Peter Beverly
Pete Beverly – M – White? [sic] – 42 yrs – Entered Jan’y 29st/70. Insanity on day of admittance
Homicidal Mania – to-day (blank). Has never attempted to kill anyone here. Is kept in a separate cell
at night. Speaks of two men whom he (is said to have) killed in the parish prison. Considers his deed
as the most natural, and finest ever performed by any one – Says that he killed them by striking them
on the back with a piece of wood and “so nicely was it done [sic] that not a drop of blood was spilled. I
only laid them to sleep.” Is unable to keep up a conversation for five minutes. Jumps from one subject
to another. Is to all appearances quiet and in-offensive – Always night & day, has a nail, bent in a
special manner, in his mouth.

In killing these men, he undoubtedly did so through an irresistible instinctive impulse. He is of a jovial,
kind, well disposed, serviceable and amiable disposition.

Died at Jackson, December 9th, 1883.
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