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xLittle Bertha thought Mama had got up to get her a drink of water? "Baby" Irvin also
remembered thirsty at that time? I thought I heard a "banding" before she screamed;
perhaps that is what awakened her? I have never know if she kept the kerosene lamp
burning for the children, or whether she got up and lit it? She evidently had the lamp,
and started to go into the kitchen, before she got the door open, the burglar had shot
her. (She had on a long nightgown, with a heavy overcoat over it.) The burglar had
stacked a circle of groceries just outside the kitchen door, the way an Indian prepares
them, to carry.

Evidently when Mama screamed he realized what he had done? and left the premises so
fast he left the groceries behind. Of course, Papa and we children came running into
the room. Papa was holding her head and looked up and saw me and said, "Dee Dee,
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Quiz #273 Results
Answer to Quiz #273
September 19, 2010
The Murder of Maud Daisy Jacobs Douglas
by Olive Douglas Stoddard, Her Daughter
My great grandfather
was living in Hutchison,
KS and was murdered at
the age of 39 at his place
of work where he was a
Supervisor at a salt
factory.  There had been
family stories told about
the incident and I
decided to see what I
could learn about things
bring a pillow for her head". It was a
shocking sight, blood all over. Papa sent
brother Volney to get Kennedy to come
stay with us children. He sent Grace and
me back to bed and told Grace to read the
23rd Psalm from the Christian Science
book (to take our mind off the horror, I
guess.) Then he went to get the sheriff.
They got a posse and hunting dogs and
followed the tracks--the renegade Indian
had a limp--but the country, so rocky and
rugged, they lost the tracks. Years later
they found a skeleton in a cave, with
Comments from Our Readers
Comments from Wayne Douglas
Maud Douglas' Grandson
Maude was allegedly one of Queho's victims
Queho's Burial Site
One cold night in January 1919, while
Mama had been sleeping with the two little
Kennedy children, on the floor in the
middle "living room", she was shot in the
heart by a shot gun blast. It killed her
instantly; she fell back almost on top of
the children on the floor. (Papa later told
that he thought that she must have heard a
noise in the kitchen and thought a dog had
got in? There was a door out of the
kitchen to the back.)
Cathedral Canyon is natural canyon that
once held many icons, statues, and text
panels. Roland Wiley, a lawyer and former
District Attorney for Las Vegas
transformed this canyon until he died in
1994. Work was done mainly on weekend
trips and many thousands of dollars spent
to honor his daughter Carol Ann Wiley.
No one knows why he purchased the
remains of Quehoe and interred his bones
here. Except to put an end to the strange
journey for Quehoe's remains.
Quehoe's body was found in 1940 by two prospectors, Arthur Schroeder and Charles
Kenyon, causing immediate disputes over who owned the remains. Taken to Boulder
City, Nevada fights broke out over ownership. The corpse was put on display in a glass
case at the courthouse. Later taken to Palm Funeral Home in Las Vegas, Nevada and
again put on display in a glass topped coffin.

While disputes arose over ownership, storage costs accrued. When it became known
that there would be expenses involved to acquire the remains, those claiming to be his
heirs disappeared. Three years later the funeral home advised that if no one came
forward they would cremate the remains and scatter the ashes.

Frank Wait, the sheriff who once hunted Quehoe paid the bill. He donated the remains
to the Elks Lodge. The lodge was in charge of the Las Vegas annual rodeo themed
Helldorado Days. The Elks exhibited the body and replica of the cave along with other
artifacts found in it until the 1960's. The body rode in a convertible for the Helldorado
Days Parade at least one year.

No longer wanting the remains the Elks Lodge threw them out. They may have been
weary of legal entanglements for body disposal and tried to get rid of them quietly.
Instead the remains were discovered and thought to be a homicide victim.  After
Queho's Burial Site
Pahrump, Nye County, NV
Maud Douglas and Her Husband
many guns and other things he had stolen. (They believed he had killed two cowboys,
after Mama, who were found shot {as he had their equipment in the cave.} An inquest
was held.

