Max Yasgur
Dec. 15, 1919
February 9, 1973

"I think you people have
proven something to the
world," Max Yasgur told the
crowd, "that half a million
people can get together and
have three days of fun and
music, and have nothing but
fun and music, and I god
bless you for it."

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Of all the images snapped during the
original Woodstock weekend, one stands
above all: a young couple huddled
together in a blanket, standing alone in a
sea of people lying on wet ground.

It's an enduring image of love, care and
protection that earned iconic status
through its placement on the cover of the
original "Woodstock" album in 1970, as
well as on the movie poster.

Forty years later, the couple in the photo
How Mike Solved the Puzzle
The picture of Bobbi and Nick, clicked by Newsweek
photographer Burk Uzzle, captured what it was like to
be there — the slush and rain, the fatigue and the
feeling of revolution, amid a haze of drugs. The picture
made it to the cover of the `Woodstock' album, thus
immortalizing the couple for generations to come.

Woodstock Music & Art Fair (informally, Woodstock
or The Woodstock Festival) was a music festival, billed
as "An Aquarian Exposition: 3 Days of Peace & Music",
held at Max Yasgur's 600-acre dairy farm in the rural
town of Bethel, New York, from August 15 to August
18, 1969. Bethel, in Sullivan County, is 43 miles  
southwest of the town of Woodstock, New York, in
adjoining Ulster County.
We thought we were all individual, scattered hippies,"
says David Crosby. "When we got there, we said, 'Wait
a minute, this is a lot bigger than we thought.' We flew
in there by helicopter and saw the New York State
Thruway at a dead stop for twenty miles and a gigantic
crowd of at least half a million people. You couldn't
really wrap your mind around how many people were
there. It had never happened before, and it was sort of
like having aliens land."

On the weekend of August 15th, 1969, an estimated
400,000 people from all over America descended on the
600-acre dairy farm of Max Yasgur, in Bethel, New
York, for a three-day concert, the Woodstock Music
and Art Fair. On Monday, August 18th, they all melted
back into America after witnessing legendary
performances by, among others, the Who, Santana,
Janis Joplin, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Joe Cocker,
Sly and the Family Stone, Jimi Hendrix and, in only their
second live show together, Crosby, Stills, Nash and

"It was a hectic scene, and we were all kind of winging
it," says Crosby. "Behind us were Hendrix, Sly and the
Family Stone - all these bands - and we really wanted to
be good in front of them. For me, the high point was us
going out and singing 'Suite: Judy Blue Eyes' and getting
all the way through it and not screwing up. It was
stoned and funny and fine."

Despite delays, the danger of electrical shocks and
Yasgur's farm for sale ... for $8 million
Alfalfa field where Woodstock was held isn't included in the sale
August 8, 2007
During the sometimes rainy weekend, thirty-two acts performed outdoors in front of
500,000 concert-goers. It is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most pivotal
moments in popular music history and was listed on Rolling Stone's 50 Moments That
Changed the History of Rock and Roll.

The event was captured in the successful 1970 documentary movie Woodstock, an
accompanying soundtrack album, and Joni Mitchell's song "Woodstock" which
commemorated the event and became a major hit for Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young.
general backstage anarchy, Woodstock pulled off the ultimate magic act of the 1960s:
turning utter rain-soaked chaos into the greatest rock festival ever and the decade's
most famous and successful experiment in peace and community.

"It was incredible," said Carlos Santana.  "I'll never forget the way the music sounded
Max Yasgur poses at his farm near
Bethel, N.Y. in this 1970 photo. The
famous Woodstock homestead is on the
market for $8 million.
Max Yasgur
18 days old
1920 Census
Manhattan, NY
6 January 1920
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BETHEL, N.Y. - The famous farm near
the alfalfa field that drew 400,000 people
to Woodstock for three days of sex, drugs
and rock ’n’ roll is up for sale.

The asking price: $8 million.

Roy Howard, the current owner, is
packing it in after years of tangling with
local officials over permits for reunion
gatherings to mark the 1969, three-day
Woodstock music festival that helped
ignite a generation.

Up for sale is the 2,000-square-foot house
that belonged to dairy farmer Yasgur, along with a larger farmhouse, a barn and 103
bucolic acres about 80 miles north of New York City.

Included are a gourmet kitchen with stainless steel appliances, double convection
ovens, Viking stove, antique soapstone sink, 22-foot vaulted ceilings and expansive
views of the Pocono Mountains. There’s also a double whirlpool tub, steam shower
and bidet.

