sometimes called Avenues, extend from
the Man to the outermost circle. The
outlines of these streets are visible on
aerial photographs.

Burning Man takes place in the middle of
a large playa and while not inhabited by
humans itself, the area around the playa is
home to many animal, plant, and insect

Leave No Trace Policy

Supporters of Burning Man point out that
participants are encouraged to leave no
trace (LNT) of their visit to Black Rock
City and not to contaminate the area with
litter, commonly known as MOOP
(Matter Out Of Place). Despite the BLM
and LLC insistence on the practice of
LNT, the amount of residual trash at the
site has increased over the years.

Damage to the Playa

While fire is a primary component of
many art exhibits and events, materials
must be burned on a burn platform.[9] At
one time, burning was allowed to take
place directly on the ground of the playa,
but this practice allowed burn scars to
form and was discontinued. On the last
day, public shared burn areas are prepared
for participants to use. While Burning
Man does provide instructions on how to
build a Burn Platform and what not to
burn, there are concerns on whether
some participants do not follow these
instructions to the detriment of the
environment and the participants.[52][53]

Even water is not to be dumped on the
playa, and used shower water must be
captured and either evaporate off, or
collected and carried home with each
participant. Methods used for evaporating
water normally include a plastic sheet
with a wood frame. The playa dust often
blows into these catch basins and some
participants end up with a muddy mess to
take home. Careful design of evaporating
ponds has become an engineering
competition, to see what works best.

The Bureau of Land Management, which
maintains the desert, has very strict
requirements for the event. These
stipulations include trash cleanup, removal
of burn scars, dust abatement, and
capture of fluid drippings from participant
vehicles. For four weeks after the event
has ended, the Black Rock City
Department of Public Works (BRC -
DPW) Playa Restoration Crew remains in
the desert, cleaning up after the temporary
city and making sure that no evidence of
the event remains.
Bicycle Art 2002
Black Rock City and The Burning Man Festival
In Mid Burn 2002
My search yielded instant results: Google (exact phrase) "c-
shaped city" and bingo!

Marjorie Wilser

I solved this week’s quiz by doing a search on Google using
the terms “2000 temporary city 25,000 people”.  The
reference to the Burning City turned up and when I searched
specific to this location, I was able to get the information
needed to complete the quiz.  I also went to Google Earth to
get the specific coordinates.

Norm Smith

Found by using Google images with the terms city, satellite,
and desert.

Janice M. Sellers
Burning Astronaut 2004
How Marjorie, Norm and Janice Solved the Puzzle
Pre-Burn Fire Show 2002
Moon Ride on the Playa 2002
Talk to God Phone Booth 2004
Lantern Fish Ride 2002
by Kathleen & Frank Walker
Fireworks at Start of Burn
View of Man from Camper
Dale Huntsman's Roving Head
The Night of the Burn 2002
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Temple of Joy
Monday 2002
Walkway to the Temple of Joy
Sunday 2002
Tentacle Art on the Playa 2004

1.  Black Rock City, Nevada
2.  In the Nevada Desert
3.  Because it only exists for ten days out the year
during the Burning Man Festival.
The Day after the Burn 2002
Because of the variety of goals fostered
by participatory attendees, known as
"Burners", Burning Man does not have a
single focus. Features of the event are
subject to the participants and include
community, artwork, absurdity,
decommodification, and revelry.
Participation is encouraged.

The Burning Man event is governed by 10
principles, which are radical inclusion,
gifting, decommodification, radical
self-reliance, radical self-expression,
communal effort, civic responsibility,
leaving no trace, participation, and

Radical inclusion - Anyone who can
afford a ticket is welcomed and there are
no prerequisites to be part of Burning
Man. All participants are expected to
provide for their own basic needs and
follow the minimal rules of the event.

Gifting - Instead of cash, event
participants are encouraged to rely on a
gift economy, a sort of potlatch. In the
earliest days of the event, an underground
barter economy also existed, in which
burners exchanged "favors" with each
other. While this was originally supported
by the Burning Man organization, this is
now largely discouraged. Instead, burners
are encouraged to give gifts to one
another unconditionally.

Decommodification - No cash
transactions are permitted at the event in
accordance with the principles of Burning
Man, with the exception of the following:

Café beverages such as coffee, chai,
lemonade, etc., which are sold at Center
Camp Café.
Ice sales benefit the local
Gerlach-Empire school system.
Tickets for the shuttle bus to the
nearest Nevada communities of Gerlach
and Empire which is operated by
contractor Green Tortoise.
A re-entry wristband, which allows a
person to leave and re-enter the event and
may be purchased at the gate upon exit.
An airport use fee, payable at the airport
upon first entry.
Diesel and biodiesel
o RV dump service and camp graywater
disposal service.
Private portable toilets and servicing,
which can be arranged with the official

Radical self-reliance - Because of the
event's harsh environment and remote
location, participants are expected to be
responsible for their own subsistence.
Since the LLC forbids any commerce,
participants must be prepared and bring
all their own supplies with the exception
of the items stated in Decommodification.

