iceberg and sank April 15, 1912. For more information, click here.


This photo was interesting because it took a victim from the past and tied it to the
present with new technology from DNA Testing to find family.               
Anna Farris


Titanic has always been an interest of mine, even if recent news means that our quiz
answers were wrong...
                                                                                        Mary Fraser

Quiz #81 had "titanic" inportance. This was a gravestone photo of an unknown child
who perished with the tragic sinking of the Titanic on her maiden voyage in 1912. DNA
analysis and forensic genealogical research in 2002 identified remains from the grave as
from Eino Viljami Panula, age 13 months, of Finland. Last week, after further DNA
analysis, the identification was changed to Sidney Leslie Goodwin, age 19 months,
from England.

The answers to quiz #81, like all of the quiz answers, were chock-full of interesting
information, photos, web hyperlinks and varied comments from the Quizmasters. In
particular, finding mitochondrial DNA in the dentin of a tiny, 90 years old tooth was

Forensic Genealogy photo quizzes seem to tailor made for the Information Age. Internet
search engines and on-line image collections provide abundant information to those who
seek answers to challenging questions.                                                    
Stan Read
If you enjoy our quizzes, don't forget to order our books!
If you have a picture you'd like us to feature a picture in a future quiz, please
email it to us at If we use it, you will receive a free analysis of
your picture. You will also receive a free
Forensic Genealogy CD or a 10%
discount towards the purchase of the
Forensic Genealogy book.
Survey #4 Results
Fourth Semi-Annual
Forensic Genealogy Photo Quiz Survey
August 5, 2007
Survey #4, August 5, 2007
Winner of Best Picture
Quiz #120
July 29, 2007
Boston Smoke Shop
Photo Taken January 24, 1917
Mary Creed, 14 Year-Old Sales Clerk
I was unable to date the photo and was inspired by the methods the quizmasters used to
do so.

The only improvement would be to make them daily! (ducking and running). I love the
photo quizzes and hope to implement a similar form of information quest-- perhaps
vocabulary-oriented -- for my community college classes this fall in order to build their
ability to use search engines and to know where to look even if they don't know the
answer, skills that I think are often sadly missing these days. Thank you!
Kristi Murdock


The web site for the cigar museum was the most informative. Cigar boxes were fun to
play with as a child. The web site for the cigar museum was the most entertaining and
informative. I liked looking at all of the pictures. I look forward to looking at the cigar
museum web site in the future.                                                        
Delores Martin


Boston- where I went to college. Loved looking up the vintage postcards, and trying to
find out when/where this took place.                                                     
Mary Fraser


This was tough - #1 choice was Rushville (#69) followed by runners up Smoke Shop
(#120) and Shue and Dennis (#82) - All very fun! Each photo was filled with all kinds
of clues. I learned something new from doing research on each photo. Challenging, fun
and more fun! Kept the cobwebs out of the old brain!                             
Grace Hertz
valuable tools for researching more complicated and esoteric problems.  The search for
the tomb was very exciting and challenging. It was only after working towards the
answer to the quiz that I realized what the hint in the title meant..Ha, Ha, very sly
indeed.....Keep the quizzes coming.....                                                 
Bob McKenna
Tied for Second Place
This seems to me a unique
glimpse at some practical
issues during the Civil War that
may not be considered when
we think of burying the dead.
I'm sure I just assumed they
only dug a hole or hauled the
men home, in some cases.
  Emily Aulicino

There was a multitude of
informational facts in this
one. Since I'm researching this
time period, I was especially
happy to see it.
    Lynda Snider
Quiz #65
June 23, 2006
Civil War Embalming
Camp Letterman, Gettysburg, PA

Must I only pick one? If I must then #65 is my favorite- The Civil War Embalming
Tent. It was something I had never seen before and found it so interesting. Of course,
you know I am into cemeteries and dead people anyway.

