I actually didn’t recognize Ernest Hemingway but I remembered hearing probably on
NPR that Fidel Castro was friends with Ernest Hemingway.  I did a google search on
Fidel Castro and famous writer because I couldn’t remember the author’s name.
Delores Martin

You're right. They are addictive.  And I am a long- time quizaholic. I thought the most
interesting thing about that photo was the fishing tournament.  I recognized the two
people but that is about the last "occasion" I would have expected.

I am with the Friends of the Bladensburg Library, which is a small branch of the Prince
George's County, MD, Library System   My brother, who is also interested in your
puzzles, does much of the data processing for the Wichita KS Public Library.  They
have a large digital photo  collection that's fun to look through.   I'll encourage him to
send in an answer to a future quiz.                                             
Carolyn Cornelius

I actually have a photo -somewhere- of my 30 yr old niece (who is an AP reporter who
was working in Cuba)  with Castro and the Venezuelan president in Cuba a couple of
years ago.                                                                                                  

I really enjoy the quizzes and this one was easy since I'm old enough to have
recognized both of them (although not old enough to remember the photo first being
Cindy Brennan

Nice quiz this week.  My age is showing because I recognized those guys on sight!  
Because of that, I quickly got to the answer.                                
Mike Swierczewski


Yeh, I'd have been out of luck if I had been any younger :)  I recognized the pair and
googled them that way.  There was controversy about whether or not Castro did win  
legitimately, but I didn't read enough of it to understand if it were correct. Throw in
enough links and presto, it's more fun.                                            
Marjorie Wilser
August, the foundation submitted a request for a new license, which the Treasury
Department appears unwilling to grant.

"Under the Cuba sanctions program, we are prohibited from licensing anything that
promotes tourism in Cuba," said Candice Pratsch, Treasury Department spokesperson
for the Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, which covers embargo issues.

Hemingway just walked out of the house to go down the street for a case of cold beer
for the evening's visitors," said Thomas Herman, a Boston attorney for the Hemingway
Preservation Foundation, which is seeking permission from the U.S. government to
help Cuba preserve the property and its contents.

Hemingway never lived anywhere longer than this hilltop villa overlooking Havana,
It is a common conceit Fidel Castro and
Ernest Hemingway were friends. The
photograph of the two together after a
sail fish fishing competition May 12 to
15th of 1960 at the Miramar Yatch Club
which Castro “won” is usually cited as
evidence of this. This is the official
Cuban government take on the matter,
and all other opinions are suppressed.
Cuban archives are only commonly made
available to those believed to be
sympathetic to that government. One
notes that the present Cuban government
achieves a considerable profit from the
Hemingway trade.

Castro had never fished sailfish before
and he was accompanied by Ernesto Ché
Guevara, Celia Sánchez, the boat’s
captain Julio Arocha, Manuel Bell Gorgas
(commonly known as Blakamán, a game
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Fidel Castro: profile
Quiz #150 - March 9, 2008
Ruthless dictator, or charismatic revolutionary: after almost
half a century in power, Fidel Castro continues to divide
Cuban and world opinion.
Cuban leader Fidel
Castro smiles after
reeling in a 54-pound
marlin during the first
day's competition of
the annual Hemingway
fishing tournament on
May 13, 1960, in
Havana. (AP)

Fifty seven years ago, the author Ernest
Hemingway inaugurated a big game
fishing competition in Cuba. Held
almost annually and despite tensions
between the US and Cuba, the four-day
event is still proving popular. Read

BBC News, 16 Jun 2007
In 1950, Hemingway donated the cup that is still awarded at the annual fishing
tournament held every May at Havana's Marina Hemingway. Ten years later, Fidel
Casto caught the biggest fish and was photographed shaking hands with the writer on
May 15, 1960.  It was the only time the two men ever met.
Castro's government has spent $1
million to restore Hemingway's
shabby baronial estate to its old glory
Post Gazette
March 25, 2007
The interior of La Bodeguita del Medio.
Note the photo of Hemingway and
Castro on the back wall, next to the
sketch portrait of Hemingway. It was
here that Hemingway allegedly
inscribed the now famous line, "Mi
mojito en La Bodeguita, mi daiquiri en
El Floridita."
The world held its breath for 12 tense days in October
1962 after President John F Kennedy discovered that
Kremlin leader Nikita Khrushchev was placing nuclear
missile installations on the island. The crisis - perhaps the
most perilous time of the entire Cold War - abated only
when Khrushchev backed down and said the installations
would be dismantled.

Born on August 13, 1926, Castro attended Catholic schools
before graduating from the University of Havana with a
degree in law. He later ran for a parliamentary seat, but the
then dictator Fulgencio Batista overthrew the government
and cancelled the election.

After his legal challenge to the regime failed, Castro
assembled an unsuccessful rebel force, and was captured
and sentenced to 15 years in prison.  At the time he
delivered his celebrated "history will absolve me" speech.

Pardoned after just two years, he headed to Mexico where
he trained a group of revolutionaries called the 26th of July
Movement. His forces’ first invasion of Cuba failed, but
Castro’s guerrilla war quickly won him many supporters
and eventually, on January 1, 1959, Batista fled the island
and Castro assumed power. He proceeded to nationalise all
foreign property, leading to relentless hostility towards him
from the United States.

