New Orleans (La.) Office of the Mayor
Records of the Disposition of Destitute Orphans
Transcription, vol. 1 (1852-1893)
Those described here were the poorest of the poor - destitute children, teenagers, and even some adults
who were  sent to Catholic orphanages and asylums in New Orleans over the time period 1852 - 1893.
There were many reasons why these individuals were committed, but they all had one thing in common.
They had no one who could care for them and their fate was left to the charity of an asylum. See for more information.
Mother Found Dead, Father Arrested for Murder
John Jensen - 4 yrs
Kate Jensen - 11 mos
Abandoned by Her Mother
Veronica Allen - 4 weeks
Six Other Children to Support
Annette Antonio - 5 1/2 yrs
Sarah Antonio - 2 1/2 yrs
Wishing for a Girl
Unknown Male
Poor Old Colored Man
Unknown Male Child
A Terror to Her Children
Emma Higgins - 28 yrs
Robbed and Set Fire to the Orphanage
Bertha Guth - 14 yrs
Mother an Habitual Drunkard
Mackey Caulfield - 10 yrs
Martin Caulfield - 7 yrs
16 Yrs Old in Parish Prison
Lizzie Duggan - 16 yrs
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Record of the Disposition of Destitute Orphans