Us children were sent across the valley to stay, and told not to go near our house, but
brother Volney and myself ran across the valley the next day to the house, no one was
there, so we went in. My mother was laid out on lumber boards, on top of two huge
saw horses. We had our last look, and hurried away. She was buried the next day at
Nelson, in the cemetery where many had been buried recently from the influenza.

I remember the tears rolling down Papa's face at the small funeral, where he sat outside
with us children; he was murmuring "Poor Mama, poor Mama". Tears still fill my eyes
and my heart aches for him as I write this. He later wrote to her sisters, "The worst has
happened." (He knew Mama had said she wanted Aunt May to have us children if
anything happened to her.) It has always seemed ironic that she lived through the flu
and had to go so soon afterward.

I remember so many things about my mother. I do regret that she did not live long so
my children could have known her. She was an energetic, well read, poetic and
musically inclined. She could do crochet, tatting and sew anything she needed to make.
She and Papa studied the Bible al lot and read a little of Christian Science to us, or
quoted Mary Baker Eddy (the Founder) every day. They did not kill animals for
food--would not even eat chickens. (Papa's mother had been a Baptist in Texas, but she
also took up Christian Science.) My mother often dreamed of a "ball of fire" and
declared that someone had died, that she knew, when this happened. As far as I
remember this was always true. When Mama was buried, Papa took us children and
left Nevada. (Kennedy did the same.) We four children were split up for a couple of
years. (Papa wanted us to have a place to go to school.) (END OF MOTHER'S LIFE
Might be another batch of Quiz Kids, but the humor (?) is still the same.."Looks like
you, Mr Rick"" Too much partying Mr. Rick""Told you that pencil sharper had a short
in it"...the quizzes change, but the quizkids don't!           
Mr. Rick and his Quiz Kids

A search for "special deputy's badge" helped me find the answer to this quiz. It
reminded me of my youth when it was popular to go to a movie Saturday afternoons.
Usually the genre was a shoot-em-up Western. Reading about Queho (skeleton in the
photo) one is reminded about how "wild" and dangerous the West was in the 19th
Don Draper

Hmm... Google tells me it took 0.32 seconds to find the answer for this one :)
Searching "mass murderer special deputy badge" brought up this page in 3rd place:
// It even has the same photo. Not very tricky to
find! But still a fascinating story that I enjoyed reading, thanks :)         
Charlotte Kirby

Googeled "mass murderer found with a special deputy badge" and the story came right
up. Pretty cagey guy to evade all the posses and trackers. His club foot made his tracks
distinctive. He was accused of every murder where the victim was shot in the back and
food taken. On the other hand, that was his mode of operation.           
Arthur Hartwell

The most interesting part of this story was what happened to the body of this iIndian
after it was found in 1940.                                                        
Margaret Waterman

After reading this it would appear that many of the crimes attributed to this indian may
have in fact occurred after his actual death.  Todays CSI could ascertain a more  a
accurate time of death then they did back when the remains were found.       
Jim Kiser

(My browser shows the filename of the image under the cursor/pointer, so your
filename (
was a big help, along with the subtitle you gave the photo. In fact, the photo was
almost not even needed.)                                                                    
Collier Smith

That was too easy.  I googled ‘mass murderer deputy badge’ and got it on the first
try…including the same picture.                                                         
Carol Farrant

I gather that most of Queho's alleged crimes were in Nevada, as that state claims him
as part of their history. It would be interesting to know how many of the murders
attributed to him were actually done by him.  

Well, now I'm finding a map showing Queho's cave on the Nevada side, Eldorado
Canyon. Why can't the dead just stay put?                                             
Peter Norton

I don't think Queho committed half the crimes the masses claimed he did.  Just think
how many OTHER people got away with murder by mimicking a "Queho-style"
murder.  (Like that husband of Maude Douglas!) Scary.

Oh yeah… and what the people did with Queho's remains was disgusting.  Morbid and
Susan E. Skidmore

Googled: mass murderer found dead in cave and came up with contest(s) answers on
wikipedia result which was a list of murderers by the number of victims. I then did
control find on word cave to get to the name of Queho. The link led to Legends of
America website.

