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Quiz #161 Results
Guatemala City, Guatemala
Answer to Quiz #161 - June 1, 2008
Two other clues about the location relating to the school are the
red arrow below the Kinder Care phone number, and the school
zone (zona scholar) sign to the far left of the photo. The sign is
evidently in front of the driveway to the school, only where is the

The real key is the phone number.  There are three phone
numbers in the picture.  One is for the Kinder Care center, one is
I'm guessing Guatemala City, Guatemala.
It was easy to google the Cayman Suites
at that odd address and locate it in
Guatemala. The hard part was finding out
the city. But Guatemala City seems to
have a Colegio Suizo Americano, with a
phone number that starts out with 23.So
I'm guessing the Kinder Care is part of
Matthew Lightfoot
How Matt Solved the Puzzle
Note that the phone number for the Kinder Care center is the same as the one on the
8 Digits
502 - R - ABC - XXXX
Guatemala Phone Numbers - How They are Set Up
+ 502:Country code
R = Regional Values:
            5 Mobile
            2 Metropolitan Zone (Guatemala City)
            6 Suburbs Zone (Guatemala City Region)
            7 Inter-Urban zone (outside Guatemala City and area)
ABC = Differentiating code
XXXX = Subscriber code

The fact that the 8 digit telephone numbers on the billboard begin with a 2 means that
the numbers are in Guatamala City .  If, for example, the billboard for the Cayman
Suites Hotel was local in Monterrico where the Cayman Suites is located, I would
expect that the 8 digit number would begin with a 7 for the local Cayman Suites
number.  (Thanks to Andy Hoh for this insight.)
Monterrico, Guatemala
Cayman Suties
In what city is this sign located?
School Zone Sign
(Zona Scholar)
Phone Number
on Car
Kinder Care
Phone Number
Sign with corner exposed
indicating the location is
There are several red herrings in this puzzle. The most noticeable is the ad near the
bottom of the sign that advertises the Cayman Suites resort, 10.5 km from Monterrico
on the Pacific coast of Guatemala.  This places the sign in Guatemala, but does not
necessarily indicate the city.

Checking further, Googling on Kinder Care does not produce any useful hits, but
Googling on Kinder Care Suizo Americano leads to the website
http://www.suizoamericano.edu.gt/ that indicates that Kinder Care Suizo Americano is
run by the Colegio Suizo Americano.  Three locations are listed:
Clues to the Puzzle
Guatemala, Guatemala
Guatemala City (in full, La Nueva
Guatemala de la Asunción; locally known
as Guatemala or Guate) is the capital and
largest city of the nation of Guatemala. It
is also the capital city of the local
Guatemala Department and the largest city
in Central America.

As of the 2006 census, the city had a
population of 1,202,536.[1] The city is
located at 14°38′N, 90°33′W, in a
mountain valley in the south central part
of the country.
Within the confines of modern Guatemala City is the ancient Maya city of Kaminaljuyu.
Kaminaljuyu dates back some 9,000 years and is one of the Americas' most notable
archaeological sites.[citation needed] The center of Kaminaljuyu was located a short
distance from the oldest part of Guatemala City. However, in the late 20th century, the
city grew around the ruins, and, in some cases, over some of the outlying ruins before
they were protected. Many of the several hundred temple mounds have been built over
with freeways, shopping centers, commerce, luxury hotels and residential areas. The
central ceremonial center of Kaminaljuyu was protected by the Guatemalan government
and is now a park within the city. Even so, there are some ruins still alive that are
protected by the government.

In Spanish colonial times, Guatemala City was a small town. It had a monastery called
'El Carmen', founded in 1629. The capital of Spanish colonial Central America was
moved here after a water volcano destroyed the old capital, Antigua Guatemala, in
1775. King Charles III of Spain authorized the moving of the capital on September 27,
1775. This resulted in a great expansion of the city.
The city was the scene of the declaration of
independence of Central America from Spain,
and became the capital of the United
Provinces of Central America in 1821.

Guatemala is divided into 21 zones. Much like
the design of Paris, the heart of the capital is
Zone 1, and the subsequent zones are
numbered in order counter-clockwise around
it in a spiral.

