Hello Colleen:

Happened to have opportunity to stop by my local public library today and found the
photo source. People Magazine issue Mar 6, 1978: book review concerning book by
Edward Jay Epstein titled Legend (1978)--- Lee Harvey Oswald. Full page dining room
photo with said subjects Wayne and Oswald. Photo courtesy of John Marckx. The
library also had the said biography of Oswald which I was able to peruse.

Synopsis: Epstein was funded by Reader's Digest for this book project; he hired a team
of people to obtain whatever documents they could and interview people who knew

Among these was USMC John Marckx (photographer) who served with Oswald in his
stint from Japan to Philipines and back. Their marine company landed at Cubic Point,
Philipines in
mid January, 1958. About week and half later they were at the Island of
Corregidor some 40 miles distant.

At about this time John Wayne on a break from filming "the Barbarian and Geisha"
landed there in a helicopter. He had lunch with the marine officers where the company
billeted ie the bombed out ruin of a hospital and flew out, later that afternoon. Oswald
enjoyed mess hall duties and cooking meals; it is very likely that Oswald helped to
prepare their meal. John Wayne was known for visiting troops overseas, throughout his
acting career in WWII, Korea and Vietnam {and probably postwar in Philipines and
Japan, where US had a strong military presence).

I still have not been able to find a timeline of Wayne's travels. Dining room photo in
book not that much clearer: it does show names and dates in chalk or white paint on a
back wall (ie who was there beforehand. In 1958 the Island of Corregidor (last holdout
of US troops in Philipines in 1942) still had not been completely cleaned up of battle
ruins and debris. It was somewhat of a tourist attraction because of its history.

March 7th, 1958 Oswald's Marine Company departed on LST Wexford County for
return trip back to Japan. Contest photo: a thoughtful entry in remembrance of the
tragic events that took place on Friday Nov. 22, 1963; whereas in 2007, nary a mention
seen in the media amidst Thanksgiving celebrations and other distractions.
Regards, Mike Dalton
Lee Harvey Oswald was born in Slidell, Louisiana. His
father, Robert Edward Lee Oswald, died before he was
born and his mother, Marguerite Claverie, raised him
along with two older siblings, his brother Robert and his
half-brother John Pic (Marguerite's child by her first
marriage). His mother is said to have doted on him to
excess, but despite this has been characterized as
domineering and quarrelsome. They lived an itinerant
lifestyle and before the age of 18 Oswald had lived in 22
different residences and attended 12 different schools,
mostly around New Orleans and Dallas. Oswald's
mother was of French and German descent and raised
him in the Lutheran faith.

As a child Oswald was withdrawn and temperamental.
After they moved in with John Pic (who had joined the

Jul 9 -    Lee reports to the Marine Corps Air Station at El Toro, California, and is
attached to the 4th Replacement Battalion.

Aug 22 - Lee departs for Japan.

Sep 12 - He arrives in Japan at Yokosuka, where he is assigned to the Marine Air
Control Squadron #1, Marine Air Group 11, 1st Marine Aircraft Wing, based
in Atsugi.

Oct 27  - Lee accidentally shoots himself in the arm with a derringer.

Nov 15 - Lee is discharged from the hospital at Yokosuka.

Nov 20 - His unit sails for the Philippine Islands.


Mar 7 -  Lee's unit sails for Atsugi.

Mar 18 -The unit reaches Atsugi.

Apr 11 - Lee is court-martialed for the first time for illegal possession of a firearm.

Jun 27 - Lee is court-martialed for the second time for assaulting a superior and
sentenced to the brig.

Aug 13 - Lee is released from confinement.

Sep 14  - Lee and his unit sail for the South China Sea.

Oct 5   -  Lee arrives in Atsugi.

Nov 2   -  Lee departs Japan.

Nov 15 -  He arrives in San Francisco.

Nov 19  - Lee takes 30 days leave.

Dec 22  - Lee is assigned once again to El Toro, this time with MACS-9.


Sep 11  - Lee is released from active duty in the Marine Corps.
Reference for Corregidor

On October 12, 1956, six days before turning 17 years, Oswald enlisted in the Marine
Corps in the United States, and was sent to Japan as a member of the Marine Air
Control Squadron.1, MACS-1.

