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From: Jonathan Plunkett []
Sent: Sunday, May 20, 2007 5:54 PM
To: mary fraser
Subject: RE: Norwich  -Guildhall and Oxford Hotel

Dear Mary Fraser

Many thanks for your email and enquiry. I'm not an expert unfortunately, but I see that
the Guildhall has its 1861 extensions (on the south side) so that dates the picture after
then. (See for plan - the 1861
extensions are in red.). I'll have a look for more information and get back to you if
anything turns up.

Best wishes
Jonathan Plunkett

N.B.  The site
Says that the northern building was originally the Oxford Hotel and was acquired by
the corporation in 1876. Along with Jonathan Plunkett's comments, we can date the
photo to 1861-1876.
Begun in 1407, the Guildhall was the first large civic structure of
the city, built to replace a small toll house (used to collect market
fees).  It was essentially complete in 1453 when the windows of
the Mayor's Court were recorded as being glazed. The east
facade is of the 16th century.  The checker pattern, in what is
known as "flushwork" is similar to the slightly earlier one in
Kings Lynn.  It is built with lozenge and triangular checkerwork
of flint contrasted with freestone.  Several 18th-century additions
and much reconstruction during the 19th century are evident in
the structure.
within the Eastern Region with 3,179 people per square kilometre (8,241 per square

The Department for Communities and Local Government is currently considering
whether Norwich should become a new unitary authority, separate from Norfolk
County Council.
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Quiz #112 Results
Answer to Quiz #112
June 3, 2007
1. Where was this picture taken?

2. What is the name of the
building in the center?

3. In which direction are these
buildings facing?
Thanks to Brett Payne for submitting this
week's photo and to Mary Fraser for helping
to prepare this quiz.
The building in the center is the Guildhall, and the picture is of the east side of the
building.  George Plunkett's pictorial history of Norwich is fascinating. He preserved a
lot of history for future generations.                                              
Sandy Thompson


Okay, your clue helped me - some!  With your help, I figured out that the picture was
taken in Norwich, England, and that the building in the center is the Guildhall, built in
1410 and has been used for both civil and judicial functions.  The building is just
incredible!!  And I love the history behind it - imagine the people dealing with all the
changes regarding their control in government!  Fascinating!                 
Elaine Hebert


It is amazing that it was built in 1410.  Holy cow!  I found the following in "It was used for both civic and judicial
functions for some five hundred years. Today, it has a lovely cafe situated inside."  
Yes, 500 years later, it is a cafe.                                                        
Evan Hindman


Actually I found this quiz quite easy and didn't even need look at the hint until I sent my
response to you.  The name of the Oxford Hotel on the building and the back of the
second card with London on it sure helped.  It only took about 5 minutes to get the
information on the internet. The quizzes are a lot of fun. Thanks!        
   Marty Guidry


The picture featured in this week's quiz was taken in Norwich which is located in
Suffolk County, on the eastern side of England.  The unusual checkered (it's chequered
in England)facade builing is the Norwich Guildhall.  This view is of the East Facade
(this side is facing EAST), the chequered work dates from 1534, the clock turret was
added in 1850.  The south side of the building which runs along Gaol Hill was
remodeled in 1861 by Thomas Barry.                                                
Kelly Fetherlin


Thank you for the hints for solving the current Photo Quiz.    I should have been using
Google Images in the past. I sure will in the future....                           
Bob McKenna


WOW !   I am amazed that I got that one right.   Even the direction.  Kinda looked at
the photos on Google Image and they gave their directions as north and south so I tried
to figure it out from there.  And, never knew about Googlefight.   What other Googles
are there ? This one really taxed the ole brain.  How is everyone else doing with it?

YIIIIIIKES !  They are coming to take me away, ha ha hee hee.....If I get any of these
questions answered correctly I will be shocked !  :  )                                  
Edie Scott


Well, I must admit that your hint really helped.  I figured that the address of the
photographer in London was a bit of a red herring, and it did get me to immediately
thinking that the photograph was, at least, taken in England and not the US, but I did
take to using your hint right away.  I am familiar with Google Image Search but I'm not
sure I would have thought to start looking there, so thanks for the hint which made it
much easier to follow the path.  What a bonus since there were so many amazing
photographs at Plunkett's Photographs of Old Norwich!                            
Beth Tafel