Radical self-expression - Participants
are encouraged to express themselves in a
number of ways through various art
forms and projects. The event is
clothing-optional and public nudity is
common, though not practiced by the

Communal effort - Participants are
encouraged to work with and help fellow

Civic responsibility - Participants are
encouraged and assume responsibility to
be part of a civil society in which federal,
state and local laws are obeyed and
communicate this to other participants.

"Leave No Trace" - Participants are
committed to a "leave-no-trace" event.
They strive to leave the area around them
in better condition than before their arrival
to ensure their participation does not have
a long term impact on the environment.

Participation - Burning Man is about

Immediacy - Participants are
encouraged to become part of the event,
to experience who and what is around
them and to explore their inner selves and
their relation to the event.
Collapse of the Burn 2002
Traffic Cone Art 2004
10 Principles of the
Burning Man Festival
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Burning Man Starts to Burn 2002
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2007 — The Green Man

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2002 — The Floating World

2001 — The Seven Ages

2000 — The Body

1999 — The Wheel of Time

1998 — The Nebulous Entity

1997 Playa Art

1996 Playa Art

1992-1995 Playa Art
Pink Man on Stilts 2002

bm305.html, bm306.html
Quiz #222 Results
In 1995 I attended my first Burning Man,
where one of the most surreal spectacles
I witnessed was a large silver shark
racing across the playa with teeth bared
and tail flapping. This was Ripper the
Shark, an art car made by Texas artist
Tom Kennedy. Ripper and Tom resided at
Art Car Camp, where I found myself
spending afternoons chatting with the art
car artists and helping to paint a car. The
fledgling art car camp began a tradition
on the playa, and in 2001, the camp,
managed by art car czar Harrod Blank,
swelled to 25 cars from Washington,
Oregon, California, Arizona, Nevada,
New Mexico, and Texas. Harrod is the
creator of the
Camera Van.

In addition to painted, decorated, and
altered cars, the ranks of art vehicles on
the playa have grown to include
firetrucks, buses, bicycles, scooters,
motorcycles, golf carts, and all manner of
wheeled, mobile objects which serve as
transport of some kind. One sees boats,
pirate ships, rockets, living rooms, fish,
ponies, insects, cats, couches, lobsters,
giant heads, and flying saucers, among
others. The perfectly flat and empty playa
serves as a wonderful setting for the art
cars, and the occasional art car parade is
greatly enjoyed by participants. Because
they are the only vehicles allowed to be
driven on the playa, they are proliferating,
but certain criteria must be met. Gluing a
few tchotchkes on your car or covering it
in glo-sticks does not an art car make.
Your car must be approved by our
Department of Mutant Vehicles and you
must have a DMV sticker in order to
drive it.
Learn more about art vehicles on
the playa.

See the art car images in our

Normally art cars are on the fringe and
considered alternative and kooky. At
Burning Man, however, art cars suddenly
become cool, and more, they are
integrated into the community and
celebrated as part of the event's identity.
The art car artist is thus made to feel
more like a hero than a freak, a part of
the inside instead of on the outside.

Ever since 1994 I have attended the event
in my art car "Oh My God!" and helped
to organize the art car theme camp.
Moved so much by the new imagery and
cutting edge art, I embarked upon making
a documentary film on 16mm. I am still
working on it today focusing on this
creative energy that brings us altogether.
Certainly many people are attracted to the
nudity and the fire and the overall
spectacle of the event, and granted, I too
revel in it all — but what really gives me a
charge is the fresh, challenging, dynamic,
and contemporary public art. Burning
Man to me is like a giant adult-rated snow
n' tell, a smorgasbord of art, identity, and
passion of which the art cars are a big
part. Granted I am coming from a very
artcar-centric point of view, but in my
opinion art cars are symbols of the spirit
of individuality and freedom which is
what draws people to the event in the
first place. The real difference between
the art cars and Burning Man is that once
the man is burned and everyone goes
home, the art cars continue to carry the
torch year round... and against the flow
of traffic!
Art Cars on the Plaza
by Harrod Blank
2009 Art Theme:  Evolution
Nature never made a plan, nor does it seem to copy very
well.  No living thing is ever quite the same as others of its
kind.  Charles Darwin called this Natural Variation.  There is
a kind of subtle chaos, a supple element of chance and
change, residing at the core of living things.  We've learned
that DNA, the code that programs life, is subject to continual
mutation.  This enables generations to evolve within a
changing world.  This year's art theme contemplates the
power and the meaning of the process we call evolution.