He remained at the base in Atsugi until November 1957. During 1958 he visited various
military installations in the Pacific.

In January 1958 on Corregidor, during a break while filming
The Barbarian and the
, John Wayne visited the MACS-1. In January this year, at Corregidor during a
break from filming of "The barbarian and the Geisha," actor John Wayne to visit
soldiers MACS-1.  Oswald was taking a look at the famous actor while he was eating
lunch with a group of officers.  He was eating roast-beef with salsa that Oswald helped
to prepare.

(Translated from

Reference for Japan

Oswald, the troubled loner. Oswald, the military man stationed overseas. (In Japan, I
lived a short train ride away from one of the military bases that Oswald stayed at.
There's even a picture I've seen of John Wayne visiting the troops at one of these
stations, and who is that lurking in the background of the picture? Lee Harvey himself.
That these two iconic Americans once occupied the same space and time is surely one
of life's oddest ironies.)


Reference for El Toro

We did not find any references for the photo being taken at El Toro Marine Base in CA,
but Oswald was stationed there twice between mid 1957 and late 1958 and John Wayne
owned a house in Newport Beach, CA, roughly 10 miles away.
Special Announcement - New Info on Date & Location of Wayne/Oswald Photo!
The Barbarian and the Geisha is a 1958 film
directed by John Huston and starring John
Wayne. Townsend Harris (Wayne) is sent by
President Pierce to Japan to serve as the first
U.S. Consul-General to that country. Harris
discovers enormous hostility to foreigners, as
well as the love of a young geisha.

Based on the true story of American diplomat
Townsend Harris, his time in Japan in the
1850s and 60s, and his romance with a
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Quiz #136 Results
John Wayne

1.  John Wayne
He won the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1969 for his role
of Rooster Cogburn in the movie "True Grit".

2.  Lee Harvey Oswald
He allegedly assassinated President John F. Kennedy.

Bonus - Late January- March 7, 1958 on the Island of Corregidor
Answer to Quiz #136 - November 25, 2007
Lee Harvey Oswald
Lee Harvey Oswald's Military Service Chronology
and other writings have led some to suggest he
was dyslexic while others have contended his
poor writing and spelling skills were the result
of a sporadic education. Nonetheless he read
voraciously and as a result sometimes asserted
he was better educated than those around him.
Around the age of fifteen, he became an ardent
Marxist, solely from reading about the topic.
Alvarez cites the Corps? belief that there?s no such
thing as an ex-Marine, then secondguesses himself:
"There's only one ex-Marine, and that's Lee Harvey
                 Gene Alvarez, Marine,
                 quoted by Robert Flanagan
                 in the Columbus Dispatch
                 July 23, 2006
If El Toro Marine Base, CA, the dates would be

Jul 9-Aug 22, 1957
Dec 22, 1957-Sep 11, 1958

If Atsugi, Japan, the dates would be

Oct 1-Oct 27, 1957
Nov 15-20, 1957
Mar 18-Jun 27, 1958
Aug 13-Sep 14, 1958
Oct 5-Nov 2, 1958

If Corregidor, the Phillipines,

Bet about Dec 10, 1957 (Departure on Nov 20, with a 20 day travel time to the
Phillipines) and March 18, 1958 when he returned to Japan.
Oswald's Mugshot
Nov 23, 1963
Oswald was tried at a court-martial twice, first as a result of
accidentally shooting himself in the elbow with a small,
unauthorized handgun and later for starting a fight with a
sergeant he thought responsible for the punishment he
received. He was demoted from private first class to private
and briefly served time in the brig. He was not punished for
another incident when, while on sentry duty one night while
stationed in the Philippines, he inexplicably fired his rifle into
the jungle. By the end of his Marine career Oswald was
doing menial labor.

Trivia note: there is a photograph of John Wayne eating a
meal at a Marine Corps dining facility and standing alone in
He enlisted in the USMC in October 1956, a week after his 17th birthday.