Unable to find a English translation. Perhaps it meant something regarding his mixed
ancestry  -- que ho  could have meant: who is your daddy? The words que and ho are
found in Vietnamese language.                                                               
Mike Dalton

Interesting story -- on the one hand you feel sorry for Queho who obviously had
"issues" but then one realizes that he did indeed murder at least several of the people he
is credited with killing.                                                                       
Diane Burkett

Coincidence: Rt 273 (Quiz#273) and Rt 896 (Gilbert's badge #896) intersect on the
campus of the University of Delaware, my Alma Mater!                 
Mike Swierczewski

I didn't notice his face in the pic at first glance, but upon looking again at the pic I
could clearly see that the face looked to be that of a Native American.       
Nicole Blank

Do you really think it's settled that Queho murdered Maude Douglas? From the bits of
testimony I can find on the web, I'd say that's far from certain, and that her husband
may have murdered her. It seems probable that Queho killed the watchman whose
badge he kept, but a shame to impute other murders to him if there's no evidence he
committed them.                                                                           
Herschel Browne

I noticed that even though Queho was accused of many murders, there was very little
real evidence for most of them, even by the lax standards of that day. It sure looks to
me like he was a convenient scapegoat and an easy way for the local lawmen to claim
another "win", and perhaps play to the bigotry and fears of the public, without actually
having to go out and do some real detective work.

Did you run across this site?   It contains
your picture.                                                                                      
Collier Smith

I'm guessing that I should get more sleep. I think I flip-flopped a couple of times
between where he was found and where he was buried. One of the difficulties with
Internet sources for information is that they tend to be more sensational than scholarly,
and articles are sometimes taken from sources which assume local knowledge. If I
remember correctly, some sources merely said he was found in a cave; some implied
Eldorado Canyon; some said Black Canyon. If you Google Black Canyon, NV you get a
place in the north of the state, but across the river from Queho's Nevada stomping
grounds is a Black Canyon in Arizona, not far from Gold Bug Mine where the badge
came from. So I'm not sure what's easy and what's vague. No matter, really; I learned
some more history and a bit of geography, and had fun in the bargain. Makes me a
Peter Norton

Was he a dangerous killer or an easy target of blame for unsolved crimes, hounded to
hide and die alone? Guess we'll never know.                                        
Patty Kiker
Douglas cabin where Maud was killed.
Top Ten Murderers by Number of Victims*
Queho and another Indian named Jim White were sent after Avote. Orville Perkins, a
Moapa Valley old-timer, wrote of the episode in his book of historical anecdotes,
"Hooky Beans and Willows." He said it was traditional among the Indians that when one
of their own committed a capital crime, the culprit's brother had to execute him. This,
he said, was why Queho was sent after Avote.

It is also likely, however, that Queho was sent because he knew the labyrinthine
canyons and washes of the lower Colorado better than white men did. They would later
learn, to their astonishment and frustration, just how well.

Queho and Jim White found Avote on Cottonwood Island, now covered by Lake
Mohave, just as the latter was about to flee. Queho performed the execution. In retelling
the incident in a 1966 story in the Nevadan, Ray Chesson wrote, "Stalking Avote on the
island, Queho and White let the killer pass them in the wash. They shot him from
behind, which as Queho said, seemed the most sensible way to do the job." Rather than
try to drag the body through the swift water and up the canyon, Queho simply cut off
his hand, which was minus one finger, Avote's most distinguishing characteristic.

"They returned to Eldorado ... and at that particular moment, Queho was a hero. Before
too long, he would be called something quite different.

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1.  The renegade Indian Queho
2.  Night watchman of the Gold Bug mine L.W. "Doc" Gilbert
3. A cave is located in Black Canyon of the Eldorado Mountains
determining it was the remains of Quehoe,
they were given to The Museum of
Natural History at the University of
Nevada. Afterward they passed through
several owners until they were purchased
by Roland Wiley. Wiley buried the remains
at this site in 1978.

Once a fascinating place which included a
sound and light show, only traces remain.
Vandalism and neglect have taken its toll
on this remote site in a short period of
El Dorado Canyon
David Alexander, April 2005
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Robert Edward McKenna, QPL
Maud was my Grandmother. There were 6 children in the tent house, my father Irving
Jr. and his two sisters Grace, and Olive and one brother Volney and the two Kennedy
children Leo and Burtha, [whose] mother Rosa had died of the Spanish flu on the 14th
of January.  Maud and Irving (Sr.) my grandfather were in the house also.

