Mrs. John Arnette, born Honora Cunningham
Mrs. John Arnette, born Honora Cunningham, female, white, married, native of Ireland, aged 42
years. Recommended her commitment to the S.-I.-A. at Jackson on July 30th 1883 finding her
suffering from Chronic Mania.

This woman has been insane for nearly 10 years. Has been in the Texas State Insane Asylum for
nearly 3 years. Has been married 19 years, and never had any children. Her mania now (in
words) is to beat, strike, and kill. She threatens constantly everybody and even to drown herself.
She wishes to go to a crazy house, in order to strike, beat, and kill the inmates. Her husband
informs me that about ten years ago or more, five physicians, in Texas, opened her belly and
passed the bowel inside, in order to remove a tumor on the right side, but removed nothing. Then
a needle or two or more were passed through the skin into the tumor to immobilize it. One or two
of the needles broke inside the belly & were left in there. Finally Dr. A. W. Smythe operated her
for a floating kidney & removed the right kidney, the tumor above mentioned. It was subsequent
to the first operation that she became insane, and judging from the informations [sic] given by her
husband as also from present appearances she has been gradually growing worst [sic].

Petition filed July 30/83.
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