Oswald was trained as a radar operator and assigned first to Marine Corps Air Station
El Toro in Irvine, California, then to Naval Air Facility Atsugi in Japan. Though Atsugi
was a base for the U-2 spy planes that flew over the USSR there is no evidence Oswald
was involved in that operation. Oswald's experience in the Marine Corps was by all
accounts unpleasant. Small and frail compared to the other Marines, he was nicknamed
Ozzie Rabbit after a cartoon character. His shyness and Soviet sympathies did not
endear him to his fellow Marines. Ostracism only seemed to provoke him into being a
more ardent and outspoken communist and ultimately his nickname became
Oswaldskovich. The Marine had subscribed to The Worker and taught himself
rudimentary Russian.
I told Susie, "I know the actor is John Wayne, and I can't figure out who the other guy
is, but he's a dead ringer for Lee Harvey Oswald."  Susie's better with faces and names
than I am so I was anxious for her to look at the contest.  She didn't even hesitate,
"That IS Lee Harvey Oswald.'  We confirmed the existence of the photograph
containing both men by using a Google search.  Now we want to hear the
circumstances that turned a mundane John Wayne photo into a historical curiosity.  
This was a good one.  Even after I solved it, I didn't believe it.
John and Susie Roberts

The man facing the camera is John Wayne and the man is the background is, of course
the notorious Lee Harvey Oswald.  The dining hall was near the set of Wayne's movie
"The Wings of Eagles" released in 1957.  An incredible picture and interesting find!!
Eric McElroy

This is Bob responding.  Yes, I have been assisting Venita because I am ten years older
than her (75) and my memory goes back farther.  On the last quiz I recognized Lee
Harvey Oswald at once, but John Wayne took a little longer.  At first I thought it was
Omar Sharif and that he may have worn an eyepatch in Dr. Zhivago or Lawrence of
Arabia.  (Oswald had Russian connections and Sharif played a Russian.)  Then I
remembered seeing True Grit with John Wayne playing Rooster Cogburn.  After that, it
was only a matter of finding where the two of them might have crossed paths.  
Incidentally, Julius and Ethel Rozenburg were two people charged with the same crime
as Oswald. Keep the quizzes coming – we are enjoying the challenge.  We far prefer
this type of activity over video games, etc.                            
Bob and Venita Wilson

Lee Harvey Oswald -- was my first choice originally -- but placing him in a John
Wayne setting fouled that up!                                                            
Frank Nollette

Yeah, the location is a tricky one. I thought Atsugi made more sense, but trusted
(perhaps unwisely) the [estufacto.blogspot.com] website which dated the photo as
January 58 as well as referred to Corregidor. If the date is accurate, it makes sense, but
the likelihood of both Wayne's random visit and Oswald's brief tour linking up and
resulting in a photo at a place barely frequented by either of them, as opposed to Wayne
having a meal at a spot closer to the film shoot where Oswald had been stationed for
months at a time, is certainly more unlikely.                                           
Joe Ruffner

I think this puzzle was kind of a Gestalt solve for me.  I knew without any details that
the actor had to be John Wayne.  Then, it came up right away that he won an Oscar
for a role where he wore an eye patch – Bingo.  Lee Harvey Oswald was again a first
choice for me.  I just never found the photo with the Marine cap.  But, the face, the
eyebrows, the ears, they all matched with other pictures of Oswald.  The eyes in most
of the other photos are darker which gave me pause.  Of course the clues for the 3
OTHER guys were pretty easy to follow up on.  I am just not sure I believe the main
picture.  It is just too convenient and it is very easy to make history look just right these
days.  Has the picture really been authenticated?  There were some sites that go through
the Forrest Gump thing too with Oswald.

I guess we will never really know if Oswald did it or if he was framed or was in a
conspiracy.  And, was “Sweet Caroline” really written with Caroline Kennedy in mind?  
Oh, the great mysteries of life that inquiring minds dwell upon!!                 
Judy Pfaff

I recognized both men immediately upon seeing the picture.  Much harder was figuring
out when and where it was taken.  Like all of these puzzles I sure learned a lot.  In this
case the bios of both of these men. Very interesting. Quite a fun puzzle.  
Mary Osmar

I recognized the individuals in the newest quiz immediately - one a native of Iowa -
John Wayne and the other with a different background - Lee Harvey Oswald. I know
that all of us who were old enough will NEVER forget where we were when we heard
the news from Dallas on November 22, 1963. Lee Harvey Oswald was shot by Jack
Ruby on our 2nd wedding anniversary - won't forget that Sunday either.   
Grace Hertz

I liked the level of skill required in this one - for me it was just right, and about the
same as last week. I enjoy the ones that are harder to solve. However, I think age (I
finished undergrad school in 1964) was an advantage in both of these quizzes. I
recognized Lee Harvey Oswald in the Marine photo, and got John Wayne pretty quickly
when I searched on what film gave him an Oscar.                        
Pamela Hoffmann
Comments from Our Readers
1. Who is the man facing the camera and holding the plate of food?
Hint: He was an actor who received the highest award in his profession
for a role in which he wore an eye patch.

