Rocky is a 1976 film written by and starring Sylvester Stallone and
directed by John G. Avildsen. It tells the rags-to-riches American
Dream story of Rocky Balboa, an uneducated but good-hearted
debt collector for a loan shark in Philadelphia. Balboa is also a club
fighter who gets a shot at the world heavyweight championship
when the scheduled contender breaks his hand. Also starring in
Rocky are Talia Shire as Adrian, Burt Young as Adrian's brother
Paulie, Burgess Meredith as Mickey Goldmill, Rocky's trainer, and
Carl Weathers as the champion, Apollo Creed.
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Quiz #160 Results
The Philadelphia Museum of Art
Answer to Quiz #160 - May 25, 2008
Each year the Museum puts on 15 to 20 special exhibitions and
is visited by 800,000 people. Some of the larger and most
famous special exhibitions, which have attracted hundreds of
thousands of people from every state and around the world,
include shows featuring Paul Cézanne (in 1996, attracting
548,000) and Salvador Dalí (in 2005, attracting 370,000).

Widely regarded as a world-class art institution, the Philadelphia
Museum of Art includes not only its iconic Main Building, but
(now the Victoria and Albert Museum) in London, which grew out of the Great
Exhibition of 1851. It is known locally and colloquially as "The Art Museum." The
museum opened its doors to the public on May 10, 1877, originally housed in Memorial
Hall. While the location was adequate, it was isolated from the bulk of the city.

Construction of the current building began in 1919 when Mayor Thomas B. Smith laid
the cornerstone in a Masonic ceremony on the former reservoir land of the
decommissioned Fairmount Water Works covering ten acres of ground The first
section was completed in the spring of 1928. The quasi-Greek Revival design was
produced by Horace Trumbauer and the firm of Zantzinger, Borie and Medary. The
façade of the building is of Minnesota dolomite. The pediment facing the parkway is
adorned with sculptures by C. Paul Jennewein depicting Greek gods and goddesses.
There is also a collection of griffins, which were adopted as the symbol of the museum
in the 1970s
The Philadelphia Museum of Art, located at the west end of
the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia's Fairmount
Park, was established in 1876 in conjunction with the
Centennial Exposition of the same year and is now among
the largest art museums in the United States. Originally the
Pennsylvania Museum and School of Industrial Art, its
founding was inspired by the South Kensington Museum
A bronze statue of Rocky was briefly placed at the top of the steps for the filming of
Rocky III. The statue was later moved to the Wachovia Spectrum due to a furious
debate over the meaning of "art". The statue was returned to the steps for the filming of
Rocky V, and also appears there in the movies Philadelphia and Mannequin, but has
since been removed. The statue was replaced with a simple set of footprints reading
"Rocky." The statue was returned to the foot of the steps on September 8, 2006.
Besides its architecture and collections, the Philadelphia
Museum of Art is well known for the role it played in a
famous scene in the film Rocky, and also in four of its
sequels, II, III, V and Rocky Balboa. Visitors to the
museum can frequently be seen mimicking Rocky's famous
run up the front steps, now known locally as the Rocky
How John Solved the Puzzle
also the Rodin Museum (also on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway) and several other
historic sites. The recently acquired Perelman Building (across the street from the Main
Building) opened in 2007 and houses for public display a few of the Museum's more
popular collections.

In the 18th century, Philadelphia was one of the most important cities in North America
and was a center of style and culture.[6] The museum is particularly known for its
important collections of Pennsylvania German art, 18th- and 19th-century furniture and
silver by early Philadelphia and Pennsylvania craftsmen, and works by prominent
Philadelphia artist Thomas Eakins. The museum houses the most important Eakins
collection in the world.
When I saw the photo for today’s quiz, my
first thought was to figure out which
skyline it was.  I ruled out NY and Chicago
and thought maybe it was Philadelphia
(never really saw that skyline but I knew it
couldn’t be San Francisco, LA, Seattle,
Miami or St. Louis.)  Once I thought it
might be Phillie, I remembered the steps in
Rocky.  A quick Wikipedia check on the
movie got me the coordinates of the steps,
which I pasted into Google Earth – that
confirmed the view of the photo.  One of
the panorama shots on Google Earth
showed the same view as the quiz photo.  
John Chulick
View of the city of Philadelphia from the steps
of the art museum.
This is a photo of Teresa Yu and her daughter.
A scene from an Academy Award winner for Best Picture was shot on this spot.
What is the name of the movie?
Another view of Philadelphia from the
steps of the art museum.
Rocky and
Rocky Trivia
BETTE MIDLER AS ADRIAN?  In a 1980 interview,
superstar Bette Midler revealed that she'd been considered
for the role of Adrian.  She explained: "One supporting
role I should have taken, if my then-manager hadn't
turned it down, was the Talia Shire role in Rocky. I'd still
like to work with Sylvester Stallone. There's something
about those beefy Italians that turns me on. But when he
sent over the Rocky screenplay, my manager told me it
was a nice role, a nice movie, but not for me. When I
saw Rocky, I was really sad that I'd lost the chance to
play that girl."
Adrian, who is extremely shy, with no ability to talk to men. Rocky befriends her.
Adrain later surprised Rocky with a dog from the pet shop that Rocky had befriended.
Adrian's brother Paulie, who works for a meat packing company, is thrilled that
someone has become interested in Adrian, and Adrian spends Thanksgiving with
Rocky. Later, they go to Rocky's apartment, where Adrian explains that she has never
been in a man's apartment before. Rocky sets her mind at ease, and they become
Do you know a movie which, in one scene, had a poster (in the background)for Rocky

