Answer to Quiz #11 - June 4, 2005
Where is this monument located?
Hint #1:  It's not the Lincoln Memorial.
Hint #2:  It is located in a state whose name starts with a vowel.
Photo courtesy of Andrew Yeiser. Click on thumbnail to see larger image
Answer:  Lincoln's Tomb in Springfield, Illinois

I had this photo for five years, and was never able to find out where it was taken.  I
finally identified the location by asking Norm Hellmers, our geography guru for the
answer. Norm is retired from the National Park Service, so I figured that he might be
able to help.

The moral of the story is that
it is all right to ask for help from an expert if you don't
know the answer to a quiz

Here is Norm's response:

Regarding your mystery photo, I know this place well. It is a detail view of Lincoln’s
Tomb in Springfield, Illinois. I visited it many times during the 14 years I worked for
the National Park Service and served as Superintendent of Lincoln’s Home, also in

The tomb is in Springfield’s Oak Ridge Cemetery, and is owned and cared for by the
Illinois Historic Preservation Agency, part of the State of Illinois. There are bronze
statuary groups around the upper part of the tomb, representing the Cavalry, Infantry,
Navy, and Artillery. The statuary grouping in your photo is the naval group. Also
around the upper level of the tomb are inscribed the names of all the United States.

There is a good bit of information about the tomb on the Web. A Website that has some
good photos of the tomb, and the best that shows the naval group is here:

Some other Websites are:

This view is from the other side of the naval group:

Hope this helps.



Another interesting answer was given by Gary Rice on the basis of the hints I gave.

"Hi Colleen:

I recognized the mortar and the dress of the male statue as probably being Civil War. I
made a list of states beginning with a vowel, and began to look for Civil War
monuments. Because the state of Washington was on the monument, I decided it was
well after the War, as Washington wasn't a state until 1889, and possibly a more
general veteran's monument. I tried veterans, and then soldiers and sailors monuments. I
then decided that it was a big enough thing so it was likely to be in a big town. I started
putting in the capitols of the vowel states, and when I did a Google image search for
monuments Springfield, I got a picture that gave  enough of a clue to narrow down the
search. I then tried a Google web search for Lincoln's Tomb, and got a site that gave a
good view of the Tomb and the Naval group.  

Gary Rice"                         
Congratulations to our winners:

Gary Rice
Mike Pfister
June Evans

Honorable mention goes to Carole Wilson for her persistence.

(If I have left any of you off the winner's list, please let me know.)
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