2.  Who is the man standing in the center background?
Hint:  He is the marine in the second photo, and was
arrested for a crime committed by only three other people in history.

Bonus:  Where and when was the dining room photo taken,
and why were each of the men there at that time?
Thanks to Stan Read and Greg Webster for
help in preparing this quiz.
The Barbarian and the Geisha
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John and Susie Roberts
17-year-old geisha named Okichi. Their story is one of the most well-known folk tales
in Japan. The real Harris died in New York in 1878, and the real Okichi committed
suicide in Shimoda in 1892.

See also The Barbarian and the Geisha on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB).
Young Lee Harvey Oswald
at the zoo.
US Coast Guard and was stationed in New York City), Oswald threatened his
sister-in-law with a knife and punched his mother in the face. His truancy resulted in
visits to psychiatrist Renatus Hartogs, who diagnosed the fourteen-year-old Oswald as
having a "personality pattern disturbance with schizoid features and passive-aggressive
tendencies." Oswald's behavior in school appeared to improve in his last months in New
York. Some time in February, 1954, Marguerite Oswald decided to return to New
Orleans with Lee. There was still an open question before a New York judge if he
would be taken from the care of his mother to finish his schooling. In New Orleans,
Oswald joined the school's marching band and then the Civil Air Patrol.

Oswald never received a high school diploma before he enlisted in the US Marines.
Throughout his life he had trouble with spelling and writing coherently. His letters, diary
John Wayne as Rooster
Cogburn for which he won
the Academy Award for Best
Marion Morrison aka John Wayne
Photos of Jack Ruby shooting Lee Harvey Oswald
taken by Jack Beers (top), and Robert Jackson
(bottom). The pictures were taken 1/6 sec apart.
Jackson won the Pulitzer prize for his photo.

Quiz #110 for more information about the
Kennedy assassination.
Considering Only the Locations El Toro, Atsugi, and Corregidor
US Marine photo: sharpshooter medal used
before 1958. By googling around with clue
word(s) came up with website The Book
of THoTH which has a page dedicated to
Lee Harvey Oswald (one of three
assassins) of US Presidents and mention of
said contest photo. According to info: Lee
must have been in the last days of his
enlistment during December, 1958;
stationed at El Toro; doing menial duties
until he got his final discharge papers. He
next turned up in Moscow, USSR in Feb.,
1959. Both the photographer and Lee were
curious at goings on in dining room; with
known celebrity bigger in life (6'4") and
onscreen actor John Wayne being there.
Mike Dalton
How Mike initially Solved the Puzzle
According to http://books.google.
com/... Duke arrived in Kyoto,
Japan in October 1957 to begin
shooting ‘The Barbarian and the
John Wayne (May 26, 1907 – June 11,
1979) was an Academy Award-winning
American film actor. He epitomized
ruggedly individualistic masculinity, and
has become an enduring American icon.
He is famous for his distinctive voice,
walk and enormous physical presence.
He was also known for his conservative
political views and his support in the
1950s for anti-communist positions.

In 1999, the American Film Institute
named Wayne thirteenth among the
Greatest Male Stars of All Time. A Harris
the background, looking at the photographer is Oswald. John Wayne is facing away
from Oswald, and so is everyone else in the picture.

