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There might be writing on the back
that can be enhanced to reveal
important clues.
age 19 years old
from Mary
to Uncle George
* * * * * *
There are three common marks that you might find on the back of a photo that can help identify it:
a lot number, the logo of the print paper used, or a personal mark made by the person developing the film.
Lot numbers can tell you which photos are
from the same roll of film.
Kodak VELOX Paper
The type of logo can give hints on date.
Look for pencil marks made by the person
developing the film.
* * * * * *
Other useful features are crinkly edges that match, logos that have been divided across two pictures,
and logos that creep in position from picture to picture.
A logo divided across
two picture.
Crinkly edges that match.
A logo that creeps in position from
one photo to the next.
* * * * * *
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