The nearby alfalfa field where the concert was held isn’t included in the sale. It’s
owned by cable magnate Alan Gerry, who turned it into the 4,800-seat Bethel Woods
Center last summer.

Yasgur lent out the alfalfa field for the concert after promoters were rejected by
officials in the nearby town of Woodstock. About 400,000 people packed the field Aug.
15-17 for the festival that drew the biggest names in music — Jimi Hendrix and the
Who among them.

Yasgur and his farm were celebrated in Joni Mitchell’s song “Woodstock,” popularized
by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young with
the line:  "I'm going on down to Yasgur's
farm.  I'm going to join in a rock 'n' roll

Sullivan County Treasurer Ira Cohen,
who was at Woodstock, helped organize
reunions during the 1990s and said the
sale will end an era.

“The reunions were a way to keep the
music going,” he said.
1.  August 18, 1969 (Woodstock)
2. Nick and Bobbi Ercoline
3. Burk Uzzle
The Yasgur Farm 1999
Max Yasgur's
Social Security Death Record
Bobbi D. Kelly-Ercoline
is on Facebook!
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The Redmond Stage
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bouncing up against a field of bodies."
Cocker took British R&B to church with
his version of the Beatles' "With a Little
Help From My Friends," and Hendrix sent
the remaining stragglers home on Monday
morning with his immortal recasting of
"The Star-Spangled Banner." As Wavy
Gravy, one of the show's MCs, says,
"The whole world was watching us, and
we had a chance to show the world how
it could be if we ran things."
Bobbi and Nick Ercoline
- Nick and Bobbi Ercoline, both 60 - remain together. They married two summers after
the fabled weekend, and they still live less than an hour's drive from the original concert
site of Bethel, N.Y., and within spitting distance of where they both grew up.

Nick Ercoline works for the Orange County, N.Y., Department of Housing. Bobbi is a
resident nurse at the elementary school in their hometown of Pine Bush.

The 40th anniversary of the ultimate hippie be-in, this Aug. 15-17, has thrown the
Ercolines into the spotlight again - something they never expected or sought.

They say they remember nothing of the original shot, taken by Burk Uzzle. "We weren't
striking a pose," Nick says. "We were as surprised as everybody to see that photo on
the album cover."

Read more:
Woodstock concert's undercover lovers, Nick and Bobbi Ercoline,
40 years after summer of love
by Jim Farber
Daily News, July 7, 2009
Quiz #221 Results
A Few Images of Woodstock
Quiz #202
March 22, 2009
At first I thought it was a picture of me and my old girlfriend, moonflower..taken Aug.
16, 1969; but on closer inspection I think it is of Nick and Bobbi Ercoline.  It was taken
by Burk Uzzle as I recall.  It is all such a blur!!  This question was totally groovy.
Dennis Brann

My approach to solving this week’s photo quiz was to use the search terms
“Woodstock photos” (as it was obvious that the scene depicted was from
Woodstock).  One of the links that came up made reference to a photo of the “hugging
quilted hippies”.  This link was to photos taken by Burk Uzzle where the photo given in
this week’s quiz was shown.  

I fine tuned my search to “burk uzzle quilt photo couple” and found the reference to
Bobbi and Nick Ercoline.  Their story was quite interesting in itself and I learned that
they arrived on the Saturday and left on the Sunday.  It is obvious from the photo that
the couple had been there for a while and it did look as if it is early morning and people
are just starting to stir (if that is what you could call it).  That is how I came up with
the date of Sunday, August 17.                                                             
Norm Smith

No the old Rickster did not attend; he got married instead...and I listen to Joe Crocker's
'Get By with a Little help from my Friends' every morning on the way to work!
Rick Mackinney
Bobbi D. Kelly-Ercoline is on Facebook!                                                  
Fred Stuart

Great to hear they are still together after 38 years of marriage. Love & peace always!
Alan Cullinan
Looked through many copies of the photos on the web, most of them just said 1969.
But, didn't give up and finally found one that said "Bobbi Kelly and Nick ercoline greet
the dawn on August 17, 1969". Sometimes, you've just got to keep looking!
Carl Blessing
Oh please!  Like I wouldn't recognize Woodstock!                             
 Marilyn Hamill

The Ercolines as they are today were on the front page of my local newspaper
Joshua Kreitzer

I had moved to Fort Lauderdale in May of 69, so I wasn't even in the area. :-(
Suzan Farris
Big hint from the name of the photo!                                                  
Janice Sellers

In Oregon we had our own Vortex Music Festival at Mciver State Park, government
sponsored and sanctioned. It succeeded in drawing some 30 to 100 thousand young
people some 30 miles away from Portland; on a weekend when the American Legion
had its national convention in town. Back then certain people were bent upon creating a
bigger riot in Portland than the the Chicago Democratic Convention of 1968. The
Governor of Oregon, Tom McCall,deftly defused the situation.                
Mike Dalton

How appropriate to have a Woodstock Festival photo quiz on this the 40th anniversary
of the event! I thought, when I saw the vast expanse of humanity, that it was the
setting for Woodstock. Probably I have seen this picture before, either on an album
cover or Life Magazine, but if so, I did not remember.

