The only way I was able to figure this one out was, believe it or not, watching
Fantastic Four, Return of the Silver Surfer movie and the ferris wheel was in the
movie.  Even us old guys have memories that work on occasion...what was I saying
Mark Brzys

Trooping the Colour will take place next week to mark one of the Queen's two official
birthdays. (No wonder she's so old, eh?)                                         
Mark Browning

Wow! Your "Birthday Suit" remark made me realize WHY they picked the 14th for the
Naked Bike Ride:  THE QUEEN'S BIRTHDAY SUIT!  Very thoughtful of them!  It
never occurred to me, but it must be true.                                  
Mike Swierczewski

Ben, Betsy and Judy Pfaff attended this parade on Saturday, 13 June 1992.  It was a
grand parade indeed!  This photo was taken after the London Eye (ferris wheel) was
constructed in 1999. It was formally opened by the then Prime Minister, Tony Blair, at
20:00 GMT on December 31, 1999, although it was not opened to the public until
March 2000 because of technical problems. We actually got a very good parade
viewing spot across from the Buckingham Palace gates.  We saw the very top of the
Queen's head as her carriage went by.  I have the official Programme of the day.  We
did not get a seat in the stands.  We did spend the entire day viewing all the events on
the mall and walked the streets nearby. Thanks for reviving the memories of 16 years
ago come June 14, 2008.                                                                      
Judy Pfaff

I noticed the ferris wheel first...this and the fact that I knew that the 2012 Olympics
were going to be in London...then I found the Horse Guards Parade.       
Maisey Riley

Kinda sneaky putting an Asian looking guy in the foreground.  I spent way too much
time looking in the Far East. Thought it might be a torch exchange event for the Beijing
Olympics. I had to go in the back door to get the answer.  Using sand I went for either
MONSTER TRUCKS or Beach Volleyball. Using 2012 I figured Olympics and since a
Monster Truck event is not yet an accepted sport I was correct for selecting Volleyball
and zeroed in on the spot, the venue and the event this Sat.  You devil you. I've been
there and didn't remeber the Ferris Wheel.                                                
Jim Kiser

(I got this by Googling 2012 and sand--3rd page)                              
 Marilyn Hamill

I did read about the Nude Bikers event and thought about adding it with the birthday
story. But that is indeed a good one the queen in her birthday suit on her birthday and
riding a bike at 80 years young. The fellow in the picture did throw me for a while but
then I figured I would broaden my search to find the Ferris wheel and lo and behold a
hit the jackpot. The one last week fit right in with the Spanish classes so I had two
lessons. Muchas gracias.                                                                      
Anna Farris

This was a fun one--required a bit of work. I recognized the London Eye, but had to
find it on Google Map to figure out the structure, which did not look familiar at all. A
large open space on Google drew me to look up "Horse Guards Rd," which led me to
pictures of the Horse Guards Parade.

I had done a quick browse of the 2012 Olympics and looked at the volleyball site,
which mentioned HGP, but I was thinking it would be a place I'd heard of, so ignored
the correct answer relatively early in my search. Genius! Good night.      
Joe Ruffner
Cavalry) perform the ceremony of Trooping the Colour each year in honour of the
Queen's official birthday. Although the Queen was born in April, Trooping the Colour is
held in June, the month of her coronation in 1953. Since the early 18th century, each
regiment's colours (two flags or banners) were paraded before its own troops so that
soldiers would recognise and rally to them in battle. And this tradition continues,
nowadays for the benefit of the Queen who then receives a royal salute. At the close of
proceedings the Queen returns to Buckingham Palace in a carriage and appears on the
balcony of Buckingham Palace to wave to the crowds and watch a fly-past of RAF and
occasionally other planes.

The parade route goes from Buckingham Palace along The Mall to Horseguards Parade,
Whitehall and back again.

Precisely as the clock on the Horse Guards Building strikes eleven, the Royal
Procession arrives and The Queen takes the Royal Salute. The parade begins with the
Inspection, The Queen driving slowly down the ranks of all eight Guards and then past
the Household Cavalry. After the event, the Royal Family gathers on the balcony of
Buckingham Palace to watch an RAF fly past at 1pm.

Trooping the Colour will take place on Saturday 14 June 2008 on Horse Guards Parade.
Events begin at approximately 10am and the parade starts at 11 a.m. (lasts
approximately one hour).

There are rehearsals on the two previous Saturdays which are also open to the public.

Although tickets are very scarce and have to be applied for in January, you can get a
good view from St. James’s Park or along the Mall. The Queen leaves Buckingham
Palace in a carriage at 10.40am and arrives at Horse Guards at 11am precisely.

The parade is also broadcast live on the BBC in the UK.
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Quiz #162 Results
1. The Trooping of the Color at the Horse Guard Parade, London
2.  It is a traditional event held annual as a gift to Queen Elizabeth on the
Saturday closest to her official birthday June 12.
(Her real birthday is April 21.)
3. The 2012 Summer Olympics sand volleyball competition.

