This cash register has two rows of keys, thirteen on the top and fourteen on
the bottom. According to the National Cash Register Catalog for 1909
(, the key
pattern corresponds to that of Models 346, 347, and 349. The catalog states
that the Model 349 was made especially for bars and cafes, with a security
feature to prevent an employee from stealing from the till. For this reason,
the register in the picture was probably a Model 349, which sold for $125 in
1909. According to, the
case is the dolphin design with an additional dolphin style marquee across
the top reading "Amount Purchased" that was in use from 1902 through
1915. Since the Model 349 register probably appeared in the NCR catalog
for several years around 1909, and it was likely used in the bar for a period
of time, 1909 is only an approximate year for the picture. But this is a good
starting point for further research.
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NCR Model 349 Cash Register