It was interesting to learn about the marriage of Bobbi and Nick and how they remain a
couple in New York State. Woodstock, the moon landing and the Chappaquiddick
incident were 3 remarkable news stories of that summer.

Concert promoters continue to organize “field concerts” but on a smaller scale to
Woodstock. Proper sanitation, security, food availability, toilets, field hospitals, parking,
traffic and crowd control, etc all must be looked after. Even with these things in place,
things can go wrong. A good example happened in Camrose Alberta, on August 01/09
when a sudden storm caused the stage, at the Big Valley Jamboree festival, to collapse,
resulting in death and injuries. Kevin Costner and his band were just getting ready to
Don Draper

I found this one to be easy.  Maybe because I watched 60 minutes last week and the
whole show was about Woodstock.  The Wall street journal also had a big article about
it.  You probably would have made the quiz harder if you had posted it a few months

I was two years old when Woodstock happened.  I really like the music from
Woodstock and I have enjoyed reading the articles about it and watching the shows
about it.                                                                                       
Delores Martin

Yeah, I wasn't into the whole rock and roll/hippie movement either ... I was "in love"
with The Beatles ONLY!!  I didn't start going to concerts until the '80's!!  In fact,
Jennifer and I went to a Cheap Trick/Poison/Def Leppard concert just last night - go
figure?!?!? - but I wasn't the oldest one there, that's for sure!!         
Elaine C. Hebert

I remember Woodstock wel, I was only 14 but remember it being the "thing" everyone
wanted to go to.                                                                        
Debbie Sterbinsky

Enjoyed the recent interview with this couple, who are still married.  Seems their most
lasting memory was how smelly the place was, and I can believe it from looking at that
Carolyn Cornelius

I have a friend who is 11 years older than me who went to Woodstock.  When I was a
teenager, listening to her tell about it made me wish that I could've gone.  There was a
period in my life where the rebelliousness in me would have made me a likely candidate
for a Woodstock peace lover.   I know that sounds contradictory, but it would have
been rebelliousness that would allow me to ever listen to "that type" of music in the first
place as we were not allowed to listen to anything but Christian music growing up.  It
was good to see that this marriage from Woodstock is still going strong.
Karen Kay Bunting
The photographer was Burk Uzzle.  I bet he would be interesting to trace his genealogy
with a Surname like that!                                                                   
Sharon Martin

LOL.  Yes there probably aren't many Uzzles around.  Maybe it used to be Muzzle but
when he became a journalist, he didn't think it would sound right.

Comments from Our Readers
I googled: couple in blanket woodstock festival to arrive at contest
answer: The photo was taken of young couple Nick and Bobbi
Ecoline who lived not far from the site and  are married to each
other to this day. The photo was taken on August 17, 1969 on a
muddy dawn morning by a Life contract photgrapher by the name
of Burk Uzzle.
Quiz Number 221,  16 August 2009


It was a cold, misty dawn, that 17th of August in 1969,
When Nick and Bobbie Ercoline, wearily awakened,
Standing covered in a bedraggled blanket to fend off the chill,
Oblivious to all including Burk Uzzle, a photographer,
As he took pictures of the couple, to be soon immortalized,
In the memory of all who attended or wished that they had,
To this festival of Music and Free-Spirited Experience, called "Woodstock."

Never to be equaled,


    Robert Edward McKenna
       Quiz Poet Laureate


Where have all the hippies gone?
Long time passing?
Where have all the hippies gone?
Long time ago....

Where have all the hippies gone?
They're all now mainstream citizens.
Looks like they finally learned -
Looks like they...finally learned.

Colleen Fitzpatrick
Understudy to Quiz Poet Laureate
Robert Edward McKenna
1. What is the date this picture was taken?
2.  What are the names of the couple?
3.  Who took the picture?
(A hint will be issued sometime on Wednesday evening.)
Answers to Quiz #221
August 16, 2009
This quiz was suggested by long time Quizmaster Stan Read.
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