“…….The Walrus and the Carpenter were walking close at hand:
They wept like anything to see such quantities of sand:
‘If this were only cleared away,’ They said,’ it would be grand.’
‘If seven maids with seven mops swept for half a year,
Do you suppose,’ the  Walrus said, ‘That they could get it clear?’
‘I doubt it,’ said the Carpenter, and shed a bitter tear………. “Lewis Carroll.
(Contributed by Bob McKenna)
Answer to Quiz #162 - June 8, 2008
Horse Guard Parade
Horse Guards Parade is a
large parade ground off
Whitehall in central
London, at grid reference
TQ299800. It was
formerly the site of the
Palace of Whitehall's
tiltyard, where
tournaments were held in
the time of Henry VIII. It
was also the scene of the
A keynote in the calendar of British
pageantry, troops of the Household
Division (Foot Guards and Household
How Dan Solved the Puzzle
Looking west towards St James's Park and the Guards Memorial
Looking east towards the Old Admiralty Building and the Household Cavalry Museum
Beach Volleyball at the 2012 London Summer Olympics
My first clue was the wheel in the background,
the London Eye, but I had a devil of a time
finding the Horse Guards Parade. Its biggest
feature is the open parade ground that was finally
found with a Google satelite map image. This
quiz took some time,but it was enjoyable.
Dan Schlesinger
On battlefields, a regiment's colours, or flags, were used as rallying points.
Consequently, regiments would have their ensigns slowly march with their colours
between the soldiers' ranks so that they would recognise what their regiments' colours
looked like.

The importance of the colours was not confined to control during battle. They
represented a regiment's direct link and service to the sovereign, as well as to the fallen
soldiers and officers of that regiment. Its loss, or the capture of an enemy colour, were
respectively considered the greatest shame, or the greatest glory available on a
battlefield. As such, regimental colours are venerated and paid the highest compliments
by officers and soldiers of all ranks, second only to the sovereign.
Trooping of the Color
1. What popular event will take place here on June 14, 2008?
2. Why?
2. What event is planned for this site in 2012
that will require a large amount of sand?
Trooping of the Colors - Origins and Tradition
Trooping the Colour is a military
ceremony performed by regiments of the
Commonwealth and the British Army. It
has been a tradition of British infantry
regiments for centuries and it was first
performed during the reign of Charles II.
Since 1805 the ceremony has been
carried out on the British Sovereign's
birthday, which since King George VI
has been regularly held on a Saturday in
The Queen's 80th
Celebration in 2006
In the United Kingdom, Trooping the
Colour has become closely identified with
the Queen's Official Birthday, and is also
known as the Queen's birthday parade. It
has marked the official birthday of the
sovereign since 1748, and has occurred
annually since 1820 (except in bad
weather, periods of mourning and other
exceptional circumstances). King Edward
VII moved Trooping the Colour to its
June date, because of the vagaries of British weather.

Trooping the Colour allows the Household Division (i.e., the Foot Guards and the
Household Cavalry) and King's Troop to pay a personal tribute to the Sovereign with
great pomp and pageantry. Crowds at Buckingham Palace, around the Victoria
Memorial and lining The Mall listen to the military bands before and after the ceremony.
Events at Buckingham Palace after the Queen's return include another march past, a
41-gun salute in the adjacent Green Park, and a flypast by the Royal Air Force. This is
followed by the usual daily Changing of the Guard.

The Queen has attended Trooping the Colour in every year of her reign except when
prevented by a rail strike in 1955, and survived the firing of six blank shots towards her
in 1981.The attack, by Marcus Sarjeant, happened fifteen minutes after her departure
from Buckingham Palace, riding her
19-year-old horse Burmese. Immediately,
the Sovereign's Escort was ordered by
the Gold Stick in Waiting to "close up"
around Her Majesty. Lance-Corporal
Alexander Galloway of the Scots Guards
pulled the attacker into the Mall, where he
was seized by police. The Queen regained
control of her mount, and continued to
Horse Guards Parade. (Sarjeant became
the first person since 1966 to be prosecuted under the Treason Act 1842.)[4] Her
Majesty started riding in a carriage in 1987. Her 80th birthday in 2006 was marked by
the largest ever flypast of 40 planes led by the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and
culminating with the Red Arrows. It was followed by the only feu de joie ("fire of joy")
fired in her presence during her reign.  Read
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Thanks to Stan Read for suggesting this quiz.
annual celebrations of the birthday of Queen Elizabeth I. The parade ground lies at the
heart of London’s ceremonial life, and hosts the Trooping of the Colour event that takes
place on the Queen’s official birthday each year.

Horse Guards Parade dates from 1745 and takes its name from the soldiers who have
provided protection for the monarch since the restoration of the monarchy in 1660.

The area has been used for a variety of reviews, parades and other ceremonies since
the 17th century. It is the site of the annual ceremonies of Trooping the Colour, which
commemorates the monarch's official birthday, and Beating Retreat. For much of the
late 20th century it was put to a rather less dignified purpose — as a car park for senior
civil servants — but this use was ended in the 1990s.
A temporary arena will
be built in 2012 for
15,000 spectators, with
sand brought in to
create London’s very
own 'beach’.

After the games the
temporary facilities will
be taken down.
Zhen Xiao, Ph. D.


Your photograph taken during 2006
on Horse Guards Parade in London
has been chosen for the Forensic
Genealogy weekly photo quiz--#162,
6/8/2008. This popular contest is
managed by Colleen Fitzpatrick,
Ph. D. Your IBM colleagues may be
interested in  seeing you standing
on this historic greensward.

Stan Read
K. Stanley Read, Ph. D.
See slide show of June 14, 2008
Trooping of the Color.  Click
The June 14, 2008 Naked Bike Ride
Hyde Park, London

On Saturday 14 June 2008 (note change of
date*) the fifth London Naked Bike Ride
will return to the streets of the capital,
allowing riders to see the city sights from
the comfort of their own bike or skates.
The ride is easy and upbeat, and riders
decorate their bodies and bikes with
messages of protest against oil dependency
and car culture. The same assembly time
and city centre route will be taken as last
Don't Get Them Confused
with Each Other!
Check out World Wide Knit in Public Day