The manhunt for Queho started in 1910 after the first  murders and was the largest and
longest in the southwest U.S, history. The January 1919 search was suspended after 26
days  three different posses and more snow and Frank Wait getting pneumonia, and
renewed many time when he was seen later.

The picture I sent is in the collection of the Nevada State Historical Society. Articles
have been in
Old West, Fall 1964, Frontier Times, and Arizona Highways, September
1941. Cassie  Wells wrote a two part article about the participants of the story in the
April-June  and July-September
Training Wheel, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police
Department publication
Read more about
El Dorado Canyon
Scoundrel or Scapegoat?
Queho - Renegade Indian Outlaw
Mass murderer found with a special deputy badge.

1.  What was his name?
2.  Whose badge was it?
3.  Where was he found?
Queho's remains were found with his
Submitted by Wayne Douglas
Quiz Number 273
19 Sept 2010


Raiding for years in the Old Southwest,
Queho (Key-ho) continued murdering all the way.
Lawmen tried their very best for years,
But badman Queho continued on his foul-play.

His mummified body was finally found in a cave,
A Deputy's badge and rifle his only companions.
Thus the fateful end of a very bad guy,
Badge 896 did not save him in the lonely canyons.

Robert Edward McKenna
Quiz Poet Laureate


Maude Douglas was shot
In the back late one night
When she heard a strange noise
And went to turn on the light.

They claim Queho did it
When stealing supplies
No one saw him that night
But it sure was his style.

The good part of the story
When all's said and done
Was the quiz was submitted
By the victim's grandson!

Colleen Fitzpatrick
Understudy to Quiz Poet Laureate
Robert Edward McKenna
Kansas State Courthouse
It is impossible to discern, through the
haze of time, bigotry and conjecture,
whether the man known as Queho was
a murderous scoundrel or a scapegoat.

He was indeed a killer. So were many
men of the 19th century. There was
such a thing in those days as "justifiable
homicide," a doctrine that has become
largely obsolete in the modern legal

But Queho was an Indian. And he killed
white people. There was nothing
justifiable about that in a time and place where white men made the rules.

Of his alleged crimes, much is known. Of the man, virtually nothing, except what
was reported by the press of the day.

His tribal affiliation is uncertain. He may have been Mojave, Cocopah,
Chemehuevi, Paiute or none of those. He was reputed to have been born
sometime around 1880 on Cottonwood Island, the illegitimate son of a Mexican
miner and a local Indian girl.

By Queho's time, most of the precious springs adjacent to the Colorado River
Basin had been claimed by white men, who made what
arable land as existed their own. Scarce game dwindled
as the white population grew, and the native peoples
were driven to white settlements, mines and ranches to
beg or work for whatever the new masters of their lands offered.

Queho is known to have taken odd jobs around the Eldorado Canyon mines. He also
gathered driftwood along the Colorado and sold it to the miners. At some point, he
broke his leg or his foot. With no access to even rudimentary medical care, the fracture
healed unevenly, giving him a characteristic limp, which is supposed to have been
detectable from his footprints in the dirt.