Read more about Lee Harvey Oswald. Click
People Magazine
March 6, 1978

Inside: Billy Joel, Edward Jay Epstein on
Lee Harvey Oswald
(with a great picture of John Wayne in the Philippines with
Oswald in the background,
Norman Mailer, Gilda Radner,
Ronald Biggs, The Sex Pistols, Marlon Brando, Walter Dishell
of M.A.S.H., Ad for Mellow Roast Coffee, and a short bit
about Kiss's Gene Simmons being afraid of flying, And MORE
Lee Harvey Oswald (October 18, 1939 – November 24, 1963) was, according to four
United States government investigations, the assassin of U.S. President John F.
Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas. A former Marine who defected to the
Soviet Union and later returned, Oswald was arrested on suspicion of killing the
president and Dallas police officer J. D. Tippit. Oswald denied any responsibility for the
murders. Two days later, before he could be brought to trial for the crimes, while being
transferred under police custody from the police station to jail, Oswald was shot and
killed by Jack Ruby on live television.
Poll released in 2007 placed Wayne third among America's favorite film stars, the only
deceased star on the list and the only one who has appeared on the poll every year.

His career began in silent movies in the 1920s and he was a major star from the 1940s
to the 1970s. He is closely associated with Westerns and war movies, but he also made
a wide range of films from various genres - biographies, romantic comedies, police
dramas, and more.

Early Life
Wayne was born Marion Robert Morrison in Winterset,
Iowa, but his name was changed to Marion Michael
Morrison when his parents decided to name their next son
Robert. His family was Presbyterian. His father, Clyde
Leonard Morrison (1884-1937), was of Ulster-Scots
descent and the son of American Civil War veteran Marion
Mitchell Morrison (20 January 1845-05 December 1915).
Marion Mitchell was born in Cherry Fork, Adams, Ohio as
the son of Robert Morrison and Mary Mitchell. Wayne's
mother, Mary Alberta Brown, was of Irish descent.[citation

Wayne's family moved to Palmdale, California, and then to
Glendale, California in 1911, where his father worked as a
pharmacist in a drug store. A local fireman at the firehouse
on his route to school in Glendale started calling him "Little
Duke", because he never went anywhere without his huge Airedale Terrier dog, Duke.
He preferred "Duke" to "Marion", and the name stuck for the rest of his life.

While at the university, Wayne began working at the local film studios. Western star
Tom Mix got him a summer job in the prop department in exchange for football tickets,
and Wayne soon moved on to bit parts, establishing a long friendship with director John
Ford, who provided most of those bit parts. Early in this period, Wayne appeared with
Playing football for USC
his USC teammates playing on-screen football in The
Dropkick, Brown of Harvard, and Salute, and was one of
the featured football players in Columbia Pictures' Maker of
Men (filmed in 1930 and released in 1931).

After two years working as a prop man at the Fox Film
Corporation for $75 a week, his first starring role was in the
1930 movie The Big Trail. The first western epic sound
motion picture established his screen credentials, although it
was a commercial failure. Before this film, Wayne had only
been given on-screen credit once (in Words and Music), as
"Duke Morrison". The director Raoul Walsh, who
"discovered" Wayne, suggested giving him the stage name
"Anthony Wayne", after Revolutionary War general "Mad
Anthony" Wayne. Fox Studios chief Winfield Sheehan
rejected "Anthony Wayne" as sounding "too Italian." Walsh
In an early movie role
then suggested "John Wayne." Sheehan agreed and the name was set. Wayne himself
was not even present for the discussion. His pay was raised to $105 a week.

Read more about John Wayne's screen career, his personal life, and his fight against
lung cancer.  Click
True Grit
The murder of her father sends a teenage tomboy, Mattie
Ross (Kim Darby), on a mission of "justice", which
involves avenging her father's death. She recruits a tough
old marshal, "Rooster" Cogburn (John Wayne), because he
has "grit", and a reputation of getting the job done. The two
are joined by a Texas Ranger, La Boeuf (Glen Campbell),
who is looking for the same man (Jeff Corey) for a
separate murder in Texas. Their odyssey takes them from
Fort Smith, Arkansas, deep into the Indian Territory
(present day Oklahoma) to find their man. Written by John

Statue of the
Duke at John
Wayne Airport,
Santa Ana, CA
Since we first published this quiz, Mike Dalton has done fascinating research to show
that our quiz picture was taken between
late January and March 7, 1958 on the
Island of Corregidor
.  Mike is hereby promoted to the rand of Quizmaster
for his work above and beyond the call of quiz-duty.

The key was to dig up the People Magazine where the photo first appeared.  See Mike's
explanation as follows.