Minnie Jung
Minnie Jung, white, 22 years, single, native of N. O., La., committed to the Insane Asylum, at
Jackson, La. on October 16th/1882, suffering from Delirium of Persecution, the result of
unrequited love.

This young girl was engaged to be married. The match was broken & made up again, but before
their union could be accomplished, the young man died. Since then – 3 years – her mind has
been affected, getting worst & worst [sic] daily. She imagines that she sees the young man, that
he is tormenting her, at times attempts to kill her. Her movements are quick & nervous. Her
look inquisitive & fugitive. She will speak rationally, and all at once, she will stop, turn her eyes
in an opposite direction, and speak by signs to some imaginary being. If you call her attention to
you & ask her what is the meaning of this, she seems not to understand you, she will resume
her rational conversation with you, then again suddenly interrupt it to again speak by signs with
her imaginary object or person. Her general health is good. Her nights often sleepless. She will
cry, implore or laugh. In her rational conversations she is gay, jovial & pleasant, & yet says
that “some one is tormenting me & preying on my mind".
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