The first man he killed was his half brother, Avote, who had gone on a berserk,
murderous rampage. In such cases, the Indians were expected to produce a culprit or a
corpse. The alternative was to face a general campaign of retaliation by the whites.
*  Queho is #138.
Harold Shipman
Doctor who killed his patients
with lethal injections of
Louis Garavito
Targeted young boys. Arrested in
Thug Behram
Born 1765, died 1840. Leader of
the Thuggee cult.
Pedro Alonzo Lopez
Arrested in 1980. Though he may
be the most prolific serial
murderer of modern times, he was
released after it was declared he
had been rehabilitated. Current
whereabouts unknown.
Erzsébet Báthory
Born 1560, died 1614. Accused of
murdering 600 or so people;
however, no public trial was held.
Gilles de Rais
French nobleman fought alongside
Joan of Arc during the Hundred
Years War. His confession was
gained under torture and threat of
torture, as was customary.
Pedro Rodrigues
Convicted and sentenced to 128
years, but the maximum one can
serve in Brazil is 30 years. He has
claimed to have killed over 100
victims, 40 of them inmates.
Yang Xinhai
Would enter victims' homes at
night and kill everyone with axes,
meat cleavers, hammers, and
Andrei Chikatilo
Convicted of the murder of 53
women and children between
1978 and 1990. Three people
were previously convicted and
executed for his crimes.
Convicted of the murders of 9
people in 1989 and 43 people in
1995–1996. Traveled through
Europe illegally from 1990 to
1995; whether he killed during
this time is unknown.
Considering how often trial courts seem to get things wrong, even with close
examination of evidence, it seems to me that we must be reluctant to convict dead
people of murder, when none of the evidence has been subjected even to rigorous
historical scrutiny, let alone to cross examination in a law court by a competent
advocate. Perhaps Queho was guilty of one murder or of twenty or thirty, but consider:
He hadn't even the status of an Indian. He was a "half breed", more marginalized and
despised to begin with than practically anyone in the west, and once accused of murder
merely vermin to be killed on sight. I haven't made a special study of his case, but as a
one-time student of history I learned to be skeptical of ancient accusations against
low-status persons. Would you consider withdrawing the "mass murderer"
characterization of this man? Perhaps he was, but surely the case needs to be proved.

Herschel Browne
to settle the stories or at least understand them better.  

I got many newspaper articles about the shooting death, the trial etc.  
I knew the the killer of my great grandfather was convicted of
murder and was very drunk at the time and had supposedly beat up
his wife......who ran to the Supervisor's office to get away from her
husband.  When the Supervisor stepped out of the office, he was
shot in the head and died.

The Supervisor my great grandfather died about 5 hrs after the
shooting.   He left behind his wife of about 19 years and and 8
children, the youngest being only 2 yrs old at the time of his death.  
The newspaper obit declared that  it was the largest funeral ever held
Kansas State Peniteniary
in the town and that 2
factories closed that day
for workers to attend as
the Supervisor was
supposedly well liked in
town. Once I had these
newspaper articles and
court documents, I was
able to post some of it
on the county and state
genealogy sites.

Imagine my surprise, when I got an email from the great
grandaughter of the murderer of my great grandfather!  She explained
to me that she hoped I did not mind that she had contacted me.  Said
she had heard many different versions of this story through the years,
and went on to tell me that her gr grandfather had been sentenced
only 10 years for the murder at the state penetiniary - only then to
find out that the killer was given a commuted sentence by the
governor within 6 years. This killer then went on to live until 1964 -
and she added this info on her email "I hope I have not offended you
by sending this email. You will be glad to know for the most part, his
descendants were and are law abiding citizens."

I have not had the heart to go and learn more about why his sentence
was commuted - or my surprise that the sentence was only 10 years
for murder.........but, very odd things can happen when you are doing
this research for sure.

To read a transcription of newspaper articles about the murder, and
the letter Pam received from the great granddaughter of the murderer,
Comments from New Quizmaster Joanne Burch
Wayne [Douglas] is my cousin, and sent the website to me.  My
family has always said that Irvin (my grandfather ), was in the back
bedroom with one son, a blanket divider, and 2 daughters when it
happened.  Maude had been asleep in the living room with 2 kids.  
She was shot from the outside doorway, and fell back, almost on top
of the children in that room.  Poppa told my mother to take the kids
into the bedroom and "read something appropriate."  Mama
wondered, "What can be appropriate for your mother getting shot?"

It was a half tent building, with a bedroom, living room and kitchen.  
They had their four children and two others, whose mother had died
of the flu.  Some slept in the living room and some in the kitchen, as
well as a divided bedroom.

I cannot imagine my grandfather shooting anyone.  I wonder who the
boy was?  Or if he existed. [See]

Yes, I found the gravesite (or one anyhow) of Maude... they
mispelled my grandfather's name, calling him Arvin.  I also found the
later articles saying it may not have been Queho.

Joanne Burch
Granddaughter of Murder Victim
Maud Douglas