in an appointment as assistant to the Houston city attorney.

In 1930, she mounted a failed bid for a seat in the state legislature. After marrying
William Pettus Hobby, a former governor and owner of a number of newspapers,
Oveta Culp Hobby began a career in journalism as research editor (1931-1933), book
editor (1933-1936), assistant editor (1936-1938), and executive vice president (after
1938). She was made head of the women's division of the War Department's Bureau of
Public Relations (1941-1942) and director of the Women's Auxiliary Army Corps
(1942-1945), becoming the first female American colonel.
It certainly is a grim looking bunch. Nixson looks like he sat on something. This is
probably a photograph of President Eisenhowers's Cabinet.                
Robert McKenna
The woman is Oveta Culp Hobby, first Secretary of Dept. of Health, Education and
Welfare.  I believe it might be the photo taken when HEW became a Dept., FSA (Oveta
was head of this) was replaced by SSA.  The people in the photo hold cabinet and staff
positions for President Dwight D. Eisenhower.  If I am correct, it was taken on or
about April 12, 1953.                                                                              
Judy Pfaff

She surely was a great role model and did some wonderful things.  Thanks for bringing
her life to the forefront.                                                                    
Emily Aulicino

Couldn't help but notice how sour Richard Nixon looks.                    William Hughes

Boy! That one was a doozie.....I gave up on it several times and would then find myself
back at the computer with new determination....glad I found it ....finally !  haha
Edee Scott

That puzzle was driving me nuts all Sunday as I thought that there had to be more to
it as Ike had 10 cabinet members and I couldn't figure out who the other 4 members in
the back right were. They are the 2 left and right of Martin P. Durkin who left in Sept
1953. So picture had to be between Apr 1953 and September 1953.
Fred Stuart

Note:  Actually, it was taken before April 11, 1953, when Oveta became Secretary of
Health, Eduation, and Welfare.

Colleen - I couldn't find the photo either, so I checked on some of the people, and Mrs.
Hobby and Doug McKay, former Gov. of Oregon, were in Ike's first cabinet. The
number of people was greater than the cabinet size, so I checked on Mrs. Hobby's
position because she didn't become HEW Secretary until later in the spring, but found a
reference that she was invited to the cabinet even though her first position wasn't a
regular cabinet position.  Therefore, it was an early picture.  Also, I recognized
Sherman Adams who was chief of staff, so reasoned that some staff were in the
picture, and therefore it was likely from an early cabinet meeting.  I couldn't resolve the
location of the background, but the extra chairs told me it might be a larger room than
the ordinary cabinet room, with possibly spectator space.  I would have said it was a
cabinet meeting but I thought you were asking for a bigger event so I guessed it might
be a swearing in, but I didn't know if there was a single swearing event.  Anyway,
that's my thought process!                                                                
Don Holznagel
Oveta Culp Hobby was the first secretary of the
Department of Health, Education and Welfare and
served in that capacity under President
Eisenhower from April 11, 1953, until August 1,
1955. Hobby studied at Mary Hardin-Baylor
College and the University of Texas Law School
until 1927.

Oveta, the second of seven children of Ike W. and
Emma Elizabeth (Hoover) Culp, was born in
Killeen, Texas, on January 19, 1905. Her father
was a lawyer and state legislator. When Culp was
elected to the state legislature in 1919, he took the
fourteen-year-old Oveta with him to Austin, and
she became a serious and interested observer of
each day's sessions. Even though she missed
many school days during her father's term in
Austin, she graduated from Temple High School
high in her class.

Oveta Culp studied at Mary Hardin Baylor College
in Belton.  As a law student, Culp was appointed
parliamentarian of the Texas House of
Representatives (1925-1931 and 1939-1941). She
worked for the conference authority when the
Democratic National Conference was held in
Houston (1928) and she later signed on to the
Senate campaign of Thomas Connally. Her work
on the Houston mayoral campaign of 1929 resulted
The United States Department of Health, Education and
Welfare (also known as HEW) was a cabinet-level
department of the United States government from 1953
until 1979. It was administered by the United States
Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare. In 1979, a
separate Department of Education (ED) was created from
this department, and HEW was renamed as the
Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

To date, this was the only department of the U.S.
government to be created through presidential
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Quiz #106 Results
Answer to Quiz #106
April 22, 2007
1. Who is the woman in the picture?
2. What was the occasion for the photograph?
Many thanks to Quizmaster Linda Williams for submitting the idea for this quiz.
1. Olveta Culp Hobby
2. The first meeting of President Dwight Eisenhower's cabinet
In New York last week the top
figures of the new
administration gathered for the
first time to give a preview of
the Eisenhower cabinet and
advisors of near cabinet rank.  
Left to right, front row, are
Herbert Brownell, Attorney
General; John Foster Dulles,
Secretary of State; Vice
President Richard Nixon; and
Charles E. Wilson, Secretary of
Defense.  Standing are Joseph
Dodge, Budget Director; Olveta
Culp Hobby, Federal Security;
Sherman Adams, Assistant to
Note from the Quizmaster General
I thought this picture would be easier to find than it was. We accepted any answer
about the occasion as long as you recognized some of the group as Eisenhower's
Oveta Culp Hobby
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Department of Health, Education, and Welfare
reorganization authority, in which the president is allowed to create or reorganize
bureaucracies as long as neither house of Congress passed a legislative veto. This
power to create new departments was removed after 1962, but in the early 1980s the
Supreme Court declared legislative vetoes unconstitutional.
Oveta Culp Hobby being sworn in as Ike's
Secretary of Heath. Education, and Welfare,
April 11, 1953.
As director, Hobby worked with
Eisenhower, was awarded the Distinguished
Service Medal, and then returned to Houston
after the conclusion of the war. In 1952, she
spearheaded the Democrats for Eisenhower
campaign and was rewarded with the
chairmanship of the Federal Security
Agency, then in charge of health and
education programs.

Eisenhower elevated the agency to a
cabinet-level department, but it was Hobby
who transformed it into one, becoming only
the second woman cabinet member in the
process. Though she shared many
conservative views with Eisenhower, some
of her proposals to expand health care were
Oveta Culp Hobby being sworn in as the director of the
Women's Auxiliary Army Corps (1942).
opposed by the Bureau of the Budget due to the high levels of government spending
required. Nevertheless, Hobby also advocated voluntary, nonprofit insurance plans as
another means of extending healthcare to the poor.

She retired because of her husband's ill health, tending to his needs and then returning
as editor of the Houston Post. After his death in 1964, she worked for a number of
causes until her own death in 1995. and
Read Time Magazine article about Olveta Culp Hobby when she resigned as
Ike's Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare at,9171,891497,00.html
the President; Sinclair Week, Commerce; Douglas McKay, Interior;  Arthur
Summerfield, Postmaster General; Ezra Taft Benson, Agriculture; Martin Durkin,
Labor; Henry Cabot Lodge, U.N. Ambassador; and Harold Stassen, Mutual Security
Director.  Later in the week Mrs. Eisenhower gave a preview of her inaugural dress (p.
Press Release-Swearing in of Eisenhower's New Cabinet -
January 21, 1952.  Submitted by Fred Stuart
Oveta Culp Hobby as parliamentarian
of the Texas House of
Representatives.  Submitted by Fred
Stuart, obtained from eBay.