Zones 2 through 8 are mostly residential and
most visitors will find few attractions. But, zones 9 and 10 make up La Zona Viva (the
Lively Zone) that you must visit. In fact, La Zona Viva is where you'll want to stay.
You'll find all the hip discos, good restaurants, best hotels, and major shops. It's also a
pretty safe place to party. The police are visible and there's very little crime committed
in this highly tourist area.
for reservations for the Cayman Suties, and the last one is the phone number on the red
car passing in the street.  They all begin with a "2". Interesting fact:  All countries use
area codes as prefixes to identify telephone numbers in various cities. In the country of
Guatemala, the area code "2' is used for Guatemala City. If the sign is located in front
of the school, the specific address is Diagonal 8, 11 97 Zone 10, Guatemala City,
Read more about
Guatemala from the
State Department.
Comments from Our Readers
How We Got to Guatemala
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specials each Tuesday at
Yikes!  It was a breeze to find the street address for Kinder Care but I was never able
to find the city spelled out anywhere.  I was very close to having our wonderful
Guatemalan housekeeper call them and ask them.  Hired her the minute I saw the quiz.
So I am assuming that Guatemalan addresses without a city are in the capital. I haven't
been able to get into the Colegio Suizo Americano web site today.  They may have
closed it down because they are getting so many strange hits.  Congratulations to
whoever designed this devious quiz.                                          
Carolyn Cornelius

It took some translation of Spanish into English to get this. There is a Suizo Americano
Colegio (Swiss American College) in Guataemala City, Guatemala.

By going to their website, I noted that there is a kindercare in zone 10 of Guatemala
City which has same local phone number as that listed on the signboard.Zone 10, one
of 20-to 25 zones of Guatemala City,is a residential area.

The small blue sign indicates a private entrance and permission needed to enter. The red
arrow would probably be pointing to said place. The street warning sign shows school
crossing for children. SA Kindercare is sponsored by the College. The signboard states
the mission of serving children: 3 months to 4 years.

The other ad on the board is for a new hotel resort on the South Pacific Coast Of
Guatemala 10 km from Monterrico. I found it on my(c) 1940 Collier Atlas.

The advertising on the board would imply that a couple could drop off their 3 month
old child and then drive to the Cayman Suites on the Coast, for a day on the beach.

Kindercare has had some history of financial and political entanglements.
Mike Dalton

Guatemala City - I searched for the phone number, which led to the area code
(502)--ironic, as I'm spending the summer in Louisville, area code 502. More googling
led to the Kinder Care and Cayman Suites website, locating both in Guatemala City,
Guatemala. I'm guessing that the arrow on the sign implies the Kinder Care is close by
the sign.                                                                                        
Joe Ruffner

Elementary, my dear Fitzpatrick.

I had Googled a bunch of Monterrico websites to see if the KinderCare was in
Monterrico, and I noticed that all the phone numbers began with either a "5" (which
turns out to be the code for mobile phones) or "7" - (the regional number), but never a
"2".  So from there I naturally tried to see if I could find a Guatemala telephone
exchange guide and I got lucky.  I never did find a local Monterrico phone number for
Cayman Suites, so the KinderCare number turned out to be key.  The only problem is
now I want to go to the beach!  Hasta Lasagne,                                        
Andy Hoh


I did the same to figure it out.  I started with Monterrico to figure out which country it
was.  Then I found the Latin America yellow pages and tried the name of the Kinder
Care and got Colegio Suizo Americano with a similar number (only one digit off).  I
then looked up Colegio Suizo Americano's site and saw the logo for Kinder Care there.  
I checked out a few maps of Guatemala (not that easy to find) to make sure there was
a road called Diagonal 8.

This one wasn't that easy because I wanted to verify I was looking in the right places.  
And I learned a bit about Guatemala.  The photos of the Kinder Care were very nice.
Teresa Yu

The way I found the school was by doing a yellow pages search for the school, and
checked out the different campuses until i found one that matched the phone number
on the billboard.                                                                              
 Karen Petrus
Where We Stay in
Guatemala City
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Cayman Suites
Reservation Number
Further Links

Colegio Suizo Americano
How to Access the Guatemala White and Yellow Pages
Access all international
telephone directories through
This leads to the
Central American phone books at
Posada Belen
Museo Inn

13 Calle "A" 10-30
Zona 1
Centro Historico
Gutemala CitY
Central America
Ph: +(502) 2253 4530
+(502) 2232 9226
Fax: +(502) 2251 3478
And to the Guatemalan White and
Yellow Pages at
You can easily find the listing for the
Colegio Suizo Americano
Senora Francesca
and Family