N.B. No, don't know which movie had the Rocky XXXIX poster in it.  And BTW how
old was Sylvester Stallone in it - or rather - how many facelifts had he had by that

The movie was "Airplane" and the poster was just in the background on the wall in one
Mike Swierczewski

It was another coincidence!  I was watching the movie when I received the latest quiz
notice.  Strange right?  I was pretty sure it was Rocky, just because it looked so
familiar.  I was amused by the coincidence and finished watching the movie when all of
a sudden the credits started rolling and I see clips of dozens of people running up those
same steps.  I was laughing my head off--easiest research I've ever had to do.
Justin Campoli

Rocky Balboa had a lot of good moves, however this was one of his best moves
running up steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum. Yu and her daughter could have been
contenders though for best moves! I even showed it to the wife who has memory
problems and she knew the scene immediately.                                      
Fred Stuart

It's interesting these steps are so much in the culture that I recognized them even
though I've never seen any of the Rocky films. Best picture match I found: Cheers!
Rex Cornelius

Boy was this easy for me. The 1976 movie "Rocky" with Rocky Balboa running up the
steps during training and the music "Gonna Fly Now" playing.  Still brings chills on my
neck. It won 1977 best picture. I was in Philly during a garbage strike in the '80s and
as was my custom then, I did a morning jog; avoiding the piles and piles of garbage
on the street and I too ran up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and I could
hear the music as well at the time. LOL  I don't jog anymore (elliptical walker now) but
don't need a walker with wheels yet.                                                        
Jim Kiser

I didn't know the location at first either just from the skyline, but when I saw that
someone was taking a picture of people running up the stairs, that's the fist thing I
thought of - living the experience of Rocky!  I then searched on "Philadephia steps
Rocky" and found a Wikipedia site that showed the location/view from the picture
taker's point of view, and they matched. PS - not sure, but I think Rocky IV was the
one about the fight with Drago (sp.?) in Russia after Apollo Creed was killed, so that's
probably why there was no step running.   Whenever I see someone running up a flight
of steps, you can't help but think of Rocky!                                             
Beth Long

Tourists and local residents often mimic Rocky's famous climb, a metaphor for an
underdog or an everyman rising to a challenge.  Looks like Teresa Yu and her daughter
couldn't resist the urge to follow tradition!                                  
Karen Kay Bunting

I was able to answer the current quiz rapidly as I knew the site of the picture
personally. It was just a quirk of fate that I visited  the immediate area frequently in the
past. I would never turn soft on my favorite Quiz Master. Remember, I did not answer
the previous quiz correctly! Clouds got in my eyes..........                
Robert McKenna

The name of the movie was Rocky. I can't believe I actually solved this-had to have
help from my son and his girlfriend. I hunted for the statue first with no luck and then
searched all big city skylines for the buildings and finally found it was Philadelphia.
Once the city was determined the rest was easy.                       
Margaret Waterman

I love the trend of mommy/daddy/baby pictures. Adds the challenge of photos not
easily found on the internet. Very cool.                                                 
Joe Ruffner

YO!!! AAAA-DRI-ANNNN!!!!                                                               Andy Hoh

The reason I got this one is because I have learned to pay attention to the whole photo.
Not just where it might be located. I was thinking, in what movie did someone run up
the steps of what appears to be a landmark? Just hit me, Rocky!  Last week I was
afraid to guess. I knew it was a launch and I figured it was taken around Cape
Canaveral but no idea what year or which launch.                           
Angela Laughlin
The film, made for only US$1.2 million,[1] and shot relatively fast in 28 days, was a sleeper
hit; it made over US$117.2 million,[2] won three Oscars, including Best Picture, and
garnered mostly positive reviews which helped to launch Stallone's career.[3] The film
spawned five sequels: Rocky II, III, IV, V and Rocky Balboa.

