There us an ad for Bull Durham tobacco hanging on the door to the bar. I
could not find any reference to this particular ad on any of the collectible
sites I visited, but I did find an interesting history on Bull Durham tobacco
at John Ruffin
Green was a tobacco farmer in   North Carolina  during the Civil War.
While troops from both sides were camped in the area they sampled his
tobacco. They enjoyed it so much that after the war requests came to
Green from all over the country for more. Green realized his opportunity,
and expanded his business. He coined the term “Bull Durham” after the
bull on the label of Coleman’s Mustard that he mistakenly believed was
manufactured in Durham, England.  Originally known as “Genuine
Durham Smoking Tobacco”, it was later known simply as “Bull Durham".
It was the most popular brand of tobacco in the world throughout the latter
part of the 1800s.
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Bull Durham Tobacco Ad
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