Mathew Mesguida
Mathew Mesguida, male, white, aged 52 years, native of Spain, married, recommended his
commitment to the State Insane Asylum at Jackson, La. on November 7th, 1882, finding him
from suffering from stupidity.

On Feby 25th, 1880, this man was admitted into the City Insane Asylum, where he remained
for 2 yrs & 7 months, where on September 21st/82, he was examined by the Hon. Judge of
the C.D. Court and seeming rational his commitment to Jackson was refused & he was
released. He disappeared for several weeks, no one seeming to know where he had gone to.
He did not go to his wife who also was ignorant of his whereabouts. About five weeks after
his release he was arrested in the woods, in the outskirts of town, unable to give an account
of himself.

To-day, Nov 7/82, I find him at the Police Jail, ragged and bare-footed not seeming to know
or care where he is or who surrounds him. I can not obtain a reasonable answer from him, in
a word he is in a state of Stupidity.
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Suffering from Stupidity