Rocky Balboa is a small-time boxer who lives in an apartment in Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania, and his career has so far not gotten off the canvas. Rocky earns a living
by collecting debts for a loan shark named Gazzo, but
Gazzo doesn't think Rocky has the viciousness it takes to
beat up deadbeats. Rocky still boxes every once in a while
to keep his boxing skills sharp, and his ex-trainer, Mickey,
believes he could've made it to the top if he was willing to
work for it. Rocky, goes to a pet store that sells pet
supplies, and this is where he meets a young woman named
lovers. Current world heavyweight boxing champion
Apollo Creed comes up with the idea of giving an unknown
a shot at the title. Apollo checks out the Philadelphia boxing
scene, and chooses Rocky. Fight promoter Jergens gets
things in gear, and Rocky starts training with Mickey.
After a lot of training, Rocky is ready for the match, and
he wants to prove that he can go the distance with Apollo.
IMDB summary written by
Todd Baldridge.
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fifteenth round, with Stallone and Carl Weathers in heavy
make-up. As filming continued, the make-up was slowly
removed until they were at round one. Because of this technique,
the movie won an Oscar for Best Film Editing.

NAME RECOGNITION - Rocky is not the character's actual
name. His real name is Robert Balboa - this was seen in a rough
script from the second film. He took the nickname from real-life
boxer Rocky Marciano.
Comments from Our Readers
J & M TROPICAL FISH - The pet shop where Adrian works (seen in Rocky I, II and
V) is a real store in Philly, and it's still operating.  The scenes shot there were among
the few interiors actually filmed in Philadelphia - the rest were shot in Los Angeles.

Joseph Marks, J & M's co-owner recalls: "Used to be these Rocky tours and limos
would stop in front.  People still come here, from France, the Netherlands, California,
Utah, they still want to see the pet shop where Rocky was filmed."

If you're inclined to pay a visit, the shop is in Kensington at Front Street and
Susquehanna: 2146 N. Front Street.

REVERSE GEAR - The fight scene was filmed in reverse order starting with the
Not surprisingly, submitted by Teresa Yu.
PUCKER UP - The scene that involved Rocky and Adrian kissing in Rocky's kitchen
was originally not scripted the way it was shot. Talia Shire had contracted the flu and
was worried about getting Stallone sick, so she was very hesitant to kiss him. Her
hesitation and behavior was actually such an improvement over the scripted scene that
they decided to keep it.

SYLVESTER STALLONE wrote the script in three days after he saw a boxing match
between the unknown Chuck Wepner and Muhammad Ali. Unlike Rocky, Wepner was
unable to last the distance and was TKO'd in the fifteenth round.

LUNAR MONTH - The film was shot in 28 days.

YO YO - The movie's line "Adrian!" was voted as the #9 of "The 100 Greatest Movie
Lines" by Premiere in 2007.
The Rocky Steps
The Rocky Steps is the nickname given to the front steps of the
Philadelphia Museum of Art in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They
appear in the film Rocky, and four of its sequels, II, III, V and
Rocky Balboa in which the eponymous character runs up the steps
to the song, "Gonna Fly Now." Tourists and local residents often
mimic Rocky's famous climb, a metaphor for an underdog or an
everyman rising to a challenge.[1] A bronze statue of Rocky was
briefly placed at the top of the steps for the filming of Rocky III.
This statue is now located at the bottom right of the steps and is a
popular photo-op for visitors.

The top of the steps offers a commanding view of Eakins Oval, the Benjamin Franklin
Parkway and Philadelphia City Hall.

In 2006, Rocky creator Sylvester Stallone recounted the genesis of the iconic scene.
The film crew, bound to a tight budget, first identified the steps one night while looking
for shooting locations around the city. Stallone first thought Rocky should carry his
dog Butkus up the steps, but the dog proved too heavy for the scene to work. Still, the
view from the top of the stairs convinced him to reshoot the scene without the dog. In
Rocky Balboa, Rocky lifts his dog Punchy when he reaches the top of the steps.
The Eakins Oval