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Answer to Quiz #1, April 25, 2005
How can you tell what day of the week this photo was taken?
(Big Hint #1:  It was taken in New Orleans.)
The Digital Detective
The Digital Detective
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A Case Study in Digital Detective Work
Aunt Bev
The Database Detective
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The Database Detective
Answer:  The day of the week can be found by noticing there is snow on the ground.  
It rarely snows in New Orleans, so that having a list of snow days narrows down the
possibilities considerably.
A list of New Orleans snow days can be found at Somewhere on this site it explains
that it has snowed only 11 times in New Orleans since 1853.  So once you know the
date because of the snow, you can figure out the day of the week.

The picture is of Dee Brunner's Aunt Bev.  She did not have any idea who the woman
was at first except that she was probably an aunt.  We were able to narrow down the
possibilities because of the snow to one or two days, and then judging from the aunts,
the size of the children, etc., we got it down to Feb. 12, 1958, which is a Wednesday.

The website, shows that in New
Orleans every year on this date, the sun rises at 6:43 am.  The picture was taken a
couple of minutes after this because the sun is just rising behind the trees.  In the photo
shown below of Dee's Aunt June, the sun is not yet up, so she got her picture taken
first. The direction of the sunrise on that date can give the exact direction the women
were facing at the time they got their pictures taken.
The Ulmer Family
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The DNA Detective
Further info provided by Steve Zalewski, Bend,

I went to the French Quarter website in your
email below and found the following:

"Of 54 Snow Days in New Orleans since 1853
only 15 of them resulted in measurable snowfalls:

12 Jan 1853 - 4"               31 Dec 1963 - 4.5"
05 Jan 1879 - 1"               09 Feb 1973 - 0.8"
23/24 Jan 1881 - 3"           03 Feb 1960 - 0.6"   
14/15 Feb 1899 - 3"          21 Jan 1985 - 0.4"    
22 Jan 1935 - 0.1"            22 Dec 1989 - 0.5"
12 Feb 1958 - 1.3"                     

On Jan 22 2000,  the French Quarter was hit
with Golf Ball Size Hail for over 15 min during a
thunderstorm that dropped over 1.25" of  rain.
Damage Est: (Private Property) - $50 Million!"
Aunt June
Note that the list above only mentions 14 of the 15 days alluded to.  And this list
doesn't even mention the record breaking snowstorm in 1895 written about at

Further note:  The article referenced here was written before the large snowfall on
Christmas Day 2004.
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Phydeaux is a stunt dog who during his long career in stage and screen has substituted
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Now in retirement, Phydeaux works as a model for CQ (Canine Quarterly). Because of
his keen interest in Forensic Genealogy, Phydeaux agreed to pose for our quiz in winter
wear indicative of snowy weather.
Congratulations to the Winners of Quiz #1:

Steve Zalewski - Bend, OR
Judeth Vinson - Houston, TX
Jim Hills - Houston, TX
D. Dineen - Manteca, CA
Norm Hellmers - Valparaiso, IN
Barbara - New Orleans, LA
Glen Carreras - Little Rock, AR
Cynthia Lee Clark - Fort Worth, TX
Cat Donnow - New Orleans, LA
Steven A. Floyd - Corpus Christi, TX
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