Rachel Morris
Rachel Morris is not Mrs. Morrissey as entered (on Prison Books) col, aged 56 yrs, native
of Baton Rouge, La. committed to the Insane Asylum at Jackson, La. on the 12th December
1882. Suffering from Homicidal Mania.

First symptoms of Insanity four years ago, shortly after the yellow fever epidemic – She did
not however have the fever – In January 79 was sent to the City I. Asylum. Two or three
months after she had so much improved that she was employed as assistant matron in the
institution until December 1880, when she left. She went back to her daughter & did very
well until Jun 1882, when symptoms of Insanity returned and to day she was accepted Sept
28/82, charged with Insanity, & to-day recommended to be sent to the Jackson asylum. On
former occasion, as to-day her mania was Homicidal or Suicidal. Her daughter knows not
what the cause of her insanity is.
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