The CIA tried all manner of ways to assassinate him,
including a bizarre exploding cigar. Castro once said about
the myriad of failed attempts on his life: “If surviving
assassination attempts were an Olympic event, I would win
a gold medal.”

In 1961, the Americans tried to invade Cuba at the Bay of
Pigs, but the Cubans successfully fought them off.

Meanwhile, the Cuban economy was being propped up by
the Soviet Union - a further source of friction between
Cuba and the United States - with the Kremlin purchasing
vast amounts of sugar and supplying Castro with economic
and military aid. But the destruction of the Soviet Union
reduced Cuba to a dire economic state and let Castro a
diminished international figure.
Miramar Yacht Club Havana
For Sale on eBay
as of March 13, 2008
Nearly three-quarters of Cuba's population have known no other leader and his
resistance to America has won him a global following that survived the collapse of the
Soviet Union. America’s enemy number one during the Cold War, he survived several
assassination attempts by the CIA, and was at the centre of the Cuban missile crisis
which brought the Washington and Moscow to the very brink of nuclear war.
by Laura Clout
26 Feb 2008
HAVANA - The July 5, 1960, edition of
Newsweek magazine sits on a low table
near the favorite chair of one of
America's literary greats.

"Can Anybody Stop Kennedy?" the cover

The magazine is like everything else in
this house that was Ernest Hemingway's
residence for 21 years - almost exactly
as the author left it.

It was here between 1939 and 1960 that
Hemingway wrote some of his most
famous works, including For Whom the
Bell Tolls and The Old Man and the Sea.
Yet it remains off-limits to American
tourists due to the four-decades-old U.S.
economic embargo against Cuba's
communist government.

"It's the most amazing place. It's as if
Top:  Hemingway's House Finca Vigia,
Bottom:  The Pilar, Hemingway's boat
Other Links of Interest

The Hemingway Trail in Old Havana
Travel World Magazine

Fidel Castro practised shooting with
Hemingway'srifles in 1953
Digital Journal, 24 Oct 2007

Gone fishing... Cuban style
BBC News, Havana, 16 Jun 2007

Hemingway's boat captain still the old
man, as anyone (willing to pay) can see
Kansas City Star, 27 Sep 2007

However, his supporters claim that Cuba under his rule has made impressive domestic
strides. They cite figures showing that good medical care is available freely for all, there
is 98 per cent literacy and Cuban’s infant mortality rates compare favourably with
western nations.

In recent years Castro has also cultivated a strong friendship with Venezuela’s leftist
president Hugo Chavez, working to mobilise anti-American sentiment in Latin America.
In July 2006, ill health caused Castro to delegate virtually all his duties to his brother,
Raul Castro. This transfer was supposed to be temporary while Fidel recovered from
surgery but by then, he was physically frail and infirm.
known as Finca Vigia, or Lookout Farm.

For years, the house was virtually
forgotten, except by Cuba's cultural
authorities who diligently protected it. A
joint U.S.-Cuba restoration effort was
launched in 2002 and is now backed by a
growing group of Hemingway devotees,
including Republican presidential
candidate John McCain, writer Norman
Mailer and Sopranos star James

Restoration work began in February 2005
after the U.S. Treasury Department
granted a two-year license, allowing U.S.
conservation experts to visit Cuba. But
the travel license ran out, leaving the
project only partially completed. In
1.  Ernest Hemingway and Fidel Castro
2.  Castro won the Hemingway Fishing Contest in May 15, 1960.
Fidel Castro with a Who's
Who of world leaders.  Top to
bottom: USSR's Nikita
Khrushchev, Venezeuela's
Hugo Chavez,  Revolutionary
Enersto "Che" Guevara, and
Pope John Paul II.
1. Who are these two famous men?
2. What was the occasion?
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Ernest Hemingway and
Cuban leader Fidel Castro,
right, exchange pleasantries
at seaside after Castro won
the individual championship
in the annual Hemingway
Anglers Tournament on May
15, 1960. Castro caught five
fish weighing 286 pounds to
take the crown. Hemingway
had a bad day failing to land
any. (AP)

A photo of Ernest
Hemingway and Castro
hangs in the guest house
of Finca Vigia,
Hemingway's home in

Hemingway and Castro
fishing instructor from the Industria Nacional de la Industria Turistica (INIT)), who
was a member of the Castro team. This last source reports that some experienced
fishermen were “amazed” at Castro’s beginner’s luck. Hemingway’s sail-fishing boat
“Pilar” was usually kept in the tiny bay of Cojima which is east of Havana. This implies
that the Pilar either was sailed to the western Havana suburb of Miramar or it went by
road, most probably via the new tunnel under Havana Bay and then along the best
traffic route, on the shore line four-lane, high-speed, Malecón avenue The possible
significance of this route is discussed later in this article.

It is widely stated that Mary Hemingway, Hemingway’s fourth wife and widow,
donated his property to Cuba in 1962. However, exile sources declare that Hemingway
met with the Cuban leader at the fishing competition primarily trying to convince Castro
not to confiscate his property.

Meyers states that Hemingway’s property was officially confiscated after his death.
However, Meyers also notes that Hemingway long feared that this would happen,
despite the support that he had given Castro. Myers, seemingly over looks the story
“The Shot” and its significance in this regard, although he does mention others of
similar title.

Hemingway's Cuban home remains off-limits to U.S. fans and preservationists.

By DAVID ADAMS, Latin American Correspondent
Published October 8, 2007
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