In the past year I've actually taken over County Coordinator duties for Essex County
NJ in the NJGenWeb project ( and also as the List
Moderator for the Essex County, NJ mailing list. But, I still keep an eye on your quiz.
When I saw that this quiz was a tough one, I just had to test my Googling skills. I
guess it keeps me "virtually" in shape. :-)  Even though some of us don't respond all the
time, just know you still have fans who quietly observe.                   
Shawn Dempsey


I've run across your site several times...just never got around to trying the quiz. Looked
fun when I encountered it last night! Thanks for the welcome :)

I didn't think the quiz was hard at all (I wish all my old photos had names on the
buildings), but probably because I went to Google Images first. Somehow I didn't think
the Oxford Hotel in Denver would be correct given that the photo was taken by a
London photographer ;-) So Google Images obviously made it easy for me to identify
the hotel by appearance. Then I turned to Google to identify the other building. I would
have never guessed it was that old! Thanks so much for the fun.      
Kimberly Powell


I was in the process of eliminating the different Oxford Hotels when your email came
which of course made it too easy.                                                       
Dawn Carlile


I didn't think it was hard. You gave us the picture with the Oxford Hotel clue and you
gave us the back of the cabinet card that was from the photographer in London. So me
first thought was somewhere in England was the location think what might have got
people off on the wrong foot was focusing on the Guildhall because the first question
asked about the building in the center. At that point they may not have seen the target
clearly and focused on what the center building was and ignored the clues around
Guildhall. I'm surprised about them not knowing about Google Images as I use this all
the time for picture clues!                                                                     
Fred Stuart


Thanks Colleen for the Google Image clue.  Buildings are located in Norwich, England
and are facing east.  The center building was The Guildhall, later becoming offices The
Town Clerk and Police Department. The Oxford Hotel also became part of the
Municipal Office of Norwich in 1876.                                            
Margaret English
1) The Market Place area of Old Norwich, England, 1861-1876
2) Norwich Guild Hall, (now) Town Clerk's Offices and Police Departments
3) East, overlooking the open Market Place
Norwich is a city in East Anglia, in Eastern
England. It is the regional administrative centre and
county town of Norfolk.

The suburban area of the city expands beyond its
boundary, with extensive suburban areas on the
western, northern and eastern sides, including
Thorpe St. Andrew on the eastern side. The  
Parliamentary seats cross over into adjacent local
government districts. 127,600 people live in the
Norwich City Council area. Norwich is the fourth
most densely populated Local Authority District
Quiz Tips
1)  Search on the Oxford Hotel.  Although this is not the most prominent structure in
the photo, it is identified by the name on the front.  If you can find the location of this
hotel, you will find the location the photograph was taken.

2)  If you search on Google for the Oxford Hotel, you will find websites for Oxford
Hotels all over the world. It will be tough for you to tell which is the right one.  If you
Google Images, however, you will find an image that matches the one in the
pictures on the first page of hits.
Click here for
Google Images
These are the
images that match
the hotel in the quiz
Norwich, England
Comments from Our Readers
Norwich (Norfolk) Guildhall
Norwich dates back to Saxon times though there was a
major Roman settlement at nearby Caister St Edmund. By
1066 Norwich was one of the largest towns in England and
in 1096 work started on the cathedral. The castle which
still dominates the city centre was built not long after. The
city grew in prosperity and population to become the
second city of England by the early sixteenth century. It
remained in a position of pre-eminence amongst English
provincial towns until the industrial revolution.
Cornell University
Andrew  White
Architectural Photographs Collection

Pulls Ferry and Norwich Cathedral
Norwich, England

Photographer: S. E. Poulton,
Photo Date: ca. 1865-ca. 1895
Cathedral date: 1096-1499

Gift of Andrew Dickson White
East Face
South Face
North Face
The Guildhall originally contained a small chapel dedicated
to St. Barbara which also had stained glass. In 1535-6
payment was made for "brekying down the crown over the
glasse windows" and 'colouring the Chapell windows with
green" to comply with religious reform.  In the 17th
century the chapel had become dilapidated and was rebuilt
to serve as new Sheriff's offices.  Fragments of stained
glass are gathered into three windows at the east end of the
Mayor's Court (also called Council Chamber).  
The larger Assembly Chamber was designed for meetings
of the full medieval Council of over 100 members.  The
ceiling is probably a Victorian reconstruction of the original
low-pitched wooden structure.
Photographs of Old Noriwch
Response from Jonathan Plunkett
Owner of
to Quizmaster Mary Fraser-s Email Inquiry