wars. All that remains today is
this East Wall. It stands as a memorial to
the Bonyons, a proud and powerful
family from whom today's beautiful
coastal town of Ballybunion takes its
The Nine Daughters Hole
The Virgin Rock
From a plaque inscription on the East Wall of Ballybunion Castle:

'Ballybunion Castle was built by the Geraldines in the 14th Century. It stands on the
Castle Green site of an old promontory coastal fort of the "Clann Conaire." In 1582 the
castle had been acquired from the Geraldines by the Bonyon family. In 1583 William Og
Bonyon lost the castle and lands due to his part in the Desmond Rebellion. In 1612 the
castle and lands were granted to Thomas Fitzmaurice 16th Lord of Kerry and Lixnaw by
Tintean Theatre
Putting your cursor over the first hit
causes a red dot to appear on the map
at the approximate location of the
statue. The GPS coordinates appear in
the navigation box.  
52.5112211 N
9.6702674 W
As a check, look up Ballybunion on
Google Maps. Balloon shows center of
town, not position of statue.
Go to the same location indicated by
Wikimapia.  Make sure it is the
location of the statue.
Nuns Beach
Deep Cove
Ballybunion Cliff and Rainbow
How Herschel and Ed Solved the Puzzle
This was a tough quiz. I immediately recognized the subject of the
statue as Bill Clinton, and learned in seconds that it stands in front of
the Garda (national police) station in Ballybunion, County Kerry. But I
couldn't find it on a map. The Garda station wasn't shown on any
map I could find, the address of the station on the Garda's website
(and others) is given only as "Ballybunion, County Kerry), there is no
Google street view for Ballybunion, and the aerial views I could find
were not in high enough resolution for me to locate the station and
statue. Finally, after watching numerous YouTube videos of drives
through Ballybunion, I was able to pinpoint the station at the
intersection of Main Street and Church Road, and get the coordinates.

Herschel Browne

N.B.  Yes Google does have street view for Ballybunion.  --Q Gen.

Nice quiz!


answers everything, which I found with the Google search string

irish golfer statue police station presidential

I went

garda -> irish police station
golfer statue

and an intermediate result came up with presidential, so that when
I typed this one in I got the top hit a 100% hit.

I figured out it was presidential because two of the Google search
results when I did the previous search had the unusual word
in them - but 8 of the top 10 didn't - so I figured that was the key
word that would zoom in to see further what the deal was.

The village was the site of the Marconi transmitter!  So cool. I've
been to the retreat center at the California Marconi site, very
lovely terrain and very remote.

Ed Vielmetti