The key to this strange picture on the wall is the picture on the wall in the picture. The
scene takes place in a parlour, with one couple seated to the left and the other dancing to
the right. The parlour is decorated with a mantelpiece behind the dancing couple, a potted
plant in the far left corner, and a tiger skin rug on the floor. The foreground displays a
whiskey bottle, so that this must be another liquor ad. On the rear wall of the parlour
there is a picture carrying a logo. If we could read it, we’d probably know the name of the
whiskey being advertised. The logo becomes legible when this section of the picture is
scanned at high resolution and enlarged. It reads “Harvard” above a country scene with a
field and some sort of building. The writing on the bottom is not quite readable even at
high resolution, but it appears to say “____ Bros, ______O.” But we already found that
Harvard Rye was produced by the Klein Bros. in Cincinnati, O. The black robes and
square hats that the two men are wearing must be graduation robes and mortar boards.
The tassels on the hats are to the observer’s right, indicating the two men are celebrating
their graduation from Harvard. The man who is standing is raising a glass in a toast to
their accomplishment. Since this is evidently another ad for Harvard Rye, it represents
the same time period 1899 - 1918 as the woman’s portrait to its left.  See and
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Harvard Graduation Picture