Mrs. Sarah Gougenheim, born Rouff
Mrs. Sarah Gougenheim, born Rouff, female, white, married, 52 years old, native of Prussia,
recommended her commitment to the S-I-A. at Jackson, on February 28th – 1883, finding her
suffering Chronic Mania, accompanied with the Delirium of Persecution.
This unfortunate lady, a mother of six or seven children & in easy circumstances, first showed
symptoms of insanity 4 or 5 years ago. She imagines that her relatives have conspired against
her to persecute her, poison her, and even hang her. Her fright of persecution has caused her to
attempt suicide.

N- B- March 4th, 1883. last evening she managed to steal a dessert table knife from the mess
room, in the La. Retreat, where she was detained until her transfer to Jackson, and though the
knife is very dull she managed to cut her throat, opening the wind pipe, a small incision of half
an inch, and bled to death, from the subcutaneous (2 in number) arteries. The superficial jugular
vein on the left was partially severed. The carotids not even exposed. The incision was through
the skin and partly through the s/cutaneous muscles. This she did at about 5 a.m. when alone in
her room. Had she done so in the presence of any one, surgical assistance would have saved
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