In 2009, the Burning Man will rise above a 'tangled bank'
consisting of irregular wooden triangles.  No two elements
of this organic composition will be quite the same; together
they’ll create what’s best described as a chaotic truss.  At
night the tangled bank will come alive with luminous life
forms scratching, crawling and slithering their way through
it.  This space will also house a pond known as the Gene
Pool.  Strange Ur-creatures will peep outward from the
surface of this primal soup.  The central tree supporting
Burning Man, beribboned with a double helix, will exist in
flux: switching on and switching off, changing colors
Thanks for the Nevada hint. I tried my best to have Reno Air Races fit into the
equation, but finally gave that up. My son suggested the correct combination of words
and we were off.                                                                                
Gina Hudson

It is there, in the beautiful middle of nowhere, that gather each year, at the end of
August, artists, world-ravers and crews from Silicon Valley to celebrate Burning Man.
Debbie Sterbinsky
*****'s the Playa for burning man!!! It's not to far from my home yet I've never
participated. It's only a city for about 10 days out the year then the population goes
back to scorpions.  But it's more fun watching all the cars and trailers leaving the Playa
to go home. They remind me of Pig Pen from Peanuts with the dirt cloud around
Interesting quiz, but had to go to the hint to figure it out.                      
Evan Hindman

I had never heard of this but my son knew right away. Interesting and odd concept. If
I was 35 yrs younger it might appeal to me.                                             
Mary South

August must be "go a little nuts" month for the quizmasters-first Woodstock and now
the Burning Man-good thing I have gotten all that outa my system (but I'm checking the
frequent flyer miles to see if I could make it to Nevada!)                    
Rick Mackinney

The name reminds me too much of the film "Wickerman" (the original not the remake).  
I love the film, but its end is indeed gruesome, and I avoid any possible real life
connection to the film.  I did need the hint to solve this, thanks for including it.
Milene Rawlinson
WOW, there really are some weird things that go on in this world virutally unheard of
by most people!!!!!                                                                      
Elaine C. Hebert

Good, challenging quiz! Just an FYI, the History Channel ran a special on Woodstock
last week and your picture was the one they used when going to a commercial :)
Charlie Wayne
Very Good Quiz. I had to do a great deal of searching...only to realize that I was
making a mountain out of a molehill. Once I entered "Nevada", "city" and "shaped like a
C", the entries popped up. Tried "2000 census", "25,000", "not listed in census" and
nothing came up. Sometimes you've just got to go for the obvious!
Carl Blessing
I thought it would not be that easy....I read WIRED. They have written about Burning
Man more than once.                                                                        
Tamura Jones

The things that I learn while anwsering the quizzes are the best.                  
Jim Baker

I don't know; I'm sensing a recurring theme here the last couple of weeks.  A  week
long party with nudity, no rules and pure fun!  Another Woodstock?  No, the Burning
Man Festival in Black Rock City Nevada.  The population swells to about 50,000 for the
week and after all of the hedonism, etc. they burn the city to the ground!!
Dennis Brann

I am sure the Burning Man Festival has a lot of symbolism and is most impressive.
What caught my attention most is the organization and promotion that must go into this
event. It looks like the "drawing card" is very different from that of last week's puzzle -
Woodstock. The commonality would be that attendees of both would view them as
"happenings" and would look for to several days with other people of like interests.
Don Draper
Black Rock City, often abbreviated to BRC, is the name of
the temporary city created by Burning Man participants.
Much of the layout and general city infrastructure is
constructed by Department of Public Works (DPW)
volunteers who often reside in Black Rock City for several
weeks before and after the event[43][44]. The remainder
of the city including theme camps, villages, art installations
and individual camping are all created by participants.

The developed part of the city is currently arranged as
series of concentric streets in an arc composing, since
1999, two-thirds of a 1.5 mile (2.4 km) diameter circle
with the Man Sculpture and his supporting complex at the
very center (40°46′9.48″N 119°13′12.36″W / 40.7693°N
119.2201°W / 40.7693; -119.2201 in 2007). Radial streets,
Congratulations to Our Winners!

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Comments from Our Winners
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I will try to answer your emails as I can.
Next week's quiz might be posted a little later than usual.
Try not to go into withdrawal, OK?
This US city's population was over 25,000 people in 2000,
yet it was not listed in the 2000 Census.

1.  What is the name of the city?
2.  Where is it located?
3.  Why wasn't it listed in the census?

here if you need a  on what state it is located in.
Answer to Quiz #222
August 23, 2009
This quiz was suggested by long time Quizmaster Stan Read.
See beautiful panoramic photos of the Festival at
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Yellow Cat Bus Art Ride 2002
The Man at Sunset 2002
Dolphin Art 2002
The Man Falls 2002