Answer - Quiz #10 - May 28, 2005
What is name of the location where this honeymoon couple is posing ?
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Photo courtesy of Andrew Yeiser. Click on thumbnail to see larger image
Correct Answer:  Balanced rock, Garden of the Gods, Manitou, CO

Some of our readers turned in great answers for this quiz:

"Manitou, Colorado (named on the back of the photo) is not far from Colorado Springs,
home of the Garden of the Gods. This Website
notes that: “One of the most famous rocks in the country is Balanced Rock.”

This photo
shows a view similar to the one in the quiz.

I believe that the honeymooners were at Balanced Rock in the Garden of the Gods."

Norm Hellmers"


"The name of the location is Garden of the Gods,  Colorado Springs, CO , near the base
of Pikes Peak. The rock is Balanced Rock.  “During the 1890's a youngster of fourteen
named Curt Goerke began taking photographs of visitors to the rock for a quarter of a
dollar each.....By the first decade of the twentieth century, the pair were taking pictures
of tourists - often seating them atop the four burros kept nearby.”

Gary Rice


"Balanced Rock in Mushroom Park west of Buena Vista Drive! :)"

Jennefer Woods


"Balanced Rock has often been called the Eighth Wonder of the World. However that
may be, it has certainly been one of the world's most photgraphed rocks. Favorite
photographs have included those of someone trying to push the rock over or of
someone posed in front of the rock, sitting astride a burro or horse."

Gus Janssen
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June Evans submitted a photo of her family members on
a recent visit to balanced Rock.

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Quiz #10 Results
We had many correct answers to this quiz.  Congratulations to our winners:

Jules Nunn                                              Erin Clark
Cat Donnow                                            Marina Cole
Phil Bolian                                               Jennefer Woods
Gus Janssen                                            Gary Rice
Alice Hix                                                  Gwen Upton
Anthony Smart                                         Norm Hellmers
June Evans                                            Susan Berghan      

If anyone who gave the correct answer has been omitted
from this list, let me know!