I love the quizes, I always look and sometimes try to figure them out even if I don't
have time to finish it, so I don't always send in an answer. Last week, I knew the
answer, didn't even have to look hard, just forgot to send it in. Good luck Colleen!
                                                                             Debbie Sterbinsky
Quiz #81
October 15, 2006
Unknown Child from the Titanic
Initially Identified as Eino Viljami Panula
N.B. The story of the initially
unidentified child from the
Titanic was in the news again
in July 2007. Researchers
discovered that the child had
been wrongly identified in 2002
through analysis of DNA from
a bone fragment as the
13-month-old Finnish boy Eino
Viljami Panula who drowned
with his mother and five
brothers on the ship. Additional
DNA testing identified the child
as Sydney Leslie Goodwin of
Melksham in southern
England, a 18-month-old
English boy who perished with
his parents when the ship hit an
Tied for Third Place
Quiz #117
July 8, 2007
Tomb of James Butler, 9th Earl of Ormond
St. Canice's Cathedral, Kilkenney, Ireland
It was the most challenging one
for me. Keep them coming. It
makes my week complete and
hones up the research skills.
Fred Stuart


It involved researching into a
unique subject situated in a
foreign location that had not
been presented earlier in a quiz.
The research for the answer to
the quiz was gained by the use
of the digitized books on web
sites such as Google Books. The
explosion of informational Web
sites such as Google, Footnote
and Sharpe are examples of
Quiz #100
March 11, 2007
Deadwood, SD
Wild Bill Hickock was shot here
while he was playing poker.
I like the ones that are older and
have history to go with them.
The more clues the better and
this one had a lot of things to
look at and identify on the photo.
I had a hard time deciding since
I wasn't active doing the quizzes
last year.             
Dawn Carlile


Lots of fun trolling the web for
both vintage and contemporary
pictures of Main Street.
Mary Fraser
Quiz #87
November 26, 2006
Tama, Iowa on the Lincoln Highway
Some of my great grandparents
came from Norway and settled in
Tama, Iowa.         
Gary Sterne


Virtually insignificant information
that eventually panned out. No
History book, just looking at the
minutia led to the answers one at
a time. I think having nothing
recognizable at all, and working
with what can be worked with in
the photo is the true forensics in
the quizzes.            
Rolf Parkes
Quiz #112
June 3, 2007
The Market Place of Old Norwich, England,
I got to be the guinea pig for this
one, to see if it was even solvable.
Lots of fun!
Mary Fraser


Even though I did not answer this
quiz correctly, I love the challenge
to research for the correct
answer. While doing the research
I have learned a great deal about
how to "play detective"; looking
for clues,
making assumptions and, most
important, staying on track.

I use these quizzes in my ESE lessons. For the population that I teach, these quizzes
offer my students a chance to use the Internet to research a subject; to stay on a task
and work at solving a problem as a team. I plan to supplement these quizzes with both
my own projects and those of my students for this coming school year.
Rick Mackinney
I saw a National Geo special on the
topic a few days before you posted it...
and I like the ones I can solve easily...
lazy me!  You two GO! I love the
Suzan Farris

N.B.  That's not the first time a
big story in the media has
coincided with the subject of a
quiz. It's eerie how they are
tracking and copying our


#101 about James Dean because
I knew he died in a car accident
Quiz #69
July 21, 2006
Rushville, NE
Sometime before Presidential Election Day,
November 3, 1908
Like Deadwood, lots of fun
spending time on Evan's site. I'm
still hoping that someday we'll run
across Nora Philippino and the
Wild Girls....           
Mary Fraser


This was tough - #1 choice was
Rushville (#69). Keep up the good
work! Thank you so much for
everything, Fearless
Quiz #101
March 18, 2007
James Dean - Death of a Legend
but never knew the details.  What a tragedy.

Like that you send out the email when the contest has been posted; I could not imagine what
happened to the one that was late, kept checking for it; I really like the variety; In this week's
contest, about cigar shop, someone suggested cans of food on the shelf in back...I thought
they would be cans of snuff. Thanks for all of your time and
Quiz #93
January 21, 2007
William "Snowflake" Bentley took the first
picture of a snowflake on January 15, 1885.
Design in nature is subtle yet
grand in the micro and in the
macro; far surpassing man's
attempts to emulate or emulsify,
as in photography, xray,
spectrographs, ultrasound,
frequency, etc.      

We'd seen this quiz a few weeks
after it was answered. It was
unusual, and something we've
never heard of. Who would have
thought one could take a photo
of a snowflake. I've copied and
pasted that website and sent it to
a few friends. We like the
variety of different subjects.
Mark & Gwen Upton
Quiz #115
June 23, 2007
Shocking Photos!
I had fun trying to figure what was traveling along
the nerve network. From my training I knew it had
to be nerve related and not lymphatic. It was
Jim Kiser


[This] was such a challenge for me and I never got
the correct answer. These quizzes sure open up a
new world for me.  In searching. you learn so many
facts that you never even thought of before.
 Sharon Martin
Quiz #118
July 15, 2007
Students playing hide and seek at the
Overbrook School for the Blind in Philadelphia.
I also loved the one, at the
school for the blind,playing hide
and seek.
Keep up the good work    
Sharon Martin


It is really hard to pick a best
because I learn so many new
and interesting facts which each
and every photo. All being said,
my latest favorite is 118.

It is just such a funny idea,
children at the school for the
blind playing hide and see. It was
one of those "I know what they are doing!" right away. It was fun to find out all the
facts about it.

It is such a fun little challenge to my week. I know the questions are meant to be vague
sometimes, but like the anxious student, I waste to much time agonizing over the most
obvious things and read far too much into the questions. I am trying to correct myself
and my search skills. Now, to me that is the best part of the quizzes. It keeps
sharpening my search skills and gives me all kinds of new ideas. Thank you for being
our quiz guru.         
                                                                               Judy Pfaff
Honorable Mentions
Olveta Culp Hobby
Director of Federal Security Agency
Under Dwight Eisenhower
This photo of Eisenhower's cabinet was not the most
charming in the photo quiz but it had, for me, the
combination of difficulty and using what I already knew
to make it a challenge but not too much trouble to mess
Paula Harris
That racetrack cemetery runs a
close second, with the igloo church
nipping at its heels -looked too hard
to see the picture! Of course
Amadeus was great, and the
Mississippi taken in Memphis his
close to home. But we can't forget
ELVIS!! What a man. What can I
say, you have just done a great
Quiz #82
October 21, 2006
Shue & Dennis
Crawfordsville, IN

All very fun!     Grace Hertz
Quiz #106
April 22, 2007
Quiz #84
November 3, 2006
Racetrack Cemetery
Quiz #76
September 6, 2006
Cold Church
Quiz #68
July 14, 2006
Quiz #86
November 17, 2006
Tunnel Vision
Quiz #113
June 3, 2007
Up in the Air
Quiz #66
July 1, 2006
Quiz #67
July 9, 2006
Where's the Fire?
Quiz #95
February 4, 2007
Hou Dunnit
Quiz #104
April 8, 2007
Lucky Olive
Quiz #105 Bonus
April 15, 2007
English Photo
I enjoy the variety and opportunity to learn more about the
different eras and the places where I have not been, as yet.

I should vote for my own!..... LOL             
Emily Aulicino
Keep it up. I'm also addicted to
My second favorite was the Ludgate Circus bonus quiz.
But I love trying each week, it makes you think, often
"outside the box" to figure out what to search for online.
Dawn Carlile
This was my favorite of the latest group because it was so
unique, and I didn't solve it correctly. While I had no heard of
a tunnel/bridge, I had no idea that there would be more than
one of them! Kudos for stumping the Kelly- Bean.

My comment is that I hope that you have a zillion photos
waiting in the wings, these are so much fun, and I always
learn something from them!                       
 Kelly Fetherlin
Just keep the quizzes going. Its great to see
the old photos.                    
Kathy Storm
I never realized how much was
told by the little things such as
shadows. I never really looked at
a picture that closely before, it
helped bring out the Sherlock
Holmes in me.  Look forward to
seeing you in Detroit in
Mark Brzys
Dead Horse Update

Click HERE to read our
analysis of the Dead Horse
